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Beware The Boogeyman at NETHERWORLD Haunted House

Beware The Boogeyman at NETHERWORLD Haunted House

The Boogeyman Nursery Rhyme

(Collected from the homes of the victims)?

Better not step upon a crack
Boogeyman put you in his sack!
Break a mirror or spill some salt
Boogeyman says it all your fault!
Walk under a ladder or see a Black cat
Boogeyman says you’re tasty and fat!
If I should die before I wake
Boogeyman gets my soul to take!
Run as far and fast as you can
There is no escaping the Boogeyman!

Hospital logs relating to the case:

Log Entry 72:
Never before had we seen anything like it. Six people with no connection whatsoever admitted with horrible nightmares. Then despite the best medical science had to offer they all slip into comas. Seemingly locked into horrific dreams.

Log Entry 84:
The patients continue to suffer terribly. Despite flooding their systems with sedatives the adrenaline pumping through them non stop is slowly destroying both the heart and the circulatory systems. There is no physical reason for the comas. All tests are negative.

Log Entry 92:
Turns out there is a connection after all. It seems all of them as children attended at least one semester of elementary school at Wormwood Academy near the old Bostwick Meat Processing Plant. Nothing at all remarkable about that, except the area was famous as the site of the so called “Mangler” murders all those years ago.

Log Entry 107:
The families of the patients have let us search their computers and personal papers for anything that can help us solve the mystery. I hope we can find something soon, they don’t have much time.

Log Entry 111:
More coincidences – I have found in all of their paperwork bits and pieces of an old nursery rhyme about the “Boogeyman.” This makes no sense. There is no record of them having contact in the last 10-15 years!

Log Entry 117:
They have agreed to my request. I will use the Neural Macro Phase Decoder to “see” what they are seeing in the dream state. Hopefully I will be able to learn from their subconscious the source of nightmares, and with that knowledge find a cure. I know it’s new technology but in almost every other clinical trial we have had overwhelmingly positive results. We might as well try… without some progress we will probably lose the first one within the week…

Log Entry 118 : Final Entry
Ugh… Not in good shape this morning. Crazy dreams about a shadowy figure trying to put a large bag over my head… I woke up gasping for air! Not good to go into a sleep experiment without a good nights rest. Must have been that creepy poem we found in the notes..?

OK going to work… Wish me luck!