Released from their primordial Antarctic prison by well-meaning paranormal researcher Dr. Elias Ephraim, The soul eaters (Goloths) began rapidly consuming the legions of ghosts causing the wasting disease called THE ROTTING!

Unfortunately these ectoplasmic apex predators soon discovered that ripping the living souls from human beings and other terrestrial life was just as tasty as eating ghostly energy! This rabid feasting did not go unnoticed by the Dark Ones, the masters of the NETHERWORLD who had always considered our world to be their personal property. They launched an all out assault on the Goloths commanded by The Collector, The Harvestman and the Boogeyman, leading The Dead Ones, The Gargoyles, and The Nightmare Kings into combat!

Now all-out war ripples through both the material and immaterial planes as the most powerful supernatural creatures ever known tear into the mutating ravenous hordes of the Goloths in a battle they just might lose!

As this struggle for dominance rages, the monsters of the natural world, The Vampires, Werewolves, and Deep Ones led by the Witches and The Illuminati began mustering their forces to confront the winners of this savage conflict, while seeking a way to defeat the Goloths in the place they were created – The Lost City Of The Elder Things!

It has been 20 Years since Dr. Colber opened the doorway to the NETHERWORLD and now the invasion of our planet continues in an epic war of the MONSTERS!

goloth-eating-ghosts golth-haunt-bow Goloths soul-eater

2016 Theme 2: Vault 13: MELTDOWN


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