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We’re proud of our years long affiliation with Veteran Tickets Foundation (VetTix) and of the men and women who have served our country so bravely. This is such an amazing and legit organization, if you are eligible, please do visit their site and take advantage of the many opportunities that they have to offer.
Free Netherworld tickets are valid for entry into both Monsters and Vault13: Meltdown on either night of our 2016 Grand Opening Weekend (Friday, Sept. 23 or Saturday, Sept. 24)

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History OF NETHERWORLD Haunted House

Year 18 – 2014 Season Of the Witch and Spliced – The Witches seek to stop the DEAD ONES by appeasing the Inquisitor. On Halloween they release creatures and spirits in a celebration of the old ways, but the doorway swings too wide and ghosts escape the NETHERWORLD in mass! In Spliced, clones created for black market organ harvesting are corrupted by the Mangler to become bizarre and deadly new forms of life!


Ancient evil things from the outer void have sent the Dead Ones to destroy us for forgetting the old ways. But the Witches think they can save mankind by making us suffer! Monsters, curses and horrors beyond reckoning will mark The Season Of The Witch!

New for 2014: The Necromancer and his Army of Corpses! The Soul Seeker! The Ruins of Cronus! The Hexan Horseman! In the House of The Giant! The Primeval Jungles of YS! Chainsaw Bisection! The Laughing Corpse! Flesh Eating Mega Fauna! The Cursed! The Tomb Monkeys! Flying Warlocks! The Hidden Ogre! The Dryads! The Red Room and the Snake Dragon are only a few of the hideous things you will experience in NETHERWORLD: Season Of The Witch!


Under the direction of the insidious MANGLER, PlasmaCorp Enterprises had begun creating human clones and harvesting their organs, blood and tissue for the medical black market. Using an amped up version of the zombie resurrection drug NECROMUTIN 7 to accelerate their growth proved disastrous however as the clones mutated into massive blood maddened monsters and began destroying the facility and infecting and consuming the entire staff! You must enter PlasmaCorp and seal the lab before they escape and contaminate everyone in their path!
NETHERWORLDS Bloodiest Show Ever!

NEW in 2014 The Bottomless Escape Shaft! The Crimson Beam Decontamination Tunnel! Blood Maddened Clones! The Flesh Vats! Morphing Monsters! The Radioactive White Room!, The Mega Spawn! The Multi Beast! The Fiend from Inside! The Envelopers! The Extermination Squad! More mind melting high powered science fiction gore than you can imagine!

Reviews From 2014

Year 18 – 2014
The most over-the-top haunted house on earth
– Travel Channel

Is it as awesome as you’ve heard? The answer is yes! Netherworld is a truly scary experience, not recommended for young children….It’s basically like walking through the set of a ‘Saw’ film. There are exits in case you find yourself too frightened….it is worth the cost and the wait if you truly love a good scare.

Netherworld has grown into one of Atlanta’s most popular, self-guided dark attractions. It is 40,000 square feet with 50-foot high ceilings and a walking path that’s 1,800 linear feet, equivalent to six football fields. …Netherworld is very similar to a Hollywood movie production using a number of props, flashing lights, lasers, special effects, hanging textiles, animatronics, 125 actors, and a variety of actor-controlled puppets to create a more realistic scare.

Netherworld is big on film quality set pieces and a ton of robotics…Netherworld is one of the most famous haunts in the United States and is run by a team of former movie and TV professionals, including a crew that works on AMC’s The Walking Dead. Bonus that these guys are heavily involved with the Don’t Be A Monster anti-bullying campaign.

Enter Netherworld…if you dare. Netherworld is a warehouse-sized structure in the suburbs of Atlanta featuring elaborate sets and special effects worthy of a Disney attraction. Guests will encounter unattractive witches, a special assortment of blood-maddened clones, disconcerting flesh vats, and an angry army of corpses, while staggering through fog, crawling through spinning tunnels and holding their noses against unsavory scents. The intense experience creates what the Travel Channel described as ‘more scares per square foot than any other haunt in America.’ Even better, the building has been declared to be ‘paranormally active’ by local experts, the Roswell Georgia Paranormal Investigators.

With more than 200 animated monsters and 100 live actors, Netherworld is one of the nation’s most famous attractions. Having been featured on TV and in movies such as ‘Zombieland’, this spooky attraction has amazingly detailed sets…‘And unlike other Halloween attractions, Netherworld’s creepy characters greet patrons in the parking lot before they purchase tickets, scaring them off before they even enter,’ says Larry Kirchner, owner of

The Netherworld Haunted House was put together by movie and television professionals, and it features incredible special effects and terrifying live actors. Every year it has a new theme and new exhibits, and is famous for its originality, which makes it perfect for repeat visits to Atlanta.

…thrill seekers come from far and wide every Halloween season to see Netherworld’s movie quality special effects and over-the-top acting troupe. Netherworld is consistently rated as one of the best haunted houses in America…

You’re scared from the minute you park your car to the minute you’re chase off of the grounds. Actors are hiding in the parking lot waiting to terrify you the moment you set foot on the attraction. Unlike many haunted houses, Netherworld’s actors are nearly all Hollywood quality monsters and many of them are trained stunt actors that take scenes to a whole new level.

Georgia is home to some seriously scary haunted houses, including the No. 1 haunted house in the nation, Netherworld. These walk-through attractions are filled with live actors, amazing special effects and incredible monsters that are sure to scare even the toughest of visitors!

Can’t go wrong in choosing to go to Netherworld. One of the most famous haunted attractions in America. Known for its over-the-top special effects, incredibly realistic make-up, costumes, skilled stunt actors, unique themes, and many more. Definitely the best attraction for a scare.

Netherworld Haunted House, Atlanta’s ultimate haunted house, is not only one of the scariest haunted houses in Georgia and the Southeast, but one of the Top Haunted Houses in the nation. Since 1997, this intense, cutting edge multi-story, multi-attraction haunted event has thrilled and terrified visitors…regularly garnering national attention from the likes of CNN, AOL, the Wall Street Journal and Hauntworld Magazine….Don’t miss one of America’s best haunted houses.

Netherworld pulls out all the stops to earn its title as Atlanta’s most petrifying haunted house. Live actors, ultra-realistic makeup and stunning special effects are the active ingredients in this recipe for terror. This walk-through attraction is not for the weak-hearted.

Atlanta is home to some of the most elaborate and horrifying haunted houses in the country. My first date with my future husband was at Netherworld Haunted House where thanks to the horrifyingly fun experience, I learned that he is a great protector, doesn’t hesitate to laugh at himself when he’s scared and is just as much of a scaredy cat as I am. So maybe you should grab your spouse or partner and head to a haunted house for a date night this Halloween season!

The classic haunted house (Netherworld)…named one of the scariest haunted houses in the world by BuzzFeed, it’s worth the trip outside the perimeter to have the pants scared off you.

We have worked with the Netherworld team since its inception and they continually reinvent themselves in their constant drive to be the best in the industry.
– Steve Miller, Publisher, INsite Magazine

This is the mack daddy of haunted houses. It’s been consistently rated one of the best haunted houses in the US for a reason. The sets are professionally done, and the actors are very good. The website has good photos so visit there to see what you’re getting into.

Netherworld is one the country’s most famous haunted houses, located right here in Atlanta. If you’re looking for a legitimately good scare this October, it’s time to work up the courage to travel through this adventure.
…if you are up for a real scare, the adventure can’t be beat, and the effects and costumes will defy your expectations. It also gives you a great excuse to cling onto your date for the evening!
– Keely Herrick, AXS.COM

Netherworld is a self-guided, dark attraction known for its over-the-top special effects, intense make-up, costuming and stunt actors as well as unique monsters, unusual themes and chilling detail. Every night the attraction is open, over 100 actors are transformed into monsters to scare and entertain the guests. Some perform stunts such as bungee jumps and sliding. Many visitors enjoy the parking lot before the haunted house actually begins, staring the experience the moment guests get out of their cars.

Consistently ranked one of the best haunted houses in the country, Netherworld is Atlanta’s premiere fright-inducing night out.

I came to understand what the appeal of Netherworld truly is. These guys are geniuses at creating something new and exciting each year. …
What I really loved about Netherworld is that it is well thought out in that even when crowded, a group of people in front of you won’t necessarily spoil the surprise of what you might find when you enter the room. …the path twists and turns so you never know what the next room will hold.

I felt like I was deep in the set of a horror film, where no detail was spared. Every few steps, the ground beneath me would change. Every twist and turn revealed a scarier set than the last. Every second offered the opportunity for someone – or something – to jump out and scare the absolute bejeezus out of me. When I wasn’t screaming with terror, I was able to take short moments to simply admire the extravagant sets that were truly impressive. Everywhere I looked –up, down, side to side- something was waiting to scare me. Talk about your senses being in high gear.

What’s fascinating is how much detail goes into the houses that most patrons don’t even get to see because they’re too busy trying to escape. The time and effort that goes into casting the actors, making the costumes, applying the makeup (there are over 30 make-up artists on staff) and building the houses almost feels like that of a real movie set.

Netherworld assaults the senses with so much to hear, look at and absorb that while on one hand you feel compelled to run through to safety, on the other you want to linger and try to look around to appreciate everything. (Of course, deep down you know that you are safe, but it’s hard not to be startled by almost everything that screams, jumps out or lurches at you inside the experience. And other guests screaming in front of and behind you add to the ambiance of fear.)

Netherworld is probably the scariest haunted house I have ever been to, said Carsen Hayman, recent Auburn graduate. “The characters look like real monsters and they go out of their way to scare you. Netherworld is not for the faint of heart, but if you like thrills and scares then I would absolutely recommend that you visit this haunted house.
“I don’t think I have ever been that scared in my life, said Toby Rolheiser, Auburn alumna. “I went to Netherworld last year with a group of my friends. It was a ton of fun.

Is Norcross’ Netherworld really haunted?…Norcross, Ga’s Netherworld was recently investigated by Ghost Hunters International the company said. They found ‘enough evidence for them to state that the site is paranormally active.’

…we fell in love with Netherworld. These guys are geniuses at creating something new and exciting each year. …Not only is there an inordinate amount of unsettling sounds going on during the tour, but they even pipe in offensive scents into the air….What I really loved about Netherworld is that it is well thought out in that even when crowded, a group of people in front of you won’t necessarily spoil the surprise of what you might find when you enter a room. Many of the creatures are operated by an actual person, meaning they know just when to dart out and frighten you. Rooms are small and the path twists and turns so you never know what the next room will hold.

My favorite elements of the haunts were the rooms with collapsible walls, creating an uncomfortable, claustrophobic state that really felt like you were a character in a supernatural or horror movie. Another highlight consisted of all the rooms that were on hydraulic lifts, making the attendees feel like they were being shaken or attacked by extra-large monsters. Those experiences were incredible….While Netherworld attendees await their fate and prepare to enter the premises, there are many great photo ops and so many great looking costumed characters and cosplayers awaiting outside, the atmosphere definitely feels like a Halloween festival. Make sure to get some mementos to remember your visit.




Year 17 2013 The Dead Ones and Boogeyman –

In The Dead Ones, The Inquisitor, a servant of the NETHERWORLD rises from YS to judge mankind. He finds that we have abandoned the old ways and summons the DEAD ONES – Skeletal life draining horrors to punish us.
In Boogeyman, six innocent people are trapped in comas, their minds imprisoned by a legendary creature that takes the form of your greatest fears.



When the Dead Ones come on lonely October nights, a whisper on the winds and a coldness where no cold belongs may be your only warning! To hear them brings madness, to see them brings pain and to touch them means death! No one can escape these Twisted Skeletal aberrations they glide through the darkened streets destroying everything in their path. The Dead Ones come when we ignore our traditions and superstitions and they cannot be denied!



Six innocent people are trapped in comas unable to escape a nightmare world of their deepest darkest fears. Is it an unusual medical condition or the work of a legendary creature from childhood story tales… The Boogeyman? Now you must physically enter into their dreams to uncover the shocking truth!

Reviews from 2013

The most influential haunted house in the history of haunted houses….the best actors in the business for 2013.
– Hauntworld Magazine

consistently ranked among the busiest—and best—haunted houses in the country…
– 90.1 WABE

One of Atlanta’s favorite Halloween traditions, the high-tech haunts at Netherworld get bigger and bolder every year.

This walk through haunted house attraction has been profiled by Fangoria as one of the scariest haunts across the United States. It has also gained notoriety from the likes of CNN, Hauntworld Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal.

With more than 250 special effects and animatronic creatures, Netherworld is not only our favorite haunted hot spot, but it’s also one of the top haunted houses in the world! With a 40 foot spinning tunnel, more than a dozen giant monsters, a 20 foot rocking room and more than two dozen ghostly projections, Netherworld is like no other haunt you’ve ever visited!
The monsters that roam around the parking lot, aiming to make you laugh and give you a good scare are truly amazing…
– Emma Loggins: FANBOLT.COM

Netherworld is bring back old-school animatronics, thrilling special effects and Atlanta’s most treasured monsters…Come see what all the talk (err-screams) are about…if you dare.

That was terrifying!

….If you think the boogeyman under your bed is scary, you may never recover after the basement-lurking Boogeyman at the Netherworld gets a hold of you. If this isn’t enough to make your heart stop, an encounter with the Dead Ones certainly will.

OK, this one is NOT in Greenville, SC..but it is the only true MEGA haunt near us. Netherworld Haunted House is located in Atlanta and is one of the top scare factories in the whole USA. They have just recently been featured by FANGORIA magazine…THE source for all things creepy.

See a giant saw blade cut an actor in half then shoot out into the path and make its way toward the crowd.

Walk inside Netherworld, if you dare


20 Seasons Of Screams!

NETHERWORLD Begins the 20th Season Of Screams At The DRAGONCON Parade!

Thursday Oct. 27th


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2016 Dates & Hours of Operation

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