Vault 13 : MELTDOWN!


During the events of VAULT 13 UNEARTHED, the mad artificial intelligence PROTEUS seized control of VAULT 13 and used its resources to capture his creator the Mangler. Now PROTEUS has demanded that the Mangler create it a “bride” or it will launch thermonuclear warheads at major population centers, and destroy Vault 13. When the Mangler refused to even acknowledge the existence of PROTEUS (He was deeply immersed in a complex mutation experiment with alien lifeform samples) in a blind rage the AI began prepping the warheads for launch and overloading the reactor core in Vault 13 to create a nuclear meltdown!

Unexpectedly the Mangler began working on the “bride” when he finished his earlier project, but with the meltdown in progress would PROTEUS even be able to stop the countdown if he wanted to? Would Special Forces strike teams be able to enter Vault 13 and shut down the reactor? Would the Mangler’s new Xenomorphic creations escape and kill everything in their path? Did the Mangler have a deeper plan for dealing with PROTEUS and the crisis in Vault 13? Or would the warheads launch and the base explode slaughtering millions? Find out this season in VAULT 13 MELTDOWN!

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