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2017 NETHERWORLD Haunted House Themes Announced!

PRIMAL SCREAM Vengeance is Primal! The Primordial Guardians have awakened to rip the evil from this earth with tooth, claw, thorn, stone and bone! The green kingdoms raise the dead with parasitic fungi and attack with colossal tree monsters! Savage beast clans infect living humans with rabid form altering mutagens, as elementals of stone and… Read more »

Scream In The Dark! One night only Sat, Feb 11, 2017

Experience NETHERWORLD by Candlelight this Valentine’s Day Weekend! One night only Sat, Feb 11, 2017 Plunge headlong into a much Darker NETHERWORLD than you’ve ever experienced! Navigate dimly lit corridors and scenes armed only with a small LED candle as swarms of monsters lurk just outside your range of vision! PURCHASE TICKETS HERE Limited tickets… Read more »

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