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Banshee – Its Scream Means Death!

The ancient evil city of Ys has risen from the ocean off the coast of Ireland bringing with it a plague of Banshees! These foul eyeless winged monstrosities feed on the dark energy of dying humans, seeking battlefields and natural disasters where life hangs in the balance. When there is no death and war they create their own by releasing mind shattering howls that summon evil from the NETHERWORLD! Thus the wail of the Banshee has always meant death to those who hear it, as it rips apart the wall between worlds and releases monstrous Fomorian warriors and other fell Celtic beasts to plunder and destroy! Drawn by the flickering pumpkins and falling leaves of the autumn season, the Banshees circle ever nearer, destined to create the most terrifying Halloween the world has even seen!

New Features for 2012
The Massive Bloody Crawling Eye! Crushed by the Primordial Giant! Portraits of the Undying! The Slime Crawler! Mauled by Crows! The Underwater City! The Beast From the Abyss! Mermaids and Tritons! The Formorian Hordes! The Wail of The Banshee! The House of the Dead! The 21 Foot Tall Tree Beast! The Moray Pits! Feel the horrors of a Halloween gone mad as the sunken city rises and Banshees fill the skies! More repulsive monsters, shocking scares and wild special effects than you have ever seen!

The Hive

Descend into the Hive…

During the height of the Cold War in 1962 Robert Wellington-Hughes, a filthy rich genetics researcher, sealed up his staff and followers in an underground bunker called the HIVE. Eager to create a utopian society and a radiation survival vaccine based on insect DNA he disappeared beneath the earth for almost fifty years. Now we have discovered his horrifying plot to mutate all mankind into insect based life forms and to destroy all who dare resist him! You and you team must descend into the HIVE and discover the awful truth!

New Features for 2012
The twisted gore in the Dark Basement of NETHERWORLD grows even more vile with an invasion of giant bugs! Can you face – The Bone Snapping Crimson Hulk! The Colossal Writhing Centipede! The Flesh Shredder! Wasp Warriors! The Unstable Cobalt 99 Missile! Cocooned Horrors! Giant Spiders! Live Arthropods! Attacking Maggots! The Hideous Human Blob! More crawling, skittering, bloody insect nightmares than you can imagine!

Reviews 2012

Rated #1: Best Haunted House/Halloween Fright – Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s ‘Best of the Big A’
“There’s a very good reason that Netherworld has received so many accolades and awards and has fans coming back again and again. The folks behind this haunt take gruesomely imaginative concepts and pair them with outstanding special effects in an effort to scare you out of your wits. And they’ve been doing it for 16 successful seasons.”

Rated the #2 Haunted House in America

Rated #6 Most Influential Haunted House of All Time – Hauntworld Magazine
(At #6,) Finally, we have a current haunted house, still in existence today, that isn’t owned by Disney or Universal.  Netherworld is by far the most well-known haunted house in the world, privately owned by a couple small businessmen out of Georgia.  Netherworld offers something for everyone, borrowing inspiration from the best offerings of everyone on our list so far, yet making it their own.  When you look at Netherworld you think about Knotts Scary Farm’s sliders and outdoor scares… Yes, inspired from Knotts but taken to another level that even Knotts can’t compete with.  We talk about Terror On Church Street being one of the first haunts with incredible theatrical actors and costumes, and Netherworld took that concept to a whole new level as well.  GHOULY AMAZING!

“Netherworld has more scares per square foot than any other haunt on earth”
– The Travel Channel

“Netherworld, in Atlanta, GA is the most horrifying haunted house in the Nation, boasting the biggest and baddest animatronics, insanely elaborate sets and the A list of haunt actors.  Netherworld raises the bar for Halloween Terror”
– The Travel Channel

“There are things that go bump in the night and then there are things that scare the living daylights out of you. Make no mistake: Netherworld Haunted House is the latter.”
– Where Atlanta

“The grand ghoul of all horror destinations.”
– ATL Insider

“Stepping into Netherworld is like walking into another dimension.”

“You’ll begin screaming in the parking lot”
– Atlanta Now

“Sets the bar high…guaranteed to give thrill-seekers their money’s worth”

“This is the mack daddy of haunted houses”
– Field Trips with Sue

“Truly a great attraction, not just a great scare”

“Packs a dark wallop. ”
– The Backstage Beat

“A 40 minute bombardment of fear”
– The Travel Channel

“Scare yourself silly. The perfect place to get spooked.”
– Uptown Square Atlanta

“You’ll probably be jittery for half an hour or so following the tour.”
– Rent Cafe Blog Atlanta

“This is a seriously scary haunted house, y’all.”
– Yelp*

“It’s as scary as any haunted house you’ve seen in any Hollywood movie.”
– Asher PR Limelight

“The Netherworld Haunted House team takes pride in putting a capital ‘E’ on ‘eerie’.”

“Hold on tight and get ready to scream your head off”
– The Travel Channel

“Extraordinarily intense and mind boggling. This is a haunted house that deserves your attention.”

“A Hollywood Caliber Haunt Mecca”
– The Travel Channel

“Netherworld Haunted House impressively captures the atmosphere of Halloween”
– The Emory Wheel

“The best scream of the season.”
– WABE 90.1 FM Public Radio

“Home to the experts on all things fear.”

“Every room is an interactive fear fest”
– The Travel Channel

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