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Group Sales Information

Nothing brings people together quite like a good scare…
And being scared has never been so much fun!

Celebrating our 20th Year!

Netherworld Haunted House delivers the fun and scares in droves…and now with special group rate pricing, there’s never been a better time to experience one of the country’s most celebrated haunted attractions! Come see why the Travel Channel calls Netherworld “the most elaborate haunted house in America” that “makes Hollywood Creature-Features look like Bambi” and why Netherworld is consistently rated as one of America’s Top 10 Halloween Season destinations by the likes of America Online, Hauntworld Magazine, USA Today, Seventeen Magazine Online, US Airways Magazine, and Nickelodeon Magazine.

What better way to celebrate the Halloween season than an outing with your friends, family, classmates, sorority sisters, or fraternity brothers?

If you run a business, why not bring the whole staff? It’s a great way to reward their hard work, celebrate company achievements, and motivate your entire team.


Group Rates for COMBO TICKETS (regularly priced $28) – September 23 and 24th and all Sundays – Thursdays except Halloween:

• 20-49 people: MONSTERS AND MELTDOWN — $23 per person
• 50-74 people: MONSTERS AND MELTDOWN — $20 per person
• 75 or more: MONSTERS AND MELTDOWN — $18 per person

Group Rates for COMBO TICKETS (regularly priced $35) – All other Fridays & Saturday and Halloween:

• 20-49 people: MONSTERS AND MELTDOWN — $33 per person
• 50-74 people: MONSTERS AND MELTDOWN — $30 per person
• 75 or more: MONSTERS AND MELTDOWN — $28 per person

Group rates are only valid on the combo ticket – sorry, but there are no group rates available for MONSTERS only.

How to Purchase Group Tickets

Group ticket sales must be arranged in advance. Tickets must be purchased in one transaction and then distributed to the group.
To arrange for group tickets, please email your request to
In your email, please include your name, contact information, date of visit, and size of group. We will then contact you to make arrangements.

You may also leave a message at 770.840.3053 and someone will get back with you.

NOTE: If your group is small or made up of individuals who all would prefer to buy tickets separately, you may want to opt for using a coupon…in some cases coupon discounts are even greater than the group sales rates (depending on day of the week, number being purchased, etc…) Discount coupons are available at all Atlanta area Subway locations, and in Creative Loafing. Please note however, that unlike group sales rates, discount coupons are not valid on any Fridays or Saturdays.

Event details and pricing can be found at

PLEASE NOTE: Netherworld Haunted House has a strict “no alcohol” policy on the attraction property.
Netherworld reserves the right to refuse admittance without refund to anyone possessing alcoholic beverages and/or exhibiting inappropriate behavior. Guests arriving in groups who plan on “celebrating” with alcohol should arrive at the haunted house early and before the partying begins. We thank you for your cooperation in helping to keep Netherworld Haunted House a safe, fun and exciting event for all who attend.

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