Mr. Grendel’s 3D Fun House of Horrors!

Mr. Grendel’s 3D Fun House of Horrors!

“Come One, Come All to Mr. Grendel’s Fun House of Horrors! Great for Kids of ALLL ages!! It’s super scary and SUUUPER fun! Come see all the silly clowns – watch them laugh and laugh – everyone is so so happy at Mr. Grendel’s! Put on your 3D Glasses to see EXTRA Spooky Stuff grownups can’t see! No one will ever believe what you tell them happens in this Fun House! Can you make it out alive? Well.. We will find out won’t we! Bring the whole family – there is room for everyone in Mr. Grendel’s house! See the ghosts and ghouls inside – you might even be a little scared! Fun and thrills! You will never ever ever want to leave….Mr. Grendel’s!”

Internal briefing on Mr. Grendel’s:

What you have just heard is an excerpt from the audio playing outside the clown themed haunted house that has just opened on the outskirts of town. It seems harmless enough until you dig deeply into the cold case files. After exhaustive research we have discovered that every few decades some sort of amusement ride or fun house style attraction pops up with the name “GRENDEL” somewhere in the title. They always are a bit different from each other with clowns and haunted house walkthroughs and rides some of the more common types, although they have shown up as mine rides, tunnels of love and once, a traveling barbeque truck. The unusual thing about these GRENDEL attractions is that everywhere they appear, there are numerous disappearances. It starts with the pets and the livestock, then it spreads to loners and out of towners no one will miss. Finally entire families will vanish, especially those with young children. When local law enforcement begins to suspect the GRENDEL attraction, they arrive only to find it gone without a trace in the dead of night.

We have come to strongly suspect that a dangerous malevolent entity of unknown origin is at the center of this mystery. It seems to have supernatural abilities of a high level, including projecting visual and auditory illusions to conceal its true form. Some think it even has dangerous dimensional warping skills although there is no clear evidence to confirm this. What we do believe strongly however is that a physical creature of immense age and power is associated with this phenomena. A creature that to put it bluntly, eats people. LOTS of people.
Whatever it is, the thing is aggressive, highly intelligent and seems to enjoy toying with its victims. It also has a bit of an ego – always using the same name was sure to draw our attention eventually.

The fact that it goes by GRENDEL a legendary flesh eating monster from the Beowulf legends is not to be taken lightly. Proceed with the utmost caution… Since we do not know exactly what we are dealing with, we are not sure how to eliminate this threat. Good Luck.


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