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Maxmillian Colber disappeared 60 years in the NETHERWORLD. Now his altered form, twisted and CURSED, has returned to warn us of the doom soon to befall mankind. Is it really him or a hideous thing draped in his skin? Find out in NETHERWORLD – CURSED!      

25 Foot Evil Clown!

2006 Visitors to NETHERWORLD’s basement show, FREAK PIT will walk under this 25 foot tall evil clown! Careful…sometimes he bites!  

Death Worm!

These ambush predators hide in swampy areas or in thick foliage, waiting for prey to pass by. Sensing vibrations in the soil, they spring up to take down victims in their massive jaws. One of the less intellegent species to escape the NETHERWORLD, but extremely dangerous none the less!

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