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Thank you all…To the brave ones who explored our haunted world and the the not so brave ones who ran screaming, we salute you! Now our cast and crew has returned to the darkness and begun work once more on next years horrors. Until then my friends dream of the wonders and nightmares that you saw here, and as summer fades and autumn beckons remember to return again to visit us at NETHERWORLD Haunted House – Where Monsters Dwell!



We recently had a witch and a couple of werewolves visit us at Netherworld Haunted House! Well, sort of… Danielle Campbell, Nathan Parsons (also of True Blood fame) and Colin Woodell from The CW’s The Originals stopped by for a good scare, and from their posts on social media it sounds like they had a blast.


Danielle said: “If you’re n Atl go to @HauntedAtlanta it is amazing!!! So freaky & fun! Took some #werewolves for protection @ColinWoodell @Nathan_Parsons”. To which Nathan said “This thing is out of control awesome” and Colin replied “@daniellemcam I don’t know how well I “protected.” I was screaming like a little girl the whole time”.

We have to say, we were delighted by not only how genuinely excited they were when they attended, but also by how genuine they were as individuals…these are folks who come into our living rooms each and every week and yet they (like their spin-off sister Nina Dobrev from The Vampire Diaries, Chloë Grace Moretz and the gang from The Walking Dead) were so polite, grounded, and had such kind words for what we have created here at Netherworld over the past 18 years (none of which they had to say).

We here at Netherworld can attest that New Hollywood is NOT all narcissism and selfies…it’s truly been a delight to host you all.

Oh yeah, Netherworld is Open two more nights…come on out and see us if you can!

This Friday, November 7th and Saturday, November 8th are our final nights of the 2014 season and your last chance to see “Season of the Witch” and “SPLICED”! We won’t return until next September when we’ll have two all new haunted adventures for you to brave!

For more info or to buy tix now, click HERE


Since it’s near impossible to escape the barrage of Black Friday ads that keep popping up, we thought we’d chime in and offer a unique suggestion for those folks on your shopping list with a bit more…shall we say, original tastes.

Swing by the Netherworld Haunted House Gift Shop this weekend for all kinds of unique items…everything from macabre household items and garden ornaments, to nostalgic Halloween related items, to cool ornaments (Bigfoot, Krampus, Jack-O’-Lanterns, and of course the loveable Christmas Pickle)…we even have creepy holiday gift wrap and a Krampus stocking!

Netherworld is Open Just Two Final Nights in 2014…this Friday and Saturday, November 7th and 8th!

Come join us for some scares and get some folks crossed off your holiday shopping list while you are at it.

For more info on Netherworld or to purchase tickets now, visit HERE

To see more gift shop items click HERE

Slash visits NETHERWORLD!


Here is the inimitable Slash on his recent visit to Netherworld Haunted House!

Beyond being an amazing talent, Slash is someone who truly loves and appreciates creepy stuff, so we were way beyond flattered when he told us “I’ve never seen anything this cool”…seriously, how is that even possible…this guy has had to have seen everything, or close to it…and that’s no exaggeration.

Thanks so much for the visit and the very kind words Slash, and thanks for taking to social media and telling folks “If you’re n Atlanta, u have to go to @HauntedAtlanta it is literally the coolest scariest creepiest haunted house will ever visit. iiii]; )’ ” We are truly without words.

Thanks also to our friend Eric Pigors of Toxictoons for helping to make Slash’s visit possible.

Netherworld is only open a few more nights, so don’t miss your chance to see what The Travel Channel calls a “A Hollywood Caliber Haunt Mecca!”

Netherworld is OPEN TONIGHT and EVERY NIGHT thru this Sunday, November 2nd…then just two more nights…Fri. Nov. 7th and Sat. Nov. 8th. These are your final nights to visit “Season of the Witch” and “Spliced”…next year these two shows will be but a memory and we’ll return with two brand new haunts for you to brave.

For more info or to Buy Tickets Now visit HERE

Foster The People at NETHERWORLD!

Foster The People’s frontman Mark Foster and touring member Isom Innis dropped by Netherworld Haunted House while passing through Atlanta on their current tour. They had a blast and even stopped for a pic with one of our less gruesome, but equally scary ghouls. Thanks for taking the detour to visit guys…glad you all had fun!

To learn more about Foster The People Click HERE


The season is really winding down here at Netherworld, only a few more chances to see for yourself what Mark and thousands of others are screaming about! Netherworld is OPEN TONIGHT and EVERY NIGHT thru this Sunday, November 2nd and then just two more nights on November 7th & 8th.

These are the final nights to see “Season of the Witch” and “SPLICED”…next year they will be replaced by two all-new haunted adventures!

Buy Your Tickets Now Before It’s Too Late at

Tuesday Sep. 1st

Grand Opening September 25

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