Primal Scream!

The Earth howls in pain! Too many times creatures from the NETHERWORLD have ripped into its tender soil to feed on the life energy coursing through it. Too many times the humans have burned, mauled and covered its body with painful blighted cities and choked its skies and oceans with foul pollution! Now their stupidity has released the Goloths, a vicious virus to all that live! No more. Now the old ones, things of rock and flesh have awakened. Lords of the seas and the green kingdoms have gathered, along with the wild beast peoples who have long hidden from the humans to escape annihilation. Together and united at last by Cernnunos, Lord of the Animals, the Earth’s original masters have gathered to wipe the invading NETHERWORLD races and the foolish humans who have brought them here from the face of the planet! Now together they howl a shocking battle cry, a feral savage PRIMAL SCREAM as they rip with stone and bone, tooth claw and thorn into the enemies of the natural order!

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