2000 – NETHERWORLD Haunted House – Year 4

2000 – Year Four of NETHERWORLD Haunted House!

Our main theme in 2000 was Primeval, a storyline based on time travel and prehistoric creatures. It was quite a challenge for the artists and crew of NETHERWORLD to come up with dinosaurs, man eating plants, massive spiders, beast men, saurian warriors and all manner of ancient evils to populate the world of PRIMEVAL, with most of the props and creatures being made completely custom for the event. This year also had NETHERWORLD”s second exploration into wild visual effects seen through ChromaDepth glasses called the EXTREME 3D Haunted Mansion, and for the first time an additional haunt was constructed and run off site at another location several miles away. This event was known as BLOODFEAST, and featured a guided tour of a replica medieval torture chamber complete with extremely gory props and very twisted scares. The year 2000 was a very successful one but the difficultly in running two different locations made the season crazier than most! In the years to come as NETHERWORLD grew larger and took more square footage in the Georgia Antique Center the decision was made to keep everything in only ONE location!

Check back soon for a further look into the twenty year history of NETHERWORLD Haunted House!


Hurled through time and space by a madman! Lost on A Prehistoric Island swallowed by the Pacific Ocean eons ago! Hunted by Saurian Warriors and Primal Vampires!

And now things are about to get bad!

Deep below this savage land, an even greater horror has awakened! Find your way to its spawning grounds and you may survive…

3D Haunted

Experience a BRAIN BENDING adventure in 3-D Technology! Walls move, floors crawl, you won’t believe your Eyes! The special ChromaDepth glasses TWIST reality in ways you cannot imagine! Explore an old mansion filled with Spectral Inhabitants and A Graveyard of Grotesque Ghouls!

The Terror Surrounds You!


“The Dead have returned to torture the Living… to gulp down their blood and feast on their flesh!”
In 1982, a wall in the catacombs of Glamis Castle in Scotland was removed during restoration and renovation. Sealed behind it was a horrific torture chamber, complete with the mummified remains of its final victims. When the chamber was purchased by a wealthy businessman in 1994, it was moved to the United States and displayed in his wine cellar to amuse guests at his Halloween Party.

What occurred on that night will shock you, disgust you and might even kill you!

Because Tonight It Happens Again!


“A triple bill of blood-curdling thrills.”
– atlanta.citysearch.com

“Nationally recognized after just four years in existence.”
– atlanta.citysearch.com


“Tingles the spine.”
– Gwinnett Daily Post

“The people in charge of the Netherworld Haunted House probably need some serious psychiatric help and medication—but Halloween will definitely be a little more frightening and surreal until they do.”
– The Technique

“Netherworld 2000—it’s smarter than the average scare.”
– The Technique

“A huge self-guided maze that frightens at every turn.”
– Southern Voice

“No headstone is left unturned to scare the living daylights out of you.”
– Southern Voice

“Hands-down the most original and exciting haunted house experience in Atlanta.”
– Forsyth County News

“The creations are top notch…they breathe and move in animatronic amazement.”
– Forsyth County News

“The scares are genuine.”
– Forsyth County News

“Serious goose-bump potential.”
– Forsyth County News

“The most effective use of 3-D I have seen to date.”
– Forsyth County News

“A really wild experience.”
– Forsyth County News

“When you come out, you can’t help but smile. The Netherworld is a great Halloween experience.”
– Forsyth County News

“In case you haven’t heard, Netherworld Haunted House is the place to be this Halloween! It takes the Halloween spirit to an entirely new level with the granddaddy of all spook houses.”
– Gwinnett Loaf

“Guaranteed to have you screaming and begging for more.”
– Gwinnett Loaf

“Atlanta’s premiere haunted house.”
– Creative Loafing

“One of the most spectacular haunts nationwide.”
– What’s Up Atlanta

Netherworld named the Feature Attraction of The Observer’s “Best Places to Go to Have the Bejesus Scared Out of You”
“35 minutes of pure terror.”
– INsite

“What a scream!”
– Gazette Magazine


1999 – Year Three of NETHERWORLD Haunted House

1999 was a make or break season for NETHERWORLD. For the first time we moved into a location with a year round lease, the same building we had occupied during 1998 but a different, larger suite. This location had amazingly high ceilings, but also presented a number of major complications that were very costly and put the attraction into a serious cash crunch. Two new fire escapes had to be constructed, multiple fire doors were added, a massive two sided firewall was built and these expenses combined with year round rent made success during the season extremely critical.

The theme was APOCALYPSE for the main show, reflecting the coming turn of the century (2000) and touching on the more elaborate themes that would be developed in the years to come. For the first time a second ticketed event was added… NETHERWORLD 3D Haunted House – The First 3D Haunted House in Atlanta or the Southeast. Fortunately the inventor of the Chroma Depth Technology that made 3D haunts possible lived in Atlanta and agreed to sponsor the haunt.

Both events were very successful and NETHERWORLD charged into the new century with a permanent home and the ability for the crew to work on the attraction all year long!

Check back soon for a further look into the twenty year history of NETHERWORLD Haunted House!


Journey into the future, to a land ravaged by hideous creatures from the Netherworld! Dark armies of Armored War Beasts and Malignant Spirits of the Dead lay siege to a helpless planet!

Travel through blasted cities, forgotten burial grounds, bizarre laboratories and the deepest pits of the outer darkness on a quest to encounter The Ultimate Horror!
Abandon all hope, Ye who dare enter: NETHERWORLD the APOCALYPSE!


Experience a BRAIN BENDING adventure in 3-D Technology!

Put on the special Chromadepth glasses and
enter a haunted house like no other!

Explore an old manor filled with GHOSTLY inhabitants and a TWISTED Carnival funhouse sure to melt your mind!

The Terror Surrounds You in NETHERWORLD 3D!

Reviews from 1999:

“Netherworld and its creative team have hit upon a successful formula of creativity and originality…it has risen to the top in a tough Atlanta market and gained national notoriety.”
– Haunted Attraction Magazine

“A world right out of a Hollywood movie.”
– Haunted Attraction Magazine

“A haunt that is reminiscent of a movie set, complete with prosthetic makeup, custom-made masks, and one-of-a-kind props.”
– Haunted Attraction Magazine

“In your face scary!”
– Creative Loafing

“A mind-bending experience.”
– Creative Loafing

“You wouldn’t want to miss this!”
– Creative Loafing

“The first of its kind in the Southeast.”
– Piedmont Review

“A Halloween favorite after only three short years, Netherworld has become known as one of the scariest haunts nationwide.”
– Piedmont Review

“With 3-D technology, movie style special effects and monsters from your worst nightmares, Netherworld is not the typical haunted house.”
– Piedmont Review

“An exciting adventure for the whole family—no one will leave disappointed.”
– Piedmont Review

“Netherworld has become known as one of the scariest haunts nationwide, with movie style special effects and monsters from your worst nightmares… If you’re looking to bring Halloween nostalgia back into your life, then a visit to Netherworld is a must.”
– Piedmont Review

“A haunted house with a unique twist.”
– Piedmont Review

“The creators have gone warthog-wild crafting immense, quivering monsters you’ve never seen anywhere.”

“If you’re looking to bring Halloween nostalgia back into your life, then a visit to Netherworld is a must.”
– Piedmont Review

“A Halloween favorite and an Atlanta tradition.”
– The Gazette

“If it’s terror you want, look no further than the Netherworld Haunted House.”
– Southern Voice

– Southern Voice

“The scariest haunted house in town.”
– atlantacitysearch.com, in city & visitors guide

“One of the South’s premiere haunted experiences.”
– Going Places Magazine (National)

“One hell of a haunted house.”
– INsite

“Get your chills, thrills, and spills at Netherworld Haunted House.”
– GSU Signal

“You’re in for a wild time!”

– GSU Signal
“For a frighteningly good time, check out Netherworld!”
– GSU Signal

“Netherworld Haunted House in Norcross gives horror decidedly high-tech feel.”
– AJC Peach Buzz

“The first haunted house of its kind in the South.”
– The Technique

“Netherworld successfully blends old school haunted house scares with a new 3-D style that will effectively blow your mind.”
– The West Georgian



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This is a very limited engagement and there are only a few slots left on Saturday June, 18th and Sunday, June 19th (Father’s Day) so given the great demand for this event, we just opened up additional slots on Thursday, June 16th…reserve your place for you and your Pop before Zombie Rampage Live at Netherworld Haunted House totally sells out!

1998 – Year Two of NETHERWORLD Haunted House

In 1998 NETHERWORLD moved to Norcross GA to the Georgia Antique Center. The crew had planned to build 2 haunts that year, a traditional supernatural themed one and a science fiction based attraction called Vault 13. The space was bigger than the previous location in Kennesaw but still not large enough for two haunts, so the theme changed halfway through without an intervening queue line. The owners made contact with the role playing game company White Wolf and after some crazy brainstorming it was decided that NETHERWORLD would create a Haunted House based on the popular VAMPIRE THE MASQUERADE game as the primary attraction.

Two other firsts for NETHERWORLD happened that year as well. Doug Bradley – The actor portraying Pin Head in the Hellraiser movies visited the haunt and greeted guests and signed autographs for an evening. Also after vowing never to use chainsaws we cranked one up and haven’t put it down since! When the season ended NETHERWORLD had been successful once more, and the haunts were packed away into tractor trailers until a new home could be found.

Join us every week as we present a look into the twenty year History of NETHERWORLD Haunted House!

1998 Nos vampirethumb

Trapped in a war between Vampire Clans, the Colber House is chosen for the haven, a place where the shroud is thin, a place often used as a door between worlds. Allies are gathered, Redcaps and Gargoyles serve the mage, and a War Ghoul is created in the catacombs beneath the house. Baron Samidi is hired to provide an army of Zombies, and the Sabbat Warparties arrive. For protection against attack, powerful magical wards are erected to repel the Camarilla Vampires and the Lupines often drawn to the place…


Contact Has Been Lost With A Government Base Hidden Deep Beneath The Earth! You must descend to the Vault and find out what happened…

But Beware: The containment systems are down!

Genetic Mutations, Warrior Cyborgs and Bizarre Creatures from the Earth’s Inner Core roam the blackened corridors in Search of Human Flesh!

Reviews from 1998

“4 Pumpkins”—Highest Rated Haunt

“Netherworld has creative touches that rise to the level of an art form.”

“Netherworld’s mammoth Haunted House will knock your socks off.”
– Where Atlanta Magazine

“The Netherworld in Norcross is indeed the acme of the many haunted houses…guaranteed to please every scare seeking patron.”
– The Emory Wheel

“Immense and breathtaking.”
– The Emory Wheel

“The most exciting haunted house around.”
– The Emory Wheel

“Netherworld Haunted House is guaranteed to scare the bejesus out of you…”
– Creative Loafing

“A must experience for all horror lovers”
– The Atlanta Sideshow

“Netherworld is for those who are more serious about haunted houses and can handle a real fright.”
– The Stormy Petrel (Oglethorpe University)

“It’s [Netherworld] very scary, very well done…
I did cry, I just got overwhelmed, the tears started coming, but it was really great!”
– Nancy Loveland, Good Day Atlanta, WAGA TV

“This isn’t your typical Haunted House…it’s more Hollywood than anything.”
– Carmen Burns and Kathy Ballou, Peachtree Morning, WXIA TV

One of ten noteworthy haunts nationwide to be mentioned in The Wall Street Journal
“The most impressive event in the Southeast.”

“The actors terrify visitors as frighteningly realistic characters in brilliant costumes.”
– Gwinnett Scene

“A state-of-the-art spooky attraction.”
– Gwinnett Scene

“Not for the faint of heart.”
– Gwinnett Scene

“The experience promises a myriad of special effects and makeup techniques creating a REAL haunting experience this Halloween season.”
– The Champion

“One of the South’s premiere Halloween experiences, the Netherworld is guaranteed to scare you silly.”
– This Week Gwinnett

“One of the nation’s foremost fear factories.”
– Break, Tallahassee’s Entertainment Weekly

“The creators of Netherworld have outdone themselves with Hollywood movie-quality sets brimming with oddities.”
– Gwinnett Loaf


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This is the first ever Netherworld Haunted House T-Shirt design. Back in 1997, we screen-printed about 20 of these in our basement and gave them away to our core crew. They were crudely printed on whatever color shirts we could find in the close-out bins but we were pretty proud of them. We’ve created many shirts since, but for some reason this one was never actually sold to the public so we think it’s only fitting to finally do so in this, our 20th Season of Screams. Printed on high quality Next Level T’s, this relaunch comes in much more fashionable colors and is much (much) more comfortable than the original incarnation from back before the turn of the century.

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