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Death Worm!

These ambush predators hide in swampy areas or in thick foliage, waiting for prey to pass by. Sensing vibrations in the soil, they spring up to take down victims in their massive jaws. One of the less intellegent species to escape the NETHERWORLD, but extremely dangerous none the less!

Massive Stone Guardian

This elemental creature guarded the gateway to the NETHERWORLD for thousands of years, keeping the Old Ones and their servants from entering our world. It was bound in chains of cold iron by Maxmillian Colber, leaving the gateway unguarded. See this 11’+ monster in NETHERWORLD : Cursed !  

Silent Hill Promo

NETHERWORLD Actors attend a screening of the new Horror Movie, Silent Hill. To apply to be a Monster at NETHERWORLD Click the Monster Icon on the home page

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