2016 NETHERWORLD Themes Announced!

We’re excited to announce the themes for our 20th Season of Screams!

First, horrors are released from the unknown and threaten our world…only the return of ancient MONSTERS can defeat them!

Then venture if you will into VAULT 13: MELTDOWN! Can the chaos be stopped or will mutations, aliens, robots and nuclear destruction be unleashed on an unsuspecting planet?

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Who is the Bride?

A new creation of the Mangler! But what is her sinister purpose?


Thank You All For A Great Season!


The cast and crew of NETHERWORLD would like to thank you all for such a great season and celebrating Halloween this year with us! We are already working on new hideous creatures, and even more wild special effects and crazy over the top sets for our 20th year anniversary in 2016!. Until then we will be seeing you in your nightmares!

Final Nights to visit NETHERWORLD HAUNTED HOUSE 2015!

Final Nights

Final Nights to visit NETHERWORLD HAUNTED HOUSE 2015!
Friday, November 13th & Saturday, November 14th
7pm – 11pm

Scream And Scream Again At NETHERWORLD Haunted House!

We are open for two more weekends! The last chance to scream and scream again at NETHERWORLD Haunted House in 2015!

Friday, Nov. 6th
Saturday, Nov. 7th
Friday, Nov. 13th
Saturday, Nov. 14th

Hours of operation will be 7pm – 11pm on all 4 days.


Friday May. 27th

Closed Tonight

2016 Dates & Hours of Operation

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