ESCAPE The Manglers Fear Machine!


Don’t miss our newest attraction at Netherworld this year…The Mangler’s Fear Machine! THE WHAT?

The Fear Machine is a 3-Minute Escape Game located in the Netherworld Gift Shop. “Ok, what’s an escape game?” you ask…fair question.

You and up to three of your friends enter The Mangler’s twisted lair and must solve puzzles and face your fears before the timer runs out and The Mangler comes for you!

Creepy, fast paced and lots of fun, the Mangler’s Fear Machine is a great way to add an extra thrill when you visit Netherworld Haunted House. Cost is $5 per player and winners get a much coveted sticker to prove that they beat the game. Only a few will “survive”…Will You?

Due to the limited capacity of the Fear Machine, tickets are only available for it in the Netherworld gift shop and are not available online. Since only a limited number of people can enter the Fear Machine on a given night, if you’re interested in experiencing it, we’d advise you to purchase tickets when you arrive before attendance limitations force sales of the Fear Machine to shut down for the evening.

Good Luck!

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