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The skies fill with horror as GARGOYLES invade our world under the cover of the endless Blood Night! Will a group of human mystics allied with the Vampire Lord Ghoulich be able to stop them, or will the earth fall to the winged fiends and their foot soldiers the Krampus Monsters? The fate of the Earth teeters on the brink in NETHERWORLD: GARGOYLE!

NETHERWORLD cranks it up all the way with a monster fest of epic proportions! See the 17 foot tall GARGOYLE KING feasting on his prey! Flee from gargoyles flying, swinging and crawling as they hunt for flesh! See a huge collection of REAL bones in the skull room, escape a house swarming with the supernatural as floors crack open, furniture comes to life, ghosts appear and coffins almost crush you! Confront the EYE and enter the mind warping Infernal Contraption! More monsters, more scares, more scenes, and more pure terror at every turn than ever before in NETHERWORLD: GARGOYLE!

Dead Salvage
Dead Salvage

The twisted medical deviant, the Mangler, returns to carve his way even further into your nightmares! After escaping from NECROTECH Labs he has now set up shop in an indoor junkyard and surrounded himself with even more savage freaks to help with his experiments! Can you escape his underground lair before you become his next patient in DEAD SALVAGE?

Descend to the subterranean levels below NETHERWORLD to come face to face with the MANGLER once more in Dead Salvage! Escape his twisted freaks and medical assistants if you can, as he melds flesh and metal together to create an army of sick zombie cyborgs! See The Acid Room, The Drowning Tank, The Flesh Compactor, and escape mechanized death in many forms as the haunt grows even bigger this year! You may escape with your life, but not your sanity! This season, the gore and horror get supersized in DEAD SALVAGE!

2010 Reviews

Voted The #1 Haunted House in America
– Hauntworld Magazine

The detailed sets make other haunted houses look like elementary school Halloween parties. Add the insane robotics and sheer size of this place, and you’ve got a haunted house that will make you think you’ve died and gone to hell.
– MTV Clutch

Named one of the nation’s “Spookiest Haunts” by ABC’s Good Morning America

Recognized in USA Today as the #1 Haunted House in America

Walking through Netherworld Haunted House is like stepping into a horror movie.

Netherworld remains, quite possibly, the most intense haunted attraction… It is absolutely the most original… Netherworld has a very distinct bulldozer of a personality that makes it stand severed head and shoulders above the rest. You’ll never EVER mistake Netherworld for another haunt.
It is proudly and steadfastly its own thing.

By far the best haunted house we’ve ever been to
– Jezebel Magazine

You’ll never find a haunted house that has more passion for scaring people, certainly not anywhere in the Atlanta area…Netherworld isn’t just a haunted house; it’s an experience. Bring all of your favorite people with you, and get ready to make some memories that you’ll never forget”.

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