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They Know What Scares You!

The armies of Gargoyles had begun the total destruction of our world and now their ancient masters, the NIGHTMARES, are here to finish it! Primordial clawed and fanged things wrapped in tattered robes, the NIGHTMARES could also shape-shift into any form to greedily hunt human prey. Could the coalition of Vampires, Illuminati Warriors, and their freshly raised army of Zombies stand against the NIGHTMARES and the other monstrosities of the NETHERWORLD?

We dare you to discover the answer by experiencing the NIGHTMARES, the final chapter of the Blood Night Saga this Halloween season at the Legendary NETHERWORLD Haunted House during its terrifying 15th Anniversary!

New Features for 2011
Brutal Illuminati War Machines! The Blind Burrower! The Head Hunters Trophy Hall! The Snake Infested Voodoo Shack! The Mangler’s Reanimation Chamber! Buried with the Ancients! Ectoplasmic Portals! Crushing Columns! More creatures crawling, flying and slithering after you than ever before – experience a swarm of phobias unleashed by the NIGHTMARES – They know what scares you!

Your Flesh is What They Need!!!

The County Water Management system has a problem. Their workers keep disappearing, and lots of strange things are clogging the drains. Snakes, gators and human bones! Now you will explore the sewers and abandoned tunnels and learn the truth about what dwells below – In NETHERWORLD’s dark basement you will discover cannibals, giant alligators and worse in RAW MEAT!

New Features for 2011
Travel to your Doom on a Runaway Train! Infestations of Insects! Collapsing Floors! The Gator Spawning Pool! The Meat Conveyor! The Trog Tunnels! The Steam Pipes! GatorZilla! If you fear the things that swim, skitter and stalk the darkness you will lose your mind in NETHERWORLD’s RAW MEAT!

2011 Reviews

Rated as One of the Top 13 Haunted Houses in America

“Psychologically thrilling, visually stunning and an overall can’t-miss Halloween experience”
– Atlanta Retro

“Seems to capture the most unnerving nightmares year after year”

“The top of Atlanta’s haunted heap”
– Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“Could literally leave you breathless with fright”
– Delta Sky Magazine

“Heart-stopping chills and thrills around every corner”
– Georgia Magazine

“An international Halloween icon”

“The number one scariest place you can visit”

“They’ve taken the skin crawl factor up a notch…or ten”
– City’s

“The stuff nightmares are made of… will practically (or actually) make you wet yourself with fear”

“Your scares begin the moment you get out of your car”
– EventSeekr

“The perfect place for a screamingly good time…you’re in for a delightful fright!”
– ATL Insider

“Known for their originality of unique monsters and innovative scares, Netherworld Haunted House offers an over-the-top production that many in the industry consider to be the top horror attraction in the country.”

“Extreme terror and extreme fun”
– The Savoy

“Brings the stuff of nightmares to life”
– Gwinnett Daily Post

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