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Year 20 - 2016

Netherworld is very similar to a Hollywood movie production utilizing a number of props, flashing lights, lasers, special effects, hanging textiles, animatronics, 125 actors and a variety of actor-controlled puppets to create a more realistic scare.

Gwinnett Daily Post

One of the nation’s most popular haunted houses…invests in movie-quality props.

Southern Living Magazine

If you want to scare the everloving sh#t out of yourself, go to Netherworld. That is all.


This is the mack daddy of haunted houses. It’s been consistently rated one of the best haunted houses in the US by Hauntworld magazine since 2009. The sets are professionally done, and the actors are very good.

365 Atlanta Family

"Every year it is something new, something different, and they've never disappointed. With two houses, each is themed wildly different. One is a lavish feast for the eyes, the other tends to be gritty and downright grotesque. But both are sensory delights, from sound to scent and everything in between, your mind scurries to keep up with just what the next fright will be." —Yelper Dianna B.


Leave the fear behind... Or don't, because this Haunted House attraction is filled with terror anyway. The suburbs of Atlanta may look all innocent but they are hiding the castle that will scare the daylights out of anyone who dares enter. This warehouse is equipped with all sorts of absolutely terrifying sets and fearsome special effects. The quality is just as astounding as it is goosebumps-inducing. Prepare to meet witches, vampires, ghosts and other otherworldly creatures. Beware blood-filled containers, bats and all sorts of creepiness. The building itself is said to be the paranormally active spot if you need an additional spook factor. The place is run by former TV and film members who clearly know what they are doing: the sets and characters are impeccable. Netherworld offers you as scary an experience as money can buy. Consider leaving young kids at home because this may be truly upsetting.

Netherworld remains on my shortlist of favorite haunted houses. It’s a lot of fun, and I can definitely understand why it’s often rated as one of the best haunted houses in the nation. The level of detail is impressive. I don’t scare easily, but they “get” me a few times when I walk through, especially when anything resembling a statue turns out to be a real person. The teen girls remain the most hilarious part of the night though, as quite a few scare easily. I didn’t know they could run that fast, but apparently they’re motivated to move when chased by creatures of the night.

Georgia claimed the top spot for the state with the most popular haunted house thanks to Netherworld - the Atlanta attraction known for live actors and special effects the deliver a super-scary experience.


Halloween Express recently analyzed Instagram posts tagged with #HauntedHouse across the United States, and the results are useful reading for anyone who loves Halloween…The most popular haunted house attraction…was Netherworld Haunted House in Atlanta, GA.

The world knows they're screaming in Norcross. Netherworld isn't just a local fad. Its custom monsters, props, artifacts and crazy-horrifying special effects have made it one of the premiere haunted house locations in the world.


The Greater Atlanta area is home to one of the scariest haunted houses in the entire country: Netherworld Haunted House.

Netherworld is worth the drive, consistently named one of the top 13 haunted houses in the southeast!

This is absolutely one of my most fun events of the year to do. Me and my fam look forward to it every year! Bring your homies, teen kids…anyone! It is a blast. Follow the paths and there is a better chance you make it out alive.

If you are anxious for Halloween, check out the Netherworld Haunted House in Norcross. Frequently lauded as the No. 1 haunted house in the U.S., this attraction features movie-quality special effects, legendary characters, and lots of surprises. Get ready for a night of fright.

This Metro Atlanta attraction makes haunted house aficionados’ best-of lists because of its unique costumes, sets and animation, according to the Travel Channel. Scenes from the 2009 film “Zombieland,” starring Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg, were even shot on the premises.

NETHERWORLD Haunted House is a self-guided, dark attraction known for its over-the-top special effects, intense make-up, elaborate costuming, skilled stunt actors, unique monsters, unusual themes and chilling detail! To put it simply NETHERWORLD is the total package - an extremely high quality immersive event that merges SCARY, FUN and COOL into a safe environment. More importantly after 20 years in the business NETHERWORLD is still ever changing - coming up with new effects, scares, characters and story lines every season, while still retaining the Halloween feel that brings back guests year after year. World famous, massively attended, and highly respected, NETHERWORLD is without a doubt one of the most successful haunted attractions of all time!

Named one of the scariest haunted houses in the world year after year, it’s worth the trip outside the Perimeter to have the pants scared off you.

Today the attraction is run almost like a movie studio, with a dozen full-time employees building sets and effects year-round. When the doors open, about a month before Halloween, there are 400 seasonal employees on hand to help guide attendees through the elaborate scenes…
’Netherworld sets a very high standard for quality and creativity, and they also engaged the community by hosting things like parades and horror movie premieres, which is something other haunts hadn’t done, ‘ says Larry Kirchner, who runs, which in 2013 named Netherworld the most influential haunted house of all time. Soon the attraction developed a reputation not only for originality but also for top-notch special effect and make.’

Atlanta Magazine

Several times a week (In October), Netherworld sends a team out to various schools around Atlanta to present an anti-bullying message with the theme “Don’t be a Monster”. “With this we’re speaking to the bullied and to those who bully. The bottom line of it is: let’s keep the monsters in the haunted house where they belong,” Billy Messina said.

In its 20th year, the attraction is more hair-raising than ever, bringing an onslaught of monsters…Since opening in 1997, Netherworld has expanded from 5,000 to 40,000 square feet over two floors, while working year round on new ways to petrify houseguests.
“We had a few special effects in year one, including a 20-foot-long spinning tunnel,” says co-owner Ben Armstrong. “Today, we have hundreds of effects, including animatronics, projections and illusions, pryotechnics, a foam room that totally buries you, and massive walk through moving rooms.”
Folks travel from all over to experience the macabre and screams…

Living Northside

Hold on to your blanky, because Netherworld Haunted House will make you scream like a baby. In fact, the production-quality sets, makeup, costumes and believable horrifying actors had The Travel Channel calling this “the most over-the-top haunted house on earth.”

Where Atlanta

This place is so famous, and so scary, that Zombieland filmed many scenes here A lot of the crew members have also been extras on a little zombie-themed show called The Walking Dead. Each year the company focuses on a different scary subject.

Netherworld Haunted House has been scaring Georgians for 20 years. Thrilling and chilling animatronics and actors team up to spook and shock. Gory? Yes. Fun? Yes.

Cobb Life Magazine

Year 19 - 2015

“Our number one pick is an overwhelming thrill-packed, supercharged Halloween horror show that has been winning awards and dominating Atlanta, Georgia for 19 years. Every October huge crowds come from all over the country to see Netherworld and to soak up the combination of incredible production value and absolute nightmares that it provides. Customers and haunted house industry experts agree that this terrifying attraction is the most elaborate, creative, and influential haunt around. Famous for custom monsters, new themes every year, impressive special effects, and an unrivaled collection of props and artifacts, it is the freaky actors and gut-wrenching makeup that put Netherworld at the head of the class.”


“This year marks the 19th year that co-creators Ben Armstrong and Billy Messina have made Netherworld one of the premiere haunted house locations in the world. With two new haunts: The Rotting and Vault 13, visitors this year can expect to be wowed by new sets, enhanced special effects and brand new creatures.  

Aside from the two haunts, there’s also the characters which are outside every year. While we saw a few of the classics (my personal favorite one at the top below), there are a few new creatures roaming around too. There’s also a few great photo ops as well!

Check out a few national accolades that have been bestowed upon Netherworld for 2015:

  • #1 Best Haunted House of All Time (
  • #7 of the Top 19 Insane Haunted Houses That’ll Literally Scare the Sh*t Out of You
  • Travel Channel’s Best Halloween Attractions 2015
  • #9 of the 10 Best Extreme Haunted Attractions for USA Today (Reader’s Choice)
  • 2015 Reader’s Choice Award for Favorite Haunted House (Georgia Magazine)
  • #4 of the Top 10 Best Haunted Attractions of 2015 (
  • #2 List of 31 ‘Must See’ Attractions for 2015 (
  • #5 Top 15 Scariest Haunted Houses in America 2015 (
  • LA Times’ 10 Creepiest Halloween Haunts in the U.S. (”


 “With movie quality special effects, unique themes, and intricate sets, Netherworld has definitely earned its place as one of the country’s most visited haunted destinations…Make sure to check out this haunt if you’re anywhere in the Southeast this October!”


 “If you’re in the area, definitely need to check this one out as they have some really awesome stuff going on and are constantly improving and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Not only with story, but the insane creations that live within its walls.”


“NETHERWORLD has plenty of clout in the haunting business. In their almost two decades, their haunt and crew has been involved in a couple of large Hollywood horror films. Zombieland filmed some of their sections at NETHERWORLD, and Rob Zombie used a lot of the props and a lot of the crew to film Halloween 2. Just to add to the Hollywood cred, a good number of the crew members worked on The Walking Dead.

What does all that mean for NETHERWORLD? It means that you can expect intricate sets, movie-style special effects, and make-up that is so realistic you’ll get chills before the actors even do anything. The crew is also used to creating incredibly detailed and realistic sets from the ground up, and they put that skill to the test. Every year they build two completely new haunts. As you might guess, this gives NETHERWORLD an extremely loyal following who come back every year for new scares.

While the sets and effects themselves are impressive, the haunts are brought to life by the cast. The actors are given intricate make-up and costumes, and they definitely make the most out of them. Expect plenty of scares, chills, and outright terror.”


“Hold on to your blanky, because this haunted house will make you scream like a baby. All jokes aside, this terrifying attraction is only for the bravest of heart –in fact, the production-quality sets, makeup, costumes and believably horrifying actors make this experience too real for our own editor, who has never gathered enough gumption to go. But don’t follow in her cowardly footsteps. The Travel Channel called this ‘the most over-the-top haunted house on earth,’ so you know it’s a must-see.”


“Consistently for the past several years, Netherworld’s been listed as one of the top haunted attractions in the U.S. in no small part due to its high level of creativity and originality.

This haunted house attraction on the outskirts of Atlanta garnered rave reviews from horror mag, Fangoria, writing that Netherworld ‘is the #1 Hometown Haunt in America.’ On top of that, this venue hosts tow haunted houses for you to explore while crying out for your momma.

Annually, the haunt picks a new theme and redesigns many aspects of the attraction to ensure repeat visitors have unique experiences. Netherworld’s also credited with being among the first haunts to utilize buttons on the floor to alter the show. They’re also highly committed to using only the finest quality actors, props and set designs.”


“As October approaches, Atlanta residents’ thoughts turn to their very own Halloween tradition: NETHERWORLD Haunted House! Generations of Georgians (and visitors from all over the world) have attended this legendary haunted attraction seeking the intense thrills and chills it serves up every year to an ever-growing legion of loyal fans.

Consistently voted among the top 13 Haunted Houses in America by the media, haunt industry publications, and guests alike NETHERWORLD has raised the bar once again with new special effects, over-the-top sets, and terrifying actors.

‘Opening night is always a blast, says co-creator of NETHERWORLD Haunted House, Ben Armstrong. ‘To finally get to see people enjoy, and often run screaming from what we have worked on all year is very gratifying! Each season is like a sequel, full of new amazing things, keeping the favorite parts our fans love’”


“Netherworld Haunted House is a haunted house like none other. The costumes and the decorations are unbelievable. You will make your way through different galleries and will be sure to get a few frights. The theme changes annually…I recommend doing both (haunted houses).”


NETHERWORLD Haunted House is a self-guided, dark attraction known for its over-the-top special effects, intense make-up, elaborate costuming, skilled stunt actors, unique monsters, unusual themes and chilling detail! To put it simply NETHERWORLD is the total package – an extremely high quality immersive event that merges SCARY, FUN and COOL into a safe environment. More importantly NETHERWORLD is ever changing – coming up with new effects, scares, characters and story lines every Halloween season, while still retaining the Halloween feel that brings back guests year after year!”


“This classic haunted house is open all month long…Named one of the scariest haunted houses in the world year after year, it’s worth the trip outside the perimeter to have the pants scared off you.”


“…Netherworld continues to be one of the leading haunted house events in the country. Since 1998, the dark-themed walk through attraction has been conveniently located in an airy, multi-level warehouse just north of Spaghetti Junction in Norcross. Unlike many such destinations, Netherworld utilizes its own original and elaborate themes while veering away from tired old slasher movie characters and themes.”


“Arguably one of the most acclaimed Halloween attractions in the country, Netherworld attempts to reinvent itself each year for its throngs of frightened fans.”


“No Halloween holiday is complete without a haunted house, and Netherworld knows how to ignite the fright! Atlanta’s scariest haunted house returns through November 8th and is filled terrifying live actors, amazing special effects, and incredible monsters and sci-fi gore.”


“Netherworld received our stamp of approval and made our Travel Channel’s Best Halloween Attraction last year, and again this year. It has 2 new features, including the Toxic Foam Room, where patrons step into this one-of-a-kind decontamination chamber after exiting Vault 13. Getting soaked with fresh bubbles down a long hall may not be scary, but it’s popular among regular customers. And step onto the new Elevator of Death. Up to 20 people can ride the elevator down to Vault 13, but be prepared for the flickering lights and bumpy descent. It’s a favorite of fans and haunted house experts. ‘Netherworld is one Hauntworld’s scariest haunted houses because they spend a long time developing one-of-a-kind costumes, masks, animation and set design that can only be experienced in Atlanta,’ Larry Kirchner.”


“Netherworld was created by movie and TV professional, and used as a film location for Zombieland. ‘Known for their originality of unique monsters and innovative scares, Netherworld Haunted House offers an over-the-top production that many in the industry consider to the top horror attraction in the country.’ Hauntworld’s review states.

Like many attractions on our list, it makes Hauntworld’s Top 13 list again and again. It’s a self-guided, dark tour that is known for its terrifying actor, unique scenes and stunts. ‘With more than 200 animated monsters and 100 live actors, Netherworld is one of the nation’s most famous attractions,’ The Travel Channel reports.”


“Do we really need to say once more how much fun we have at Netherworld in Norcross, Georgia? I guess we do! The Rotting and Vault 13 are prepared to accept new victims. Each haunt is just as thoroughly detailed as always, and the characters are ready for you from every possible angle.

As you are already aware, if you have read past reviews of Netherworld from us, we are huge fans. It is a delight to visit and become encapsulated in the world Ben and Billy have imagined for us. The details are so well layered and considered that you can easily forget where you are and that you chose to enter into this journey of your own free will. When you encounter monsters they will be full interactive (yes, you may get touched…we love that), so just remember your own monster manners and that this is all in fun.

Netherworld consistently receives our highest five severed heads rating and we encourage anyone who wants to take a trip into the fantastical world for a bit to make the trip to Norcross and meet with your own nightmares. Happy haunting!”


“Netherworld has one of the biggest followings in the world, and clearly is the most famous haunted house in America.”


“No top haunts list would be complete without the inclusion of Netherworld Haunted House in Atlanta, Georgia. This top-notch haunted attraction is more than a few cuts above the rest and consistently delivers scares and thrills that tap into every imaginable fear. With a critically-acclaimed cast of actors, state-of-the-art effects and animatronics, makeup and costuming to rival Hollywood’s best, Netherworld is a sense-shattering rush of adrenaline guaranteed to elicit the perfect blend of heart-pounding screams and nervous laughter. Since its debut in 1997, the fiendishly creative minds behind Netherworld Haunted House have continued to challenge themselves to raise the bar in themed attraction-haunted or otherwise-making them a perennial member of any Top 10 list regarding haunted houses and Halloween happenings. This ever-evolving house of horrors is sure to delight those seeking a memorable jolt of spirited seasonal fun, placing visitors in the thick of its nightmarish vision from the very moment they arrive. Garnering a wide array of well-deserved media coverage and critical accolades, Netherworld Haunted House should be place very high on every Halloween ‘must see’ list.”


“Stepping into Netherworld feels like stepping onto a movie set. The special effects are so top-notch and over-the-top impressive that even as you may be screaming because someone dressed up in a very realistic corpse costume lurches out in front of  you, it’s hard not to stand, mouth-agape marveling at the skull walls, cushy, cemetery-esque footing, creepy ambiance, and extraordinary ‘WOW’ of it all.

Netherworld assaults the senses with so much to hear, look at and absorb that while on the one hand you feel compelled to run through to safety, on the other you want to linger and try to look around to appreciate everything. It’s realistic…and ultimately as scary as you allow yourself to believe.

Recently named the No. 5 ‘Scariest Haunted House in America 2015’ by, and one of the nation’s ‘Top Halloween Attractions’ by The Travel Channel, this year features amazing new sets, intense special effects and weird creatures found nowhere else (thankfully).”


The haunted house in Norcross known as Netherworld has been around since 1997. A self-guided walking tour through acres and acres of spooky stuff, the attraction is an expert amalgam of special effects and specially-made-up performers, all engineered to scare e you socks off (assuming you’re wearing socks). This year’s themes are ‘The Rotting’ and ‘Vault 13: Unearthed.’ And don’t take my word for it: organizations as diverse as The Travel Channel and Hauntworld have voted it one of the top Halloween experiences in the country.


“It’s that time of year again: the ghouls, goblins and monster are out, and they have all come together at the one and only, NETHERWORLD Haunted House, voted the scariest attraction of all time by Hauntworld and consistently ranked as one of the best haunted house in America since its opening 19 years ago, this is definitely one you don’t want to miss this Halloween!

With not one, but two exciting Haunts to choose from, you’ll just want to do them both!

NETHERWORLD is so scary that people are claiming to be ‘legitimately traumatized.’ So, if you’re brave enough to get scared and submit yourself to these terrifying monsters, step on up to NETHERWORLD Haunted House and enjoy the experience.”


“The infamous Netherworld, voted number one haunted house in America, will not disappoint as the monsters and haunted sets will feed off of your phobias of tight spaces, the unknown, the dark and of course, the unexpected.

With a background of film and television, the owners of Netherworld are continually creating new special effects, unique rooms and scarier contraptions. The creativity and elaborateness of each room is what separates Netherworld from the rest of the haunted houses in Georgia.

‘One of the biggest things at Netherworld is distractions.’ Ben Armstrong, the co-owner of Netherworld said. ‘There’s so much cool stuff to look at. It just draws people into the world and then they’re easy prey.’

Overall, Netherworld lives up to the high expectations. The long lines build the anticipation to a night of terror you do not want to miss. The monsters are original, the haunted houses are fantastically creative and the experience is one that will leave with a sense of exhilaration and fear.”


“Netherworld Haunted House in Norcross is by far the best haunted house in the Atlanta area. You’ve probably heard about them before, and yes, the hype is true. Year after year, they never disappoint with their quality horrors. Perhaps the most theatrical and well-planned of the haunted houses in Georgia, Netherworld is in what looks like an abandoned warehouse, but the set production inside is up to par with that of a movie set or theme park. It is super intricate with each phase of the house being scarier than then last. You’ll leave emotionally and physically drained because chances are you freaked out so hard…This is a must-do before you leave Emory, because chances are your hometown doesn’t have anything to match.”


“To describe how I felt entering ‘one of the best haunted house of all time,’ the word ‘nervous’ doesn’t do it justice. I was terrified as I stepped into the dark halls of Netherworld last week. And for good reason – I screamed, jumped and held on tight the entire time. If you’re looking for a haunted house with wicked sets, elaborate costumes, and chilling special effects, head to Norcross and check it out for yourself. Just don’t go alone.

Netherworld has been good for the economy – hiring approximately 380 workers each Halloween season.”

Sarah Funderburk, SPR Atlanta, THE ATLANTA 100

The night before we were to depart for Florida this year a hurricane hit the northeast. Our train was canceled and flying wasn’t an option. I turned to my husband and said, “Well I guess we finally get to drive to Netherworld in Atlanta!” He replies, “Hell yeah!”

Make no mistake about it, driving to Atlanta from New Jersey in 1 day with almost no advance notice is an extremely taxing and painful 13+ hours of spine torture and too many Cracker Barrel meals. (Take note, travelers – they have vegetables!)

This is why we hadn’t been able to do this before even though we had wanted to see Netherworld for many years. I always tell the people I mentor that problems are opportunities. That was exactly the case here. Having been pushed into the awful prospect of driving we had the opportunity to push the drive a bit and finally see this amazing attraction.

Netherworld is a PG or PG-13 Halloween attraction so it is appropriate for tween and above or an adventurous younger kid with their family. That does not mean it doesn’t deliver for adults like us. It delivers. Oh BOY does it deliver. They just pride themselves on having the spirit of traditional Halloween. You won’t find gory torture porn here.

The problem is that Netherworld is so damn good that now we may force ourselves to attempt this hellish drive every year. We have never seen anything like this before. Many seem to have attempted to do what Netherworld does – all fall short.

Why? Scale. Netherworld is exactly what it purports to be – a world. Set pieces and props reign supreme here – and that’s actually a good thing. They aren’t done at the expense of the actors – they’ve created a world for the actors to live in and do it better than anyone else. It’s balanced and used in exactly the way it should be to create a stunning show.

Thanks to co-owner Ben Armstrong I had the opportunity to go backstage and see the actors suiting up for the night. That was absolutely amazing. Some of the actors requires multiple people to help them get suited up. Others were in bodysuits preparing for wire work. It was pure controlled chaos. Their goal? To scare the crap out of you. You can tell that this is a big family. They are “Netherspawn”, and they don’t have a high turnover rate. They joke that once you are a spawn you are always a spawn. The people who all stay with the haunt for many years and only leave if they absolutely have to due to life circumstances.

Job satisfaction is high with the ghouls and I can’t blame them. What ghoul wouldn’t love being able to float after you and eat your soul? I know that’s as good as a 401k to me.

The queue actually warrants a review because it’s breathtaking and huge. They actually have a museum of some past props and an entire mini haunted house in the queue before you even get in. The mini haunted house reminded me of the old scarehouses of the early 1900s, like Kennywood’s Noah’s Ark, combined with steampunk. I got to go in before the queue opened for the night and speak with a couple of the actors who work the front queue. They explained some of the props to us because this was our first time here. They told me that it was an opportunity for them to allow people to see things up close because it’s impossible to see everything inside.

At this point I thought they were being hyperbolic. While I was familiar with Netherworld, I like to try and keep as much of each haunt that I visit a surprise since I’ve seen everything (or so i thought) and surprises are more fun for me. I did not really have an accurate idea of what was in store for me inside. Hurr hurr…

I should emphasize that yes, they actually entertain you while you are in the queue before you enter. I feel that this is something that more haunts should take note of.

The Rotting was absolutely breathtaking. They were not kidding about there being so much stuff to look at. I’ve been through haunts which were set piece heavy and I’ve never seen it done well. Netherworld does it very well. It’s not a prop museum, it’s a wonderfully integrated world in which the actors are positioned such that they work in harmony with that world. This is one of the few haunts in which I believe the name is significant and not a useless “Boogity McBoogums” nondescript name. (Yes, I did just say “Boogity McBoogums. Deal.)

This is why the name Netherworld is so appropriate. It’s not a simple haunted house. It’s a world. Forget everything you know about haunting. You can see the sky but it’s a fully enclosed venue. You almost want to live there or run around like a weirdo with the ghouls. Speaking of scale – the scale of Netherworld is so large that I can’t even convey it to you. You have to see it. You won’t believe me unless you see it. It’s beyond massive. You can’t afford to have a haunt like this in New Jersey, that’s for sure.

I was blown away by the giant skull the came out of the sky at us – but more than that – you can see the next several rooms. That’s a good thing. You aren’t seeing the entire room, but pieces of the room that are strategically aligned together as you walk through which are meant to convey depth and scale to you. It’s an intentional part of the design that piques your attention and warns you of what amazing thing you are about to see.

I particularly loved one particular room where – I probably shouldn’t give it away – but I will just say that you end up inside a building under attack from something much more powerful than a human. Again the scenery is coordinated to work with you as you move through. Forget what you know about claustrophobia chambers. They actually have actors here manipulating that concept and even created their own designs on it such that it moves with you. The world is alive. Nothing in here feels stale. Nothing in here feels like a copy and paste from anything else. These guys aren’t just producing a haunted attraction – I firmly believe that they are redefining it and leading the industry every single day. With so much monkey see, monkey do in the industry, this was so refreshing to us.

My husband and I always talk about how we would do a haunt and lament that they do not do certain concepts, such as H.P. Lovecraft, inside a haunt. These guys did them.

My observations of how the haunt was constructed for The Rotting, above, hold true for Sector 13: Unearthed. These guys know how to stage a haunt. Boy howdy. I particularly loved the compression hallways here that were made of flesh.

I’ve never seen THAT before. I frowned in there because they achieved their goal, but make no mistake about it I was totally amused and elated to see such a thing. It felt like such a custom way of taking a standard stunt and making it relevant, along with skinless monsters.

I also particularly loved the giant robot and alien fight. Again – the staging and storytelling in here was fabulous.

This one had a foam room at the end that you can choose to go through or not. Of course after driving over 13 hours to get here we went through. Go big or go home! You will definitely get wet if you go in here and they tell you that very clearly beforehand. If you don’t want to get wet you can go through an alternate room.

With this haunt being sci-fi heavy, and The Rotting being all fantasy creatures and supernatural, you get both types in one location, which is great.


Netherworld has been called the best haunted attraction in the world. I do think the phrase “best” is a weird term because each haunted attraction aims for a different type of goal. You can have 10 haunted attractions that are all the best at what they do and all contribute wonderfully to the conversation of seasonal immersive theater. That’s why I have a pantheon of attractions that are my #1. I can’t choose. It’s apples and oranges.

However if you’d call Netherworld the best haunted attraction in the world, I sure as hell won’t argue with you. They do something that no one else does better than anyone else. Their unique identity and commitment to delivering a solid product for both families and adults – and succeeding at it without sacrificing creative integrity – makes them beyond remarkable.

The most important thing I saw that night was my observations of Netherworld co-owner Ben Armstrong. In my conversations with him I could see the little boy who probably loved Halloween just like I did growing up when I used to make a haunted house in my living room with blankets and toys. That little boy is still there – he’s just a little bit older and able to share what he loves with the world. They say that Real can recognize Real. Recognize it, we did.

Both Harknell and I are really glad that he shared this with the world. It’s a better place to live in because of it.

Netherworld is a PG or PG-13 haunted attraction that you can feel OK taking most of your family to, but it will blow the adult haunt fans away as well. It was worth the 13+ hour drive for us and had earned it’s reputation of being the gold standard, world class haunted house that it is known for. We will be back.


Oni Hartstein,

Year 18 - 2014

The most over-the-top haunted house on earth

- Travel Channel

Is it as awesome as you’ve heard? The answer is yes! Netherworld is a truly scary experience, not recommended for young children….It’s basically like walking through the set of a ‘Saw’ film. There are exits in case you find yourself too frightened….it is worth the cost and the wait if you truly love a good scare.


Netherworld has grown into one of Atlanta’s most popular, self-guided dark attractions. It is 40,000 square feet with 50-foot high ceilings and a walking path that’s 1,800 linear feet, equivalent to six football fields. …Netherworld is very similar to a Hollywood movie production using a number of props, flashing lights, lasers, special effects, hanging textiles, animatronics, 125 actors, and a variety of actor-controlled puppets to create a more realistic scare.


Netherworld is big on film quality set pieces and a ton of robotics…Netherworld is one of the most famous haunts in the United States and is run by a team of former movie and TV professionals, including a crew that works on AMC’s The Walking Dead. Bonus that these guys are heavily involved with the Don’t Be A Monster anti-bullying campaign.


Enter Netherworld…if you dare.  Netherworld is a warehouse-sized structure in the suburbs of Atlanta featuring elaborate sets and special effects worthy of a Disney attraction. Guests will encounter unattractive witches, a special assortment of blood-maddened clones, disconcerting flesh vats, and an angry army of corpses, while staggering through fog, crawling through spinning tunnels and holding their noses against unsavory scents. The intense experience creates what the Travel Channel described as ‘more scares per square foot than any other haunt in America.’ Even better, the building has been declared to be ‘paranormally active’ by local experts, the Roswell Georgia Paranormal Investigators.


With more than 200 animated monsters and 100 live actors, Netherworld is one of the nation’s most famous attractions. Having been featured on TV and in movies such as ‘Zombieland’, this spooky attraction has amazingly detailed sets…‘And unlike other Halloween attractions, Netherworld’s creepy characters greet patrons in the parking lot before they purchase tickets, scaring them off before they even enter,’ says Larry Kirchner, owner of


The Netherworld Haunted House was put together by movie and television professionals, and it features incredible special effects and terrifying live actors. Every year it has a new theme and new exhibits, and is famous for its originality, which makes it perfect for repeat visits to Atlanta.


…thrill seekers come from far and wide every Halloween season to see Netherworld’s movie quality special effects and over-the-top acting troupe. Netherworld is consistently rated as one of the best haunted houses in America…


You’re scared from the minute you park your car to the minute you’re chase off of the grounds. Actors are hiding in the parking lot waiting to terrify you the moment you set foot on the attraction. Unlike many haunted houses, Netherworld’s actors are nearly all Hollywood quality monsters and many of them are trained stunt actors that take scenes to a whole new level.


Georgia is home to some seriously scary haunted houses, including the No. 1 haunted house in the nation, Netherworld. These walk-through attractions are filled with live actors, amazing special effects and incredible monsters that are sure to scare even the toughest of visitors!


Can’t go wrong in choosing to go to Netherworld. One of the most famous haunted attractions in America. Known for its over-the-top special effects, incredibly realistic make-up, costumes, skilled stunt actors, unique themes, and many more. Definitely the best attraction for a scare.


Netherworld Haunted House, Atlanta’s ultimate haunted house, is not only one of the scariest haunted houses in Georgia and the Southeast, but one of the Top Haunted Houses in the nation. Since 1997, this intense, cutting edge multi-story, multi-attraction haunted event has thrilled and terrified visitors…regularly garnering national attention from the likes of CNN, AOL, the Wall Street Journal and Hauntworld Magazine….Don’t miss one of America’s best haunted houses.


Netherworld pulls out all the stops to earn its title as Atlanta’s most petrifying haunted house. Live actors, ultra-realistic makeup and stunning special effects are the active ingredients in this recipe for terror. This walk-through attraction is not for the weak-hearted.


Atlanta is home to some of the most elaborate and horrifying haunted houses in the country. My first date with my future husband was at Netherworld Haunted House where thanks to the horrifyingly fun experience, I learned that he is a great protector, doesn’t hesitate to laugh at himself when he’s scared and is just as much of a scaredy cat as I am. So maybe you should grab your spouse or partner and head to a haunted house for a date night this Halloween season!


The classic haunted house (Netherworld)…named one of the scariest haunted houses in the world by BuzzFeed, it’s worth the trip outside the perimeter to have the pants scared off you.


We have worked with the Netherworld team since its inception and they continually reinvent themselves in their constant drive to be the best in the industry.

- Steve Miller, Publisher, INsite Magazine

This is the mack daddy of haunted houses. It’s been consistently rated one of the best haunted houses in the US for a reason. The sets are professionally done, and the actors are very good. The website has good photos so visit there to see what you’re getting into.


Netherworld is one the country’s most famous haunted houses, located right here in Atlanta. If you’re looking for a legitimately good scare this October, it’s time to work up the courage to travel through this adventure.
…if you are up for a real scare, the adventure can’t be beat, and the effects and costumes will defy your expectations. It also gives you a great excuse to cling onto your date for the evening!

- Keely Herrick, AXS.COM

Netherworld is a self-guided, dark attraction known for its over-the-top special effects, intense make-up, costuming and stunt actors as well as unique monsters, unusual themes and chilling detail. Every night the attraction is open, over 100 actors are transformed into monsters to scare and entertain the guests. Some perform stunts such as bungee jumps and sliding. Many visitors enjoy the parking lot before the haunted house actually begins, staring the experience the moment guests get out of their cars.


Consistently ranked one of the best haunted houses in the country, Netherworld is Atlanta’s premiere fright-inducing night out.


I came to understand what the appeal of Netherworld truly is. These guys are geniuses at creating something new and exciting each year. …
What I really loved about Netherworld is that it is well thought out in that even when crowded, a group of people in front of you won’t necessarily spoil the surprise of what you might find when you enter the room. …the path twists and turns so you never know what the next room will hold.


I felt like I was deep in the set of a horror film, where no detail was spared. Every few steps, the ground beneath me would change. Every twist and turn revealed a scarier set than the last. Every second offered the opportunity for someone – or something – to jump out and scare the absolute bejeezus out of me. When I wasn’t screaming with terror, I was able to take short moments to simply admire the extravagant sets that were truly impressive. Everywhere I looked –up, down, side to side- something was waiting to scare me. Talk about your senses being in high gear.


What’s fascinating is how much detail goes into the houses that most patrons don’t even get to see because they’re too busy trying to escape. The time and effort that goes into casting the actors, making the costumes, applying the makeup (there are over 30 make-up artists on staff) and building the houses almost feels like that of a real movie set.


Netherworld assaults the senses with so much to hear, look at and absorb that while on one hand you feel compelled to run through to safety, on the other you want to linger and try to look around to appreciate everything. (Of course, deep down you know that you are safe, but it’s hard not to be startled by almost everything that screams, jumps out or lurches at you inside the experience. And other guests screaming in front of and behind you add to the ambiance of fear.)


Netherworld is probably the scariest haunted house I have ever been to, said Carsen Hayman, recent Auburn graduate. “The characters look like real monsters and they go out of their way to scare you. Netherworld is not for the faint of heart, but if you like thrills and scares then I would absolutely recommend that you visit this haunted house.
“I don’t think I have ever been that scared in my life, said Toby Rolheiser, Auburn alumna. “I went to Netherworld last year with a group of my friends. It was a ton of fun.


Is Norcross’ Netherworld really haunted?...Norcross, Ga’s Netherworld was recently investigated by Ghost Hunters International the company said. They found ‘enough evidence for them to state that the site is paranormally active.’


…we fell in love with Netherworld. These guys are geniuses at creating something new and exciting each year. …Not only is there an inordinate amount of unsettling sounds going on during the tour, but they even pipe in offensive scents into the air….What I really loved about Netherworld is that it is well thought out in that even when crowded, a group of people in front of you won’t necessarily spoil the surprise of what you might find when you enter a room. Many of the creatures are operated by an actual person, meaning they know just when to dart out and frighten you. Rooms are small and the path twists and turns so you never know what the next room will hold.


My favorite elements of the haunts were the rooms with collapsible walls, creating an uncomfortable, claustrophobic state that really felt like you were a character in a supernatural or horror movie. Another highlight consisted of all the rooms that were on hydraulic lifts, making the attendees feel like they were being shaken or attacked by extra-large monsters. Those experiences were incredible….While Netherworld attendees await their fate and prepare to enter the premises, there are many great photo ops and so many great looking costumed characters and cosplayers awaiting outside, the atmosphere definitely feels like a Halloween festival. Make sure to get some mementos to remember your visit.


Year 17 - 2013

The most influential haunted house in the history of haunted houses….the best actors in the business for 2013.

- Hauntworld Magazine

consistently ranked among the busiest---and best---haunted houses in the country…

- 90.1 WABE

One of Atlanta’s favorite Halloween traditions, the high-tech haunts at Netherworld get bigger and bolder every year.


This walk through haunted house attraction has been profiled by Fangoria as one of the scariest haunts across the United States. It has also gained notoriety from the likes of CNN, Hauntworld Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal.

- LIVEEON.MYAPTPORTAL.COM just named Norcross haunted attraction as the most influential haunted house in the history of haunted houses…’Netherworld has set nearly every record in this industry and is one of the best haunted houses in America,’ noted. ‘Netherworld helped show the haunt industry that haunted house actors can be iconic horror characters and costuming should go beyond simple face paint & rubber masks. With the most amazing collection of special FX artists, icon characters and more, you simply must get the opportunity to attend Netherworld. It won’t disappoint, but even more importantly the haunt industry has learned so much from this attraction over the years.’


With more than 250 special effects and animatronic creatures, Netherworld is not only our favorite haunted hot spot, but it’s also one of the top haunted houses in the world! With a 40 foot spinning tunnel, more than a dozen giant monsters, a 20 foot rocking room and more than two dozen ghostly projections, Netherworld is like no other haunt you’ve ever visited!
The monsters that roam around the parking lot, aiming to make you laugh and give you a good scare are truly amazing…

- Emma Loggins: FANBOLT.COMe

Netherworld is bring back old-school animatronics, thrilling special effects and Atlanta’s most treasured monsters…Come see what all the talk (err-screams) are about…if you dare.


That was terrifying!


In mythology the netherworld is a place where the souls of the dead dwell. But you’d better believe there’s something far more terrifying than dead souls lurking at the Netherworld Haunted House.
….If you think the boogeyman under your bed is scary, you may never recover after the basement-lurking Boogeyman at the Netherworld gets a hold of you. If this isn’t enough to make your heart stop, an encounter with the Dead Ones certainly will.


OK, this one is NOT in Greenville, SC..but it is the only true MEGA haunt near us. Netherworld Haunted House is located in Atlanta and is one of the top scare factories in the whole USA. They have just recently been featured by FANGORIA magazine…THE source for all things creepy.


See a giant saw blade cut an actor in half then shoot out into the path and make its way toward the crowd.


 Walk inside Netherworld, if you dare


Year 16 - 2012

Rated #1: Best Haunted House/Halloween Fright – Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s ‘Best of the Big A’
There’s a very good reason that Netherworld has received so many accolades and awards and has fans coming back again and again. The folks behind this haunt take gruesomely imaginative concepts and pair them with outstanding special effects in an effort to scare you out of your wits. And they’ve been doing it for 16 successful seasons.

Rated the #2 Haunted House in America


Rated #6 Most Influential Haunted House of All Time – Hauntworld Magazine
(At #6,) Finally, we have a current haunted house, still in existence today, that isn’t owned by Disney or Universal.  Netherworld is by far the most well-known haunted house in the world, privately owned by a couple small businessmen out of Georgia.  Netherworld offers something for everyone, borrowing inspiration from the best offerings of everyone on our list so far, yet making it their own.  When you look at Netherworld you think about Knotts Scary Farm’s sliders and outdoor scares… Yes, inspired from Knotts but taken to another level that even Knotts can’t compete with.  We talk about Terror On Church Street being one of the first haunts with incredible theatrical actors and costumes, and Netherworld took that concept to a whole new level as well.  GHOULY AMAZING!

Netherworld has more scares per square foot than any other haunt on earth

- The Travel Channel

Netherworld, in Atlanta, GA is the most horrifying haunted house in the Nation, boasting the biggest and baddest animatronics, insanely elaborate sets and the A list of haunt actors.  Netherworld raises the bar for Halloween Terror

- The Travel Channel

There are things that go bump in the night and then there are things that scare the living daylights out of you. Make no mistake: Netherworld Haunted House is the latter.

- Where Atlanta

The grand ghoul of all horror destinations.

- ATL Insider

Stepping into Netherworld is like walking into another dimension.


You’ll begin screaming in the parking lot

- Atlanta Now

Sets the bar high…guaranteed to give thrill-seekers their money’s worth


This is the mack daddy of haunted houses

- Field Trips with Sue

Truly a great attraction, not just a great scare


Packs a dark wallop.

- The Backstage Beat

A 40 minute bombardment of fear

- The Travel Channel

Scare yourself silly. The perfect place to get spooked.

- Uptown Square Atlanta

You’ll probably be jittery for half an hour or so following the tour.

- Rent Cafe Blog Atlanta

This is a seriously scary haunted house, y’all.

- Yelp*

It’s as scary as any haunted house you’ve seen in any Hollywood movie.

- Asher PR Limelight

The Netherworld Haunted House team takes pride in putting a capital ‘E’ on ‘eerie’.


Hold on tight and get ready to scream your head off

- The Travel Channel

Extraordinarily intense and mind boggling. This is a haunted house that deserves your attention.


A Hollywood Caliber Haunt Mecca

- The Travel Channel

Netherworld Haunted House impressively captures the atmosphere of Halloween

- The Emory Wheel

The best scream of the season.

- WABE 90.1 FM Public Radio

Home to the experts on all things fear.


Every room is an interactive fear fest

- The Travel Channel

Year 15 - 2011

Rated as One of the Top 13 Haunted Houses in America


Psychologically thrilling, visually stunning and an overall can't-miss Halloween experience

- Atlanta Retro

Seems to capture the most unnerving nightmares year after year


The top of Atlanta's haunted heap

- Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Could literally leave you breathless with fright

- Delta Sky Magazine

Heart-stopping chills and thrills around every corner

- Georgia Magazine

An international Halloween icon


The number one scariest place you can visit


They've taken the skin crawl factor up a notch...or ten

- City's

The stuff nightmares are made of... will practically (or actually) make you wet yourself with fear


Your scares begin the moment you get out of your car

- EventSeekr

The perfect place for a screamingly good're in for a delightful fright!

- ATL Insider

Known for their originality of unique monsters and innovative scares, Netherworld Haunted House offers an over-the-top production that many in the industry consider to be the top horror attraction in the country.


Extreme terror and extreme fun

- The Savoy
"Brings the stuff of nightmares to life

- Gwinnett Daily Post

Year 14 - 2010

Voted The #1 Hometown Haunted House in America

Hauntworld Magazine

The detailed sets make other haunted houses look like elementary school Halloween parties. Add the insane robotics and sheer size of this place, and you've got a haunted house that will make you think you've died and gone to hell.

MTV Clutch

Named one of the nation’s Spookiest Haunts by ABC's Good Morning America

Recognized in USA Today as the #1 Haunted House in America

Walking through Netherworld Haunted House is like stepping into a horror movie.

Netherworld remains, quite possibly, the most intense haunted attraction… It is absolutely the most original… Netherworld has a very distinct bulldozer of a personality that makes it stand severed head and shoulders above the rest.  You’ll never EVER mistake Netherworld for another haunt. 
It is proudly and steadfastly its own thing.

By far the best haunted house we've ever been to

Jezebel Magazine

Year 13 - 2009

#1 Hometown Haunted House in America


Rated the #2 Haunted House in America Magazine

Rated the #4 Haunted House in America by AOL Digital City

The performers are outstanding, the movie quality special effects are riveting and the detailed sets are chillingly unique. If you're a diehard thrill-seeker, this is one attraction that will scare the jeepers creepers out of you.

AOL Digital City

"Hands down the best haunted house in resembles more of a horror film than your old-school haunted house.
Expect to get the hell scared out of you in the parking lot,
so you can imagine what awaits inside."

Citysearch Atlanta

#2. Netherworld - Atlanta, Georgia
"Netherworld is truly an awe-inspiring haunted house."

Rated The Scariest Haunt in the Eastern U.S. Region

"This top-rated haunted house is not for the weak-kneed or the weak of heart - but isn't that the point?"

Where Atlanta Magazine

"At this haunted house, you'll find scary stuff that seems to come straight from the set of a horror movie...nothing at NETHERWORLD is done on an amateur level."

Year 12 - 2008

Rated one of the Top 13 Haunted Houses in America by America Online, Hauntworld Magazine/ and US Airways Magazine.

Simply put, its scope is awesome. The makeup is top-tier, the effects spectacular. It’s like someone put every kind of scary movie into a living experience.

More blood and screams than you can shake a severed leg at.

Creative Loafing

One of the best in the country, the award-winning Netherworld is akin to stepping onto a movie set.

AJC accessAtlanta

The attention to detail is amazing! Each room is crammed with creepy stuff.

Girls and Corpses magazine

It’s not very often…actually NEVER…does Sneaky Sunday recommend trips OTP (outside the perimeter in Atlanta). But that comes with only one exception…Netherworld Haunted House.

Sneaky Sunday

…A whole new level of terror…

Insite magazine

They literally have it all.

Once again, Netherworld in Norcross remains my top pick.

Ira Miller, Forsyth County News

Netherworld: Scariest Haunted House in Atlanta

Fox 5 Atlanta

Anticipate a surprise at every turn

Points North magazine

This top-rated attraction is not for the faint of heart

Georgia magazine

Get ready to be scared

Q100’s The Bert Show

The special effects at Netherworld have to be seen to be believed

The Real Estate Bloggers

Netherworld is one of the world’s creepiest, scariest, and down right frightening haunted houses

My Fox Atlanta

You [have to] make sure you come to Netherworld; man, it’s crazy. I come every year. It’s the number one-rated haunt in Georgia, so don’t settle for less. It’s the best.

Bow Wow, hip-hop artist and actor

One thing about a great haunted house is not only the chills and thrills, but the actors have to be believable, too. That’s why Netherworld Haunted House is my favorite in Atlanta, since you really do feel like you are walking into another…er, I mean NETHER…world!

Melissa Carter, co-host of Q100’s The Bert Show

Year after year, I’ve watched people run out, truly terrified. Netherworld is THE legitimate scare in Atlanta; it’s like a horror movie of the highest caliber.

Matt Jones, host of Organic Sunday, Rock 100.5 and


Year 11 - 2007

It’s the most elaborate haunted house in America, and it makes Hollywood Creature-Features look like Bambi

The Travel Channel

Named the #1 Haunted House in the nation by Hauntworld Magazine

(An International Trade Magazine for Haunted Attractions)

Named the #2 Haunted House in the nation by AOL CityGuide

Netherworld is the ultimate of ultimate haunted houses

Associated Content

Netherworld taps into man’s primal fears

Creative Loafing

Some of the scariest, spookiest and (most) original ghoulish monsters to ever creep the Halloween terrorscape

Not even the parking lot is safe

Where Atlanta

Horrors only seen in your dreams

The Matrix, Macon State College

Man Eating Monsters, Stomach Churning Make-Up, Mind-Blowing Scenery.  No you aren’t on the set of the latest Hollywood slasher flick, you’re in Netherworld, and in this Horror Movie, the Victim is You!

The Travel Channel

…Every step frightens

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Netherworld is one of the most extreme haunted houses in America, when you go into Netherworld you are in another element, you are not in reality any longer

Larry Kirchner, Publisher - Hauntworld Magazine

It’s definitely not for the weak-kneed – or the weak of heart

Where Atlanta

Pants-wettin’ fun

Creative Loafing

It doesn’t matter what you’re afraid of. Netherworld strikes a nerve

Anticipate a surprise at every turn

Points North

Freaking awesome

For more than a decade this creepshow compound in Atlanta, GA has been widely regarded as the most over the top haunted house on earth!

The Travel Channel

A level of detail outshining anything you’ll see outside of Disney World

The monsters have been known to reduce grown men to tears

Sunday Paper

The premier haunted house in Georgia

Props so realistic you’ll think you stepped onto an actual crime scene

The Travel Channel

Year 10 - 2006

Featured Nationally on NBC’s Today Show, CBS’s Early Show, CNBC, and in USA Today

Named #2 Haunted House in the country by and AOL Cityguide

A kaleidoscope of sensory shocks

The Sunday Paper

As slickly produced a spookfest as you’ll find just about anywhere


This is serious spookiness

AOL City Guide

Georgia’s premier Halloween attraction

– The Sunday Paper

If peeing your pants in terror sounds like your idea of a good time, slap on some Depends and head over to the Netherworld Haunted House

– Creative Loafing

Be sure to bring a change of underwear!

– STAR 94’s Hot Gay Joe

One of the best houses of horror in the country

– Event Guide Atlanta

One of the top haunted houses in the country

– Atlanta Parent

Gigantic monsters, flying Gargoyles, flesh-eating worms, ghastly experiments gone wrong and blood galore

– Atlanta Parent

Brings screams, goose bumps, and unthinkable horrors

– AOL City Guide

Incredible monsters

– Georgia Magazine

Amazing special effects and incredible monsters

– GoCityKids Atlanta

Widely considered to be one of the best Haunted Houses in the nation, this intense, cutting edge, multi-themed haunted attraction is full of intense detail and chilling scares!

– INsite Magazine

Run for your life!

– Points North

It will send you home with nightmares that will last until next Halloween

– Points North

A mega-plex of horror


It will turn your hair white

– Where

Netherworld’s live actors and special effects are not to be missed

– Newcomer

You’ll be scared silly!


Netherworld is famed for coming at guests from every angle


A terrifying house of terror where zombies lurk in the parking lot, the savagely hungry undead roam the halls, flying gargoyles loom overhead, and screams can be heard in the distance

– Atlanta The Essential Guide

Taunts nonbelievers into submission


Every year, the No.1 Haunted destination in my book is the Netherworld Haunted House in Norcross

– Forsyth County News

It’s the most fun you can have and live

– Forsyth County News

Everyone is in for a scare

– Gwinnett Daily Post

A whole new level of scream-eliciting entertainment—this place is not for the faint hearted

– The Sunday Paper

Year 9 – 2005

The big daddy of haunted houses.

Gwinnett Daily Post

"I left Netherworld invigorated and inspired, realizing what can be possible through years of dedication, hard work and enthusiasm. Netherworld is the only haunted house I have visited that actually exceeds its reputation."

– Brett Bertolino, Assistant Program Director for Operations & Special Events at Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site

Netherworld is a paradise for anyone who likes to be frightened.

The Sentinel

Netherworld has always had an eye for
extreme detail and is the home of an amazing collection of monsters and props sure to please any horror fan.

Key Atlanta Magazine

Ranked in the top 13 Haunted Houses in the country by AOL City Search 2005

Featured in Nickelodeon Magazine along with 5 other noteworthy  haunts from around the country

A way to celebrate all things scary on a grand scale.

Key Atlanta Magazine

If you want to be scared this season, Netherworld is definitely the place to go.

Key Atlanta Magazine

One of the best haunted houses ever created.

Where Atlanta Magazine

The most chillingly authentic experience.

Gothic Beauty

Netherworld leaves no gravestone unturned when it comes to creating a realistic experience.

Gothic Beauty

A frightful surprise.

Gothic Beauty

Full of thrills, chills, and absolute terror.

The Spotlight

World famous!


May be too intense for all but the bravest of thrill-seekers.

Gwinnett Daily Post

The setup at Netherworld is so ingenious and the costumes are so exquisitely done that a few monsters are bound to make you scream.

The Emory Wheel

The diversity of monsters and the creativity of its sets make it one to be revisited.

The Emory Wheel

A heart-racing adventure.

The Emory Wheel

A trip to Netherworld will certainly give you the chills.

The Emory Wheel

Netherworld haunted house – it’s scary shit!

The Sting

Stunning makeup and costuming.

The Technique

A mainstay of the Halloween scene in the Atlanta area for years—and for good reason.

The Covington News

High production values, enthusiastic performers and a changing line-up of three haunted attractions make it an excellent entertainment choice for the thrill-seeking Halloween enthusiast.

The Covington News

Keeps even the more seasoned haunted house-goer on edge.

The Covington News

Colossal monsters, wild special effects and intense actors are sure to scare the bravest of souls!

The Weekly

Each year the Netherworld team produces an even more amazing show than the one before it.

The Weekly

A unique experience into the realm of fear.

The Sentinel

Spooks it up with movie-style special effects and elaborate scares for the Halloween season.

The Gwinnett Answer Book, AJC

The famed haunted house is able to keep scaring the jeepers creepers out of Atlanta thrill-seekers every year.

AOL City Guide

Last year’s Spirit of the Dead and the Purgatory-inspired Oblivion probably sparked a steep rise in nightlight sales around town.

AOL City Guide

If you dare to go to Netherworld, bring a change of underwear!

Rampway Online, GSU’s online magazine

A one-of-a-kind experience.

Rampway Online

The Netherworld show is truly amazing…the best seasonal haunt I have seen.

Barrel O’ Fun

Year 8 – 2004

"One of the Top 10 Haunts in the nation"

– Hauntworld Magazine

It just wouldn’t be Halloween in Atlanta without the mind-bending frights of the renowned Netherworld Haunted House.

Sunday Paper

The massive animatronic creatures inspire awe.

Creative Loafing

Telly Award Finalist for "The True Netherworld Story of the Harvestman"

Netherworld scares the bejesus out of us!

Creative Loafing

Netherworld offers a harmlessly horrifying respite from real-life anxieties.

– Creative Loafing

One of the city’s best attractions, Netherworld continues to offer frightful Halloween experiences.

AJC access Atlanta

Filled with terrifying life actors, amazing special effects, and incredible monsters.


In Atlanta’s storied tradition of truly harrowing haunted houses, there’s Netherworld, and then there’s everyone else.

AOL city guide Atlanta

Netherworld haunted house—Halloween’s most harrowing frightfest.

AOL city guide Atlanta

Three terrifying stories to follow and the foulest demons you’ll ever see—our pick for the best spook house around.

AOL city guide Atlanta

Horror-ific Halloween fun.

AOL city guide Atlanta

Being scared has never been so much fun!!

The Weekly Online!

With elaborate sets, cutting edge special effects, terrifying actors, and intense lighting and sound, NETHERWORLD Haunted House will shock and amaze you at every turn.

The Weekly Online!

An event that is sure to both frighten and entertain.

The Weekly Online!

One of the nation’s most popular Halloween events.

The Weekly Online!

Netherworld is one of the most creative and ingenious Haunted Attractions ever conceived. Each year the Netherworld team creates an unbelievably new and frightening environment for those of use who love to be frightened!

– Leonard Pickel, Editor of Haunted Attraction Magazine

NETHERWORLD has been applauded by the likes of CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Rue Morgue Magazine, and Hauntworld the Magazine as one of the top Haunted Houses in the country.


Ranked in the top 13 haunted houses in the nation by Hauntworld Magazine

Throughout our surveys, Netherworld was clearly the most popular haunted house.

Hauntworld Magazine

Is anyone doing makeup and creating custom monsters on the level of Netherworld?

Hauntworld Magazine

Think about everything you wanted to get from the movie Van Helsing but didn’t—that’s Netherworld.

AJC Gwinnett News

The three separate attractions don’t simply 'BOO!' audiences to death. They scare, disorient, disturb and scare again.

AJC Gwinnett News

Visitors from across Georgia and even the surrounding states come to see the new thrills and chills Netherworld has to offer.

Gwinnett Daily Post

This isn’t your typical cheesy haunted house.

Atlanta Buzz

Featuring three new shows, professional actors, Hollywood style makeup and costumes, state-of-the-art special effects and tons of other haunting surprises, Netherworld offers you the Halloween experience of a lifetime!

Atlanta Buzz

Netherworld Haunted House: Bring a friend to cling to!

Georgia State’s

I screamed so loud and so often that I felt my eardrums pop.

Georgia State’s

The original, and by far the most petrifying.

Georgia State’s

Hands down one of the most creative and scariest haunted houses. Ever.

Where Atlanta Magazine

Experience a world full of frightening tales and haunted spirits—Netherworld offers scary tales and haunted hallways that will spook you into this Halloween season.

Georgia Magazine

Year 7 – 2003

Netherworld cohorts Billy Messina and Ben Armstrong consistently kick out the Halloween jams on a cinematic level.

AJC access Atlanta

Winner of Best Creatures & Set Design in AJC Access Atlanta

Netherworld Haunted House in Norcross frightens guests Hollywood-style.

AJC access Atlanta

Atlanta’s ultimate Halloween event.

Best Bet AJC Access Atlanta

Among haunted house attractions, Netherworld is at the top of its game.

AOL Local Guide: Atlanta

A perfectly gruesome way to prepare for the Halloween season.

AOL Local Guide: Atlanta

Atlanta’s ultimate Halloween event continues to terrify thrill seekers with legendary special effects and intense haunted house actors.

Key Atlanta Magazine

Visitors can expect an amazing array of special effects, including animatronic scares, two spinning vortex tunnels, and dozens of other devices sure to shock!

Key Atlanta Magazine

Known collectively as the Netherspawn, these actors specialize in portraying savage things thirsty for the blood of the living.

Key Atlanta Magazine

One of the most elaborate and exciting Halloween attractions you will ever experience.

Key Atlanta Magazine

Hands down the best haunted house in Atlanta.

Key Atlanta Magazine

The most horrifying haunted house in the nation.

The Technique

Netherworld is Atlanta’s premiere haunted house destination.

The Technique

Netherworld is great fun and good times will be had by all who attend.

The Technique

One of the scariest haunted houses around, complete with strange sounds and smells.

 – Gwinnett Daily Post

For seven years, Netherworld Haunted House in Norcross has been the premiere spot for Halloween jolts and spooked-out seasonal escapes for metro Atlanta.


One element that separates Netherworld from fly-by-night haunted houses is that each maze has a loosely constructed plot. Couple that with the actors and special effects and it’s akin to walking through a movie set.


These actors—who include doctors and lawyers—perform with the dedication of true thespians. The Netherspawn are basically a theatre troupe with fangs.


The improvisational aspect changes the experience each time.


Netherworld always ranks in the top ten haunted houses in the country. The secret is in the scares and Netherworld has plenty.

INsite Atlanta

If you need a little nudge to get into the spooky spirit of the month or just love to be scared, be sure to check out Netherworld, Atlanta’s ultimate Halloween event.

INsite Atlanta

Elaborate costumes combined with stunning special effects make for one scary night.

INsite Atlanta

Netherworld, Atlanta’s finest haunt, features ghouls and goblins a plenty.

The Emory Wheel

The true embodiment of the Halloween spirit.

The Emory Wheel

The setting is fantastic, with extremely elaborate elements that engage the audience.

The Emory Wheel

"Netherworld offers surprises even for the most courageous viewer, making it the best thrill in town.

The Emory Wheel

Atlanta’s finest haunt.

The Emory Wheel

Every year around Halloween, Atlantans summon their courage and make the trek to the Netherworld Haunted House.

Jezebel Magazine

Year 6 – 2002

Packing a shivering punch year after year, this is one event not to be missed.


Spine tingling.


Netherworld scares the crap out of you!

GSU Signal

Netherworld is definitely not for the weak hearted.

GSU Signal

Those seeking a good scare should head to Netherworld.

GSU Signal

Among the most impressive and scary inventions in the house are hydraulic and pneumatic-driven monsters, gigantic insects, holographic decors, and lots of animation.

GSU Signal

Every little detail is taken care of—the spider webs, the desolated rooms, even the smell, all contribute to the spooky atmosphere.

GSU Signal

THE Halloween-time attraction in the Atlanta-area.

Prick Magazine

Filled with more ghoulish atmospherics and undead deformities than ever before.

– Prick Magazine

Netherworld’s clowns are downright chilling.

Prick Magazine

The most consistently creative spook show in Atlanta.

Gwinnett Daily Post

You have to see it to believe it.

Gwinnett Daily Post

The characters ooze gore and seem to appear from nowhere.

Gwinnett Daily Post

I swear, one room smelled like dead things.

– Rachael Mason, staff writer for the Gwinnett Daily Post

I definitely screamed out loud, a girly surprised scream that I cannot reproduce on command.

– Rachel Mason, staff writer for the Gwinnett Daily Post

More scares per square inch than any other haunted house in town.

Forsyth County News

If you have not checked out Netherworld, you are really missing something.

Forsyth County News

Netherworld is, without a doubt, the best haunted house year after year.

Forsyth County News

Capturing the intensity and quality horror that is Netherworld is not an easy thing to do, but suffice it to say that it will be the most fun you will ever have wetting your pants.

Forsyth County News

If you only go to one haunted house this year, make it Netherworld.

The Forsyth County News

Hollywood quality sets.

The Forsyth County News

One of Rue Morgue Magazine’s 13 Great Haunts to visit in October nationwide

An Atlanta haunting tradition.

Rue Morgue Magazine

Citysearch Best of for 2002

Netherworld Haunted House extracts fear from visitors in the form of sweat, screams, and the occasional soiled undergarment.

Creative Loafing

Truly startling moments are mixed with cool effects and playful monsters.


Amazing effects and shocking horrors beyond human comprehension!

Music Industry Network News

Netherworld puts on a creepy show for people of all ages.

Digital City

Netherworld Haunted House ranks among the best in the nation.

The Technique

You will leave there still looking behind you.

The Sentinel of Kennesaw State University

Year 5 – 2001

It’ll scare the crap out of you!

Creative Loafing

It is an incredible experience, even for those that shy away from haunted houses.

Forsyth County News

A combination of state-of-the-art horror displays and genuine scares.

Forsyth County News

The quality of the sets is top notch.

Forsyth County News

People leave the Netherworld satisfied.

Forsyth County News

Netherworld is here: You may just soil your linens!

GSU Signal

A high-end version of a traditional haunted house.


A Halloween tradition for Atlanta.

One of the nation’s most satisfying horror experiences…so you may want to bring a change of shorts.

Scares aplenty can be found at Netherworld Haunted House.

99XPress Magazine

For the last four years, Netherworld Haunted House has been one of Atlanta’s favorite sources for fright, and this year promises to be their spookiest yet.

Digital City: Atlanta

More horrifying than ever!

Atlanta Social Crew Weekly Newsletter

One of the scariest and most innovative haunts in the nation.

Atlanta Social Crew Weekly Newsletter

Year 4 – 2000

A triple bill of blood-curdling thrills.

Nationally recognized after just four years in existence.



Tingles the spine.

Gwinnett Daily Post

The people in charge of the Netherworld Haunted House probably need some serious psychiatric help and medication—but Halloween will definitely be a little more frightening and surreal until they do.

 – The Technique

Netherworld 2000—it’s smarter than the average scare.

The Technique

A huge self-guided maze that frightens at every turn.

Southern Voice

No headstone is left unturned to scare the living daylights out of you.

Southern Voice

Hands-down the most original and exciting haunted house experience in Atlanta.

Forsyth County News

The creations are top notch…they breathe and move in animatronic amazement.

Forsyth County News

The scares are genuine.

Forsyth County News

Serious goose-bump potential.

Forsyth County News

The most effective use of 3-D I have seen to date.

Forsyth County News

A really wild experience.

Forsyth County News

When you come out, you can’t help but smile. The Netherworld is a great Halloween experience.

Forsyth County News

In case you haven’t heard, Netherworld Haunted House is the place to be this Halloween! It takes the Halloween spirit to an entirely new level with the granddaddy of all spook houses.

Gwinnett Loaf

Guaranteed to have you screaming and begging for more.

Gwinnett Loaf

Atlanta’s premiere haunted house.

Creative Loafing

One of the most spectacular haunts nationwide.

What’s Up Atlanta

Netherworld named the Feature Attraction of The Observer’s Best Places to Go to Have the Bejesus Scared Out of You

35 minutes of pure terror.


What a scream!

Gazette Magazine

Year 3 – 1999

Netherworld and its creative team have hit upon a successful formula of creativity and originality…it has risen to the top in a tough Atlanta market and gained national notoriety.

Haunted Attraction Magazine

A world right out of a Hollywood movie.

Haunted Attraction Magazine

A haunt that is reminiscent of a movie set, complete with prosthetic makeup, custom-made masks, and one-of-a-kind props.

Haunted Attraction Magazine

In your face scary!

Creative Loafing

A mind-bending experience.

Creative Loafing

You wouldn’t want to miss this!

Creative Loafing

The first of its kind in the Southeast.

Piedmont Review

A Halloween favorite after only three short years, Netherworld has become known as one of the scariest haunts nationwide.

Piedmont Review

With 3-D technology, movie style special effects and monsters from your worst nightmares, Netherworld is not the typical haunted house.

Piedmont Review

An exciting adventure for the whole family—no one will leave disappointed.

Piedmont Review

“Netherworld has become known as one of the scariest haunts nationwide, with movie style special effects and monsters from your worst nightmares… If you’re looking to bring Halloween nostalgia back into your life, then a visit to Netherworld is a must.”

Piedmont Review

A haunted house with a unique twist.

Piedmont Review

The creators have gone warthog-wild crafting immense, quivering monsters you’ve never seen anywhere.


If you’re looking to bring Halloween nostalgia back into your life, then a visit to Netherworld is a must.

Piedmont Review

A Halloween favorite and an Atlanta tradition.

The Gazette

If it’s terror you want, look no further than the Netherworld Haunted House.

Southern Voice


Southern Voice

The scariest haunted house in town., in city & visitors guide

One of the South’s premiere haunted experiences.

Going Places Magazine (National)

One hell of a haunted house.


Get your chills, thrills, and spills at Netherworld Haunted House.

GSU Signal

You’re in for a wild time!

GSU Signal

For a frighteningly good time, check out Netherworld!

GSU Signal

Netherworld Haunted House in Norcross gives horror decidedly high-tech feel.

AJC Peach Buzz

The first haunted house of its kind in the South.

The Technique

Netherworld successfully blends old school haunted house scares with a new 3-D style that will effectively blow your mind.

The West Georgian

Year 2 – 1998

4 Pumpkins—Highest Rated Haunt


Netherworld has creative touches that rise to the level of an art form.


Netherworld’s mammoth Haunted House will knock your socks off.

Where Atlanta Magazine

The Netherworld in Norcross is indeed the acme of the many haunted houses…guaranteed to please every scare seeking patron.

The Emory Wheel

Immense and breathtaking.

The Emory Wheel

The most exciting haunted house around.

The Emory Wheel

Netherworld Haunted House is guaranteed to scare the bejesus out of you…

Creative Loafing

A must experience for all horror lovers

The Atlanta Sideshow

Netherworld is for those who are more serious about haunted houses and can handle a real fright.

The Stormy Petrel (Oglethorpe University)

It’s [Netherworld] very scary, very well done…
I did cry, I just got overwhelmed, the tears started coming, but it was really great!

– Nancy Loveland, Good Day Atlanta, WAGA TV

This isn’t your typical Haunted House…it’s more Hollywood than anything.

– Carmen Burns and Kathy Ballou, Peachtree Morning, WXIA TV

One of ten noteworthy haunts nationwide to be mentioned in The Wall Street Journal

The most impressive event in the Southeast.


The actors terrify visitors as frighteningly realistic characters in brilliant costumes.

Gwinnett Scene

A state-of-the-art spooky attraction.

Gwinnett Scene

Not for the faint of heart.

Gwinnett Scene

The experience promises a myriad of special effects and makeup techniques creating a REAL haunting experience this Halloween season.

The Champion

One of the South’s premiere Halloween experiences, the Netherworld is guaranteed to scare you silly.

This Week Gwinnett

One of the nation’s foremost fear factories.

Break, Tallahassee’s Entertainment Weekly

The creators of Netherworld have outdone themselves with Hollywood movie-quality sets brimming with oddities.

Gwinnett Loaf

Year 1 – 1997

It’s a haunted attraction the likes of which Atlanta has never seen…guaranteed to scare and entertain.

Season For KiDs

Georgia’s most intense haunted house.

Season for KiDs

You won’t find any repeats here—these creepy creatures are unique and specifically designed just for the hallowed Netherworld.


This hair-raising haunted house features over 30 scenes dripping with ghostly effects, theatrical events and magical illusions guaranteed to cause blood-curdling screams.


Number 1 Haunted House in Atlanta – Nonstop action, awesome monsters and sets gave this new house top honors.

96 Rock

Be prepared to be scared!

Atlanta Theatre Weekly

Get ready to scream!

The Marietta Daily Journal

A macabre maze of monsters.

The Marietta Daily Journal

More blood-curdling chills than Amityville.

The Marietta Daily Journal

“This House [Netherworld] was terrifying, which was almost a shame because I would have liked to stop and admire each intricate scenario. The scenes and characters are all strikingly original…at the end of your journey you escape through a whirling Vortex, a totally disorienting effect unlike anything you’ve ever seen!”

Community Review


Guest Comments

:-) Holy guacamole! I went the last night of this season, Nov. 5, as my schedule didn't allow before. I kinda figured the last show might be a bit tired, with everyone ready for the end of the season, maybe even "calling it in" a little. I couldn't have been more wrong on that! It was fantastic! The cast was really engaged, and super enthusiastic. This year was the best one yet! It was really scary, and the many actors were mostly why. They were just great. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the sets this year--really superior to the last couple of years, and those sets were incredible! This one just topped it all. I was so impressed. I had such an incredible time. I can't WAIT for next year. So worth it! Thanks to everyone for going the extra mile, right up until the very last night!

30047, 11/08/16

I have been here couple of times and the experience has been awesome. This year I'm going again and I can't wait.:-D

Sabiha, 09/22/16

My boyfriend and I went for our first time this year and we loved it! The animatronics and the actors are so neat! I do recommend buying the fast pass tickets they are WELL WORTH your money! Thanks Netherworld for an awesome time! :-)

Brianna Clark, 11/02/15

Went while I was in Atlanta for work and my friends and I had a blast!!!!!!!!! Best time i had the whole time in ATL.

Don Hall, 10/29/15

I've worked for a couple of haunted houses and Netherworld definitely is not one of the scariest haunted houses in America. But it is one of the most fun! They have some of the best looking sets and animatronics money can buy. Plus the level of detail they put into their characters is phenomenal. You can tell they put a lot of passion into their work. You gotta check out Netherworld Haunted House! It's a scream!!

Sean, 10/16/15

See you guys tomorrow night! Can't wait! Love this place

Sonya, 10/13/15

:-D:-}8-0:-) so excited that you guys are open cant wait to go and be scared and have fun....

janise baker, 10/03/15

:-)I was in from Maryland last year, and was able to see this, it was amazing. even though it's in doors, you totally think you outside. It's def. worth the $ and the trip !!

Kelly Jordan, 09/30/15

My children and I go every year, y'all never disappoint

kim, 09/28/15

:-) i lovvveee it !!! its soo coool and awesome and i love how they walk slowly like jason in the parking lot scaring people i loveee itt

Maria Amu, 09/07/15

I loved it! I went last year for season of the witch and spliced and couldn't have had a better time! and if anyone looks at the gustbook and is wondering if its handicap accessible yes it is I am handicapped and they took very good care of me! I love the scary gory and all that goes along with Halloween! I felt so welcome at the haunt even though I don't scare easily I did enjoy myself all the actors were amazing the animatronics and props were all in place perfectly this place is like living in your own horror film! last year was my first year and I am making a trip back this year! I am so excited for The Rotting and Vault 13! I can barely contain myself! if you were EVER wondering about going to this haunt please do so! it is worth every single penny that you spend! some actors will sit and talk with you and ALL will take pictures with you! SEE YOU SOON NETHERSPAWN! HAPPY SCARING!

Drew Philips, 09/02/15

Its the best in my opinion, Keep it up guys!

Ely Klenzak, 02/19/15

The only good thing I can say about this place is it shows you what hell looks like..i sure hope you don't let little kids go in here

gdianne, 11/01/14

Had a super great time love that it is different every year!

Emily McIver, 11/01/14

I absolutely LOVED this place!!! Waiting in that (unusually long) line was even made fun for me, thanks to NETHERWORLD HAUNTED HOUSE. The music was great while in line. The actors were amazing, the special effects were amazing.. Everything about it was terrific. So much better than previous haunted houses I've been to!

Gavin, 10/31/14

Had an absolute blast last night! The scares were fabulous!!! The actors outside were playful and friendly! Lots of picture opportunites!! There is even a quarter game machine outside not to be missed! For a quarter you get your own opportunity to scare someone!! It was hilarious gathering around and watching for the perfect opportunity! #-)

Candice, 10/29/14

Wow. I'm a bit short on adjectives to describe the fantastic time I had last night visiting Netherworld. It was my very first visit, and I'm already planning a return trip this week! I decided to go by myself since my hub was out of town; plus, I really wanted to experience it without anyone else in tow. I expected to look a little odd--me, a woman of some, shall we say, experience?--ahem!--and several thousand 16-year-olds, so I wasn't sure how fun it would be. I was totally wrong on that count! There were tons of families of all ages, and singles of every age in between. Everyone in the crowd, everyone working outside and inside the event, couldn't have been nicer. And the experience was unbelievable. The creatures, the vignettes, the unbelievable effects...really made me want to stop and look more closely at so many things. Season of the Witch is stunning! As an artist, I was staggered at the details, the artistry, the execution of the rooms and pathways. It truly was a wonderful experience that while thrilling, really jolted my own creativity. I would have loved to walk more slowly and been able to examine things much more closely. It was fantastic, and I'm so glad I was able to go. I couldn't wait to call my daughter to share, and she was so interested that we are both going on Thursday night. This is a terrific event that's worth every single penny, plus some.

Rebecca, 10/26/14

Parking was a nightmare...but other than that its the best and the biggest HH Ive ever seen ,,,awesome would love to work it one yr !!!

Big John, 10/24/14

This place is awesome, I was freaking out and my husband enjoyed making fun of me...we got the speed pass and it was well worth it...bring cash and wear comfy shoes, no heels ladies...they should have food trucks and maybe beer stand cuz we would of stayed shop should have Halloween decorations that people can purchase:-0

Lidija and Michael, 10/19/14

This is hands down the best haunted house I have ever been to. Very good actors. Amazing sets and props. They have been the first haunt to startle/get me. The white out in Spliced was absolutely amazing! Would go again this year if I could, and plan on making a trip back next year!

Randy, 10/12/14

I brought my 13 year old daughter here who was scared but wanted to experience it. The staff at Netherworld were so respectful of her...scared the snot out of her...but knew her limits. I was so impressed with the whole experience. All the staff know what they are doing and why. This is great fun for everyone! Thank you for a great experience for all of us.

Karin, 10/10/14

Every year I feel like a kid in a candy store coming to Netherworld! I look forward to the shows year around!! I am buying tickets this week to go! I always get scared, literally every 10 seconds there. The first time I went, back in 2007 I left the second show screaming and running out the door. I guess the actors got a kick out of me and they chased me out the door with a scary! The makeup, props, and spinning room are always amazing! I always know that there is going to be a great show every time I go! I think year, 2007, was probably my favorite. Last year was great and I CAN'T WAIT for this year! Keep it going guys! Ya'll are truly the best! Happy Halloween!

Hayley Buchanan, 10/06/14

I go every year with my best friend, and I love it sooo much! Can't wait to go in a couple of weeks because it is such a thrill! The special effects are amazing, and it is hilarious watching people get chased. if you are lucky enough, you could see someone pee there pants.. lol. It certainly is one of the best things I have ever done! I honestly hope I get a job there, because even the actors look like they have a lot of fun, and I love acting and scaring people haha! Also if you are lucky enough, they will take a selfie with you.8-0:-D:-):-B:-}:-U:-!8-)#-):-D

Cassidy, 09/25/14

So this year I went to Netherworld with my best friend on Nov.2 It was weird for me because I only been there once and that was with my sister. But this year was amazing we had an amazing time and I'd say the best part was when we were in that green polka dotted light up tunnel that turned. Me and my friend got dizzy and I we just(I am trying to explain it the best way I can) we just felt a force ish feel and we couldn't walk forward and it was like gravity I guess and we were there holding onto the rail trying not to fall on our butts and the guy who worked there was standing there normally fine telling us to continue walking. It was just very funny and It was amazing and I love netherworld and I am going again next year hopefully and ♥ Netherworld you're amazing.

Paige, 11/20/13

We live in Georgia(an hour and a half away infact) and have always wanted to come to Netherworld, but we've found ourselves to be busy with other haunts. Last night was our first year coming and it was amazing! I loved the props brushing up against us and the moving floors! I especially loved the haunt actors in the parking lot. My group was taking a picture with one of the scare actors, and I got my beanie taken away by one of the reapers. I had to chase him around the parking lot to get it back! Finally I looked at his escort with large (puppy dog esque) eyes and she shrugged her shoulders. I did the same with the reaper and I go "pleeeease," and he finally drops the hat out of his mouth. I also loved interacting with the Krampus, who quite obviously loved his job. We had a wonderful conversation. After taking my picture with a few of the scare actors, we got in line for Boogeyman. That haunt terrified me! It was scarier than Dead Ones. I was literally shaking throughout the entirity of the haunt, and I'm usually really good with haunted houses. I have to admit that I screamed a few times, when the clown made the bridge move, and the walls closing in on us. THen, we walked to Dead Ones. Dead Ones wasn't AS scary, but it was more entertaining. The effects were better. Aside from that, one of the characters from the dead ones followed me throughout the entirity of the dead ones. I didn't turn around until the middle of the haunt and I jumped out of my skin. My mom was like "Brynn, there's someone following you," and I believed her, but I was afraid to turn around. However, I grew tired of having someone breathe on my neck, so I turned around. He followed us around throughout the rest of the haunt as well, (I'm assuming to let the other actors know that we were coming) and I found it to be creepy, and felt that it was a good touch! To end the night, I got a postcard and a hoodie. I ran into Ben Armstrong and had to congratulate him. He was super nice as well! This will become a tradition of ours. We're going to come to Netherworld on the evening of the encore performance every year now! Your actors gave 110 percent, and your staff did the same! Thank you for a wonderful evening.

Brynn, 11/04/13 just when you think something isn't real....all i could say was "Aaaaaaaaah!" I honestly went in there saying "it's pretend. there's no reason to scream." yeah, right. The makeup jobs were amazing. Very well done, Netherworld!

Dess, 10/28/13

This was our 5th year. We loved it. I think I screamed more this year than I have ever done. Had a wonderful time. The people that dresses up do a wonderful job of sneaking up behind you. Thank you all so much for doing this every year with a different theme.

TammyC, 10/25/13

My brother in law, my sister, and I visited last night. We all had the greatest time. The actors and sets were phenomenal. We will be back next year for the 5th year in a row.

Michael Eakin, 10/24/13

theeeeee Beeeeesssssttt 8-08-08-08-08-08-08-0

chykeyah, 10/21/13

I went to Netherworld for the first time last night, & I'd have to say it was pretty awesome! I get easily scared, so they were after me a lot, cause I'd be the first to scream. But, It is so worth the money you pay & I'd go again! You definitely don't wanna miss out on the chance if you get to go! I'll definitely be back soon!

Jessica Howard, 10/19/13

My fiance & I went for the first time this year. His parents always did Halloween stuff & he doesn't scare easily (by any means!) so we were pretty pumped about all the hype. We went. We jumped. I screamed. It was FANTASTIC! The props, the makeup, the actors, the creativity, the staff, it was all absolutely amazing. My palms were sweating and my heart was RACING when we left, cheeks flush and adrenaline going hard. We both bought something from the gift shop and agreed this was a new Halloween tradition for us =) Thank you Netherspawn for a great night & memories for a lifetime!

Amanda Beard, 10/18/13

drove 4 hours to get there and have them scary the sh-t out of me best damn haunted house I have ever been to cant wait to go back thanks yall #-)

Tooie James, 10/16/13

I just got home a few hours ago. BEST FLIPPIN NIGHT EVER. I'm at the age where you don't know whether to trick-or-treat or not, so this was the perfect solution. I went last year, bought a shirt, and had a decent time. This year, I wore the shirt and went through both houses SCREAMING, LAUGHING, SWEATING, AND ALMOST SQUEEZING PEOPLE'S HANDS OFF. So many jumpscares and creepy effects. At one point I swear I almost passed out. I was second to the front, not an easy place to be, and for a Catholic school going teenage GIRL, I was pretty dang brave. But that doesn't mean I wasn't terrified. Some people didn't go in based on pure terror, my friend in front of me admitted to peeing her pants a little, and I gagged almost seven times. I gotta tell you, this may be expensive, but it's COMPLETELY WORTH YOUR MONEY!!!!!<3

hauntedhunter, 10/16/13

I just went to netherworld for the first time. I usually don't do haunted attractions but I will definitely be back. Me, my girlfriend, and my sister had the best time! The actors are great and the designers do a great job. See ya soon!

Todd Ledbetter, 10/12/13



Netherworld is the best haunted house ever! It gets better every year! I talk about this trip all year long and can't wait until next year! My favorite person Is the Bone Collector I make sure to get a picture with him every year. You can definitely see all the work that the crew puts into this place.

Callie, 10/06/13

I pretty much screamed in fear the whole time! This was my first time going and I didn't know what to Expect. They sure did an amazing job and I will be coming back every year now. Oh by the way don't tell them to scare you they will just chase you. I think they had a lot of fun with me. I'm diffinilly a target from how scared I was. There are no words to say how awesome this place is and how amazing of a job they do! Thank you!

Whitney hurd, 09/30/13

omg!!!,netherworld is awesome,i went yesterday with my friends and we had fun talking with the monsters trust me,there is no other haunted house better than netherworld,so,hurry up and go before its to late,u wont regret doing it!!!:-):-D8-0

alexa rodriguez, 09/28/13

BEST HAUNTED HOUSE I HAVE EVER BEEN TO!!!!!!! 8-08-08-08-08-08-08-08-08-08-08-08-08-08-08-0

Arielle, 09/28/13

This will be my 3rd year attending. Every year after we start planning on our next visit as we leave the parking lot. This is the best haunted house I have ever seen. I talk about year round. It is WORTH the drive. I live in Columbia SC this year I am bring new guest. My bestfriend and I have some scary memories. My favorite crowd creature is "The Gargoyle". I Love watching "The Sliders" slide through the crowds scaring everyone. Great Entertainment. Once you come to "NETHERWORLD" no haunted house will beat it. The producers are very creative and do an excellent job. Thank you "NETHERWORLD"...Keep it coming!!!

montie, 09/09/13

Ok so I went last year to both houses with my BESTFRIEND. I screamed the hole time. Best time of my life. I ran through the exit just to see my friend tell the chainsaw guys to chase me. I went again with my brother and some friends. I would never turn down such a wonderful time with friends and getting scared. Netherworld this year is going to be the best. October better watch out form me and my boys! 8-)#-)

Grace Alexander, 08/12/13

I drove a little over 2 hours to see this attraction. I have to say it was amazing!! Every thing had such detail, this is definitely not done by amateurs. It was like being plucked out of reality and planted into a movie! 2012 was great, and I have been waiting with great anticipation for 2013! Excellent work from these guys and gals. Thanks for all the scares!

John, 08/05/13

OMG, this is the best haunted house around! The plot is so well written. I went to Banshee and enjoyed the elaborate sets and creative monsters. I hope to attend the Dead Ones this coming season. ;-)

WhitneyG, 08/03/13

dear soul keeper this is my faimly tradittion to come to ur amazing haunted house every year. this is my fifth year and i cnt wait. it will be my husband, my little sister, me his wife sarah, and my cousin kim,mom,and half the rest of my faimly love yall keep up the awsome stuff yall do its great <3 <3 yall the wells faimly8-0:-):-)

sarah wells +alex wells, 07/16/13

Omg! This was a real scream! Great for adredaline seekers. I think I wet my pants. But someday, I want to be a part of this genius project. :-D

Whitney Graham, 05/22/13

I went to Netherworld 2012, First time ever. But it was the best bonding with my sister, I will never forget the whole time we spent together in the haunted houses we had loads of fun and I never wanted the night to end. Bad thing about that night is that after we left netherworld we stopped somewhere to use the bathroom and I left my phone at that place, It had all the pictures and videos on it, But Its okay cause I still Have the memory 8-0 8-0 8-0

Paige, 05/03/13

I cant wait to visit Netherworld with my boyfriend :-)

Ryan, 03/21/13

OMG! wowthis year was the first time i went to netherworld ! lord i yelled alot they chased me from the entrance through the hive into the cars 0.O i ran like if i was gonna die. for sure .it was me and my friends that went omg amazing experince and those energy drink ;-) goodd ;) i took alot of picture met alot of monster . that chased me . i was scard like a cat at first i went 3 times and i am still scard next year for sure i am coming again thank god i live close to yall i can go walking its like 5 mintes . and this time my mom is coming with me :-D for sure . HAHAH xD did i menetion i like pee in my pants -.- .. hell NOO. my advice is go to the bathroom before you go in.

jennifer hernandez, 11/18/12

I went to Netherworld last night with two other friends and my sister, and I LOVED IT. It was my first time at a haunted house, and it was amazing. I screamed a lot and everything about the experience was perfect. I would recommend it to anyone and am definitely making plans to go back next year! One of my friends was crying in fear, but she loved it anyways! Netherworld is a must visit! The parking lot is great fun too, but we didn't get to experience that part as must because we got their early and no one was outside, and then when we got out, we left right away. Next year I hope to stay in the parking lot a little longer!

Sydney, 11/04/12

Netherwold was great! It was beyond what I expected! I was very surprised at the detail, animation, and the use of technology. It has indeed changed so much. More realistic in this day in age, I loved it! Will be returning each and every year!

Krystal Williams, 11/04/12

wow i went im 12 years old ithe the scariest haunted house i was so scared at the end of both i started laughing YOU NEED TO GO IF YOU HAVE NOT!!!!!!!:-)

Deven Hardwick, 11/01/12

I want to thank all the guys at Netherworld for their GREAT Performance! My girlfriend and I went this past Friday and it was our first time. A MUST SEE! This place was totally worth it! I have to say it was the most fun we have had this fall. I recommend everyone to come see this place atleast once! Great job guys thank you for your passion and hard work!

Preston, 10/29/12

This was my 3rd year going and I still love Netherworld! Best haunted house around, hands down!

John, 10/28/12

i absolutely had a blast! was scared out of my wits! but i loved it all! will definitely be t year attending next!

jakole, 10/28/12

Let me just say, Netherworld is just amazing! I go year after year and each time it never fails to impress! The special effects are astounding, and the actors will scare you silly!

Will, 10/28/12

Last night was amazing!! Totally going next year!

Kathy, 10/28/12

LOL me and my family had a great time last night. We were screaming like crazy but it was sooo fun!!! Coming back next year!

Ashley, 10/27/12

netherworld is the best it is by far the the best haunted house i have ever been to would defenently tell friends to go had a blast even though i had to carry my wife through both houses

Shawn ivy, 10/26/12

Omg, I am going to Neatherworld tomarrow! I am scared easily :P. Neatherworld is just 27 minutes away! Going with a couple of friends :)

Kathy, 10/26/12

One word "UNREAL"

John, 10/26/12

Last night was my first experience with a haunted house and it was amazing! I went with my family and a couple of friends. From the start to finish it was constant thrills! Amazing! Some of the monsters/creatures were really nice. I even got "I survived Netherworld" wristband. Would totally recommend to friends!

Brittany, 10/21/12

I've gotta say netherworld were back i had a blast last year with me and my 3 friends we were to the point we pissed our pants i love netherworld we drove all the way from decatur to jimmy carter rodad and it was worth everything and this year were back with more people and to await the fun watch out netherworld we are back and by the way i salute yall cause i was scared to the point i was going to stop and walk out the exit i was done well be there on october 27 me and a group of friends cant wait 8-0;-)

ayana, 10/20/12

omg im goin to go to mi first haunted house n i chose here. cnt wait to go on da 31st n im a straight chicken this will be funni. lol :-D

riah boo, 10/20/12

I love this place! Always scares the heck out of me. My husband & I have been coming here since 2006. It's our anniversary tradition. Lol.

M. J, 10/17/12

This place always gives me the creeps. I went with a small group of people this year and the last. I love it! The Banshee was amazing, and the entire thing had me screaming! I woke up the next morning with no voice. I will definitely be coming back year after year to one of the Top Rated Haunted Houses in the nation!

Blair, 10/17/12

AH! I LOVED NETHERWORLD!!!!!! So worth it!!! its so scary, but at the same time the funnest night I have had in a long time!!!!! I loved taking pictures with the monsters! I'm going again this weekend!!!

Coleman Fitzgerald, 10/16/12

Usually I get more afraid of the shortest one, (in this case it will be The Hive), but may I say that Banshee gave me an absolute heart attack! It was VERY fun, and REALLY scary, so I must tell Netherworld for the 3rd year in a row, bravo Netherworld, bravo. :-)

Josh, 10/16/12

My friends and I went on a 2 hour car ride just to go to Netherworld and let me tell you, it was completely worth it! We purchased tickets for both The Hive and The Banshee! The Banshee was ridiculous and crazy fun! All the actors and effects were AMAZING. I also had a small conversation with a very attractive vampire who told me I smelt delicious. lol The Hive was more intense with a lot of gore but it didn't last too long! It is definitely a house for the thrill seeking! All I have to say is I can't wait till next year! Netherworld was well worth the drive, the money, and the wait! I had a freakin' blast! Netherworld is AWESOME.

Natalie, 10/15/12

I've been going to Netherworld since 2006 and I go back every year! We moved down to Florida and we're making a trip next weekend JUST FOR NETHERWORLD! The scares never end when you are there! I was waiting in line and watched the actors mess with the people in the portapottys! By far the most fun you'll have on Halloween and I cannot wait to go.

Adora, 10/15/12

Netherworld is my favorite haunted house, I've been going for over 6 years. Each year I take new friends who love it!!!! It is a MUST see!

Monica Green, 10/15/12

:-) went in 2010 had a looking forward to go this sat oct 20 2012... cant wait to see what they have plan this year

Skinny Jay, 10/15/12

My family members were a bit macabre (misunderstood) when I was growing up so I feel right at home with you guys.8-0

D. Rouzan, 10/15/12

Going Tonight for my 3rd annual trip! Can't wait NETHERWORLD!:-)

Will, 10/14/12

!!!!!! i really want to go! it looks and sounds sooooo fun but really scary. i think i would sream the whole way, thats if i would even walk through the doors. i have read some of the comments and oh my, i got scared just reading them! and then i decided to watch a video of it. Let me tell you.NOT A GOOD IDEA! i screamedand ran away from the computer. the props look very good and i don't like the sound of the guy with the chainsaw:-| (i think i would curl up in a ball and start crying if i saw him :-) :-(

katie, 10/13/12

The Netherworld Haunted House is the greatest haunted house I've ever been to. We been going to the Netherworld from the begin at Kennsaw, Georgia. We love it and plan to go every year. Sometimes more then once.

Amber Sparks, 10/12/12

This will be my 9th year going to netherworld. i have been ever since i was 7 and have loved it every year. It always keeps the really good scary parts and changes every year so its not boring going back every year. Best haunted house ever!

taylor, 10/11/12

Netherworld is by far the best haunted house I have ever been to. Unlike other houses the scares begin from the moment you get out of your car! The first time i got so scared before i got to the house i didnt even go inside but the second time i did and it was completely worth it. Thanks Netherworld for putting on such an amazing attraction!!!!

chels, 10/11/12

LOVED IT! They prey on every possible fear and phobia you have, roaches, spiders, rats, snakes, dolls, doctors, asylums, monsters, zombies,mummies, blood, swamp creatures. Not to mention the claustrophobic tunnels and pitch dark mixed with the gutteral sounds and shrill shreeks. It overloads your senses and leads to confusion even though you know its all fake going're still emcompassed by it and sucked in.

Michielle, 10/10/12

It is apparent after going through Netherworld that hundreds of thousands of dollars was spent on this haunt. This is hands down the BEST haunt I have ever been to, and I've been to many across the country! The sets were awesome, the actors were (scary) and the laser light tunnels were mind-blowing! Here's some good advice, if you don't like waiting in long lines, get the "Speed Pass" and go directly to the front of the line (Best Deal).

Leonard, 10/07/12

We have a haunted house where I live and it's one of the top 10 in the nation. My friends and I thought is was the best until we went to Netherworld. We went last year, and this is easily the best haunted house any of us have ever been to. The special effects, actors and props are amazing. We will definately be coming back this year to Banshee and Hive. If you are wondering wether or not it is worth the money it definitely is.

Rachel Paty, 10/06/12

I had seen the Travel Channel's documentary on Most Extreme Hallowen Attractions, and since then, I wanted nothing more than to go to Netherworld. I went last year with a huge group of friends, and we all had an amazing time! Everyone working on set and behind the scenes is obviously extremely dedicated and talented. I'm going for the second time next weekend and I can't wait! I've told all my friends to go.

Jamye Jones, 10/06/12

This was my First ever haunted house. i loved it. I went with a group of friends and it blew me away. The detail of everything is fantastic. I would love to work here.:-):-D8-):-U

Andrew, 10/06/12

the best! this is now a Halloween tradition since going last year...LOVED IT! dont go alone!

Sarah, 10/02/12

Netherworld is scaretastic!! Hands down the best haunted attraction I have ever been to. Although I do not scare easily, the professional and realistic way this haunted house is constructed and the performances of the actors will scare the CRAP out of weak minded jumpy people. One of the best nights I have had in a long time! Thank you Netherworld for the experience and I hope I will be able to come back again this year. Last night was my first time attending and I plan to make this a yearly Halloween tradition from now on!

john jones, 09/30/12

I have been to the Netherworld every year for the past 6 years and I have absolutely LOVED IT!!! This year a group of my friends want to tag along and it's like 8 of us and I am so EXCITED for them to visit cause this will be their first experience here.... Can't wait guys, y'all are by far the most amazing actors I've encountered doing this type of work!! :-)

Becky Phanthavady, 09/30/12

This place is in a class of its own!!I have been all the major haunted houses in atlanta and this place is the best by far. All I can say is WOWWWW!

jeff banks, 09/30/12

We went together to the Banshee, and it was insane! We had a blast, and are going back real soon! (:

Lindsay&Kendall, 09/29/12

Went last year with my bestfriend and we had a blast!! Going with more people this year so it will be even better:-):-):-)

Catie, 09/26/12

netherworld is by far the best haunted house ive ever been to! been through twice two years in a row and i visit around 20 haunted houses a season and netherworld is by far the best! keep up the great work! looking to visiting soon

rob, 09/26/12

Last year i wasn't able to go because my aunt was to scared to go .. lol so this year im actually gonna goo! im really excited , the best part is that i live right down the street from NetherWorld ... its gonna be amazing !!!! :-D i heard so many good/scary things about it.. i'm not scared of anything.. maybe netherworld will change that for me ;P lmao

adriana, 09/25/12

Haven't been before but I really want to go this year! I can't wait cause I'm going next Saturday! :-D

Jennifer Nguyen, 09/24/12

Netherwold is most definiltley worth your money . It keeps you on your toes the whole time . I was scared to get out of the car and bout peed my pants going in ! For those of you who think you aren't gonna be scared ... you will be ! After gong through one section it gets better ( :

Deriyana, 09/24/12

I haven't been since 1999, when I was a senior in High School. Now it is time for me to go with my wife. I can't wait!!!! Been reading the reviews over the past years, and am driving up from Savannah, GA to spend the weekend with you guys

Nick, 09/23/12

It was an amazing experience! My boyfriend lives in ATL I live in TX, he went last year, I was scared out of my mind, he was in front of me to 'protect me' and somehow I ended in front he was scared out of his mind hahaha! We have plans to go again this year and con not wait :) you guys do an awesome job. Hands down to everyone that works so hard to scare us to death, you guys are exceptional.

Miss V, 09/21/12

I went to Netherworld in 2011 with my friend and dad, and i LOVED it ! I took tons of pictures. I'm going again this year because its just a awsome feeling there. This place is very unique and just WOW !! Yes im the weird one in my whole family ._. and i will go again no matter what !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dayana, 09/17/12

I have heard so much about Netherworld Haunted House from my family, so I decided to pay Atlanta a little visit from Denver to see how great this Haunted House was. I'm not normally the kinda person to get scared that easily, but this haunted house scared me, amazingly. I was so scared, I started crying. The actors, costumes, and even the set-up were scary. They were amazing. It was honestly worth the plane ticket out there. Thank you for that scary experience :D I will be back <3

Ashley Holmes, 08/24/12

Loved it!

Laura, 08/20/12


la, 05/21/12

I went in 2011 to netherworld with 4 of my friends. and we were scared to death! i remember my friend got so scared and ran away and i tried to catch up and i tripped and fell and sprained my knee! but i was ok after a while! i love the part in netherworld when the clowns come cuz all my friends were scared of them and freaked out one of them came over to my friend and put his arm around her and said if u dont like clowns dont turn around! it was hularious! Netherworld is well worth the tripp to go its so much funn! but be prepared to get really scared! espicially in the haunted house!!..

Lauren Lewis, 02/19/12

nether world is so scary. When we got to the booth to get our tickets I started crying I was so scared! My mom said don't look scared and they won't chase u. When we first got there we were walking down the hill and one came up and made sparks on the Side walk!!!!!we were inside and my face was nudged in my moms back and an evil dude was following me I was soooo scared there I can't wait for next year thank u nether world for being so perfect and swell!!!!:-)

Sophie, 02/08/12

this year was the BEST! i could not stop screaming i am not really a person that is easily scared but they really out did them selves this year. IT WAS AWESOME! cant wait to go next year :-)

jordan, 11/08/11

#-) This haunted house was so well put together that our family of 5 went twice. The second time was better than the first and the first time was flippin scary!!! Amazing actors, amazing sets. Worth every penny of $160 both times!! It takes you 3-4 hours after the experience to even sort of register the horror you just went through. It was like living in a scary movie. I just wanted to say THANK YOU to the staff and crew for making this the SCARIEST HAUNTED HOUSE in AMERICA!!!!! Phenominal job guys!!!!!

Shana and Ryan DeLany, 11/07/11

This year was my first year going to Netherworld, because when I lived with my mom back in WV I never was down here for Halloween. I went with a friend who had never been either on Nov. 4 and we had the pants scared off of us. Especially for me because I started to cry when the guy with chainsaw at the end scared me so bad I took off running and ran head first into the other guy, causing my self to fall, and tremble on the ground in fear. Then there was a guy roaming the parking lot in overalls and he scared me so bad after chasing me I curled up in the fetal position in the parking lot and started to cry. I went back with 5 other friends on Nov. 5th (the last day)....and let me tell you, IT WAS NOT ANY EASIER. I was actually more scared the second day. Two of my friends also decided to hold me in the parking lot as the called the characters over to me. So of course I was trying to break away and was screaming bloody murder. I caused a huge scene. Haha. It was so well worth the money both days, and I plan on stopping by next year! I can't wait! <3

Sydney Rollins, 11/06/11

This year was awsome!! They have out done thereselves!!!! It was SOOOOOOO SCARY!!!! Next year needs to hurry Auntie because I smell a family TRADITION!!!!!!!! Just beware Moe the dark....... Emotions I felt: :-0:-D

Joshua, 11/06/11

This was the best haunted house i have been to, just amazing from the mirror rooms to the whole thing. A big 10 and i will be back next year.:-)

Cameron, 11/05/11

hi how are you.

Raymond E Collins JR, 11/05/11

cant wait to go on friday november4th i hope its as good as evertbody has been sayin im so ready to get scared out of my pants ive been to many other haunted houses but none of them i have never heard them talk about more than this one please netherworld make friday the scariest of all days you have been here thx -Erin The Best (yes that is my real name)

erin the best, 11/02/11

First year at netherworld drove 4 hours. totally worth it. the costumes,the environment, all the detail in the houses was one of a kind. you can tell these guys know there stuff. ready to see whats in store next year.

rusty perkins, 10/31/11

I had the most AMAZING night at Netherworld with my friends. i went to being in the front to the back. i wasn't scared at all. I screamed once just to get my friends scared. My friends were like screaming and freaking out. This was our first year going,and i was amazed on the effects and stunts in the haunted house. I will definetly be coming again next year !!!!! :-):-):-):-!:-!:-!:-!;-);-);-);-);-);-);-)8-08-08-08-08-08-08-08-0

megan, 10/30/11

Hi my name is Jay from Gwinnett county GA.if u have never been to a haunted house that u were thrilled about,now is ur chance.I believe nether world is the most scariest house ever.its so creepy,loud at times and can cause an anxiety attack like myself.its way worth it.u will get this rush like never heart pumping.u will love it I promise.u can't resist but to tell all u friends.Good Luck!:-B

Jay dubb, 10/30/11

hadd a great timee went with a ton of friends and they scared us to death haha(:

libby lane, 10/30/11

I have lived in Atlanta for almost 13 years and last night was my first time going to Netherworld. It was an AMAZING experience! I was a nervous wreck by the time my friends and I finished both houses, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. Everything was so cool-the actors, the props, special effects...ALL OF IT! I could have done without the chainsaws at the exit of Raw Meat, though! The rules state we shouldn't run, but my friend and I bolted away from that place as fast as we could. We will be back next year to see what new things await us!

D. Thomas, 10/30/11

I didn't think it could get any better than last year (which was my first time going)....boy was I wrong. More characters, more scares, more in depth effects added. The house seemed like forever, I was sweating and panicking by the time we made it to the end. Definitely see how they rank top in the nation year after year. Haven't seen anything top them yet. Definitely worth going to year after year.

Toya, 10/30/11

I came all the way from California to see the famed Netherworld for myself and it is AWESOME. It totally lives up to the hype! If you come expecting to be overwhelmed by the amazing sets and animated figures, you will not be disappointed. But give credit to the great actors inside and outside the mazes. They work perfectly with the themes and props to enhance the overall "scare" experience. Lesser haunts use large animations to replace actors or distract guests. Netherworld makes them stars! I've visited over 20 Halloween events and walked/ridden through over 70 mazes/themed rides this year and NETHERWORLD is in my top 3. Thanks for opening the gates each year to your amazing world.

Susan Shinkai, 10/29/11

By far the most haunted attraction I have ever been to! I definitely recommend Netherworld to anyone seeking a terrifying experience!:-)

Laura Russell, 10/29/11

I went to this last weekend, and i must say it scared the living freak out of all did an amazing job. keep up the good work i hope to return next year...but one thing i didn't like to much was the chainsaws...wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :)

Sarah, 10/27/11

I came with my best friend and cousin and we had the greatest time of our lives! It was well worth the money and the trip. The outfits were unbelieveable and the props as well. We will definitely be coming back! (: #teammeatballsallday

team meatballs, 10/27/11

omg i cant wait to go on halloween hope the tickets arent sold out ...ive been waiting for like ever to go ..i love a good scare !!!!!

Noee martin, 10/26/11

Hubby & I go here each year. It's our anniversary tradition. Lol. Can't wait !!! Going this wkend! Yaaay :-)

Michelle J, 10/26/11


JESS, 10/26/11

It was awesome. Im only nine years old and loved it. It was my first haunted house.Awesome job scaresters!

Carnell, 10/25/11


Celeste Marie, 10/25/11

Loved It! My husband and I were with a group of friends from Rome, Ga. Didn't mind the wait the DJ was awesome. The monsters roaming the parking lot was very frightening and awesome to get pictures with. Thanks for the Fright and spooktacular night I will never forget.

Crystal Blakley, 10/24/11

Well worth the 28 bucks. Worth a lot more. Thanks for keeping this attraction affordable. I love halloween and I have been to hundreds of Haunted Houses, this is the Most freeky, Scary show on earth. . My God man, the man that invented this attraction has to be freeky.

Larry Kendrick, 10/24/11

Amazing effects...straight out of Hollywood! I'm amazed how there can be so many people but zero fights or any other kind of trouble. Its almost as if certain factions of people maybe do not like scary stuff....hmmmm.

Chaz, 10/24/11


Candis Smith, 10/24/11

I was there last night for the first time, been wanting to go there for 3 years. Absolutely AWESOME! Well worth the time, money and trip. Great job! I WILL be back next year with a bigger group.

Dwayne Head, 10/23/11

My boyfriend and his cousin talked me into going to Netherworld this past weekend. I have to say I had some reservations about going because I don't really like getting scared, but this attraction was AMAZING. I will be returning next year (and maybe again this year)! Bravo Netherworld for a job well done!

Aimee, 10/23/11

Tyler and I went for the first time last year. I couldn't believe how awesome this place was! This year I'm bringing 3 more people with me! I'll be seeing y'all next Tuesday! :-)

Kyle, 10/23/11

Ayyee ! 10-22-11 Crews Middle School Gonna be in thee S**t ! :-! :-! Make sure Ya'll Do Ya'll Best scaring Us. & I Went 4 Times Before this year. & Its Freaken Amazing ! :-)

Andy Ho, 10/22/11

I went with a group of friends and the special effects are AMAZING!! But make sure you go to the bathroom before... I think I wet my pants a litlle!! Its absolutly worth the wait in line! Can't wait to go next year!:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D

Erica V., 10/22/11

i want to work at netherworld because i love to scare people it is fun i never work at a hurted house befor but i no i can do the job :-)

Chassidy, 10/22/11

A year from today I went to Netherworld for my first time! I was so excited and pumped to go to this attraction! I had the funnest time of my life and I am going again today! I'm pumped!!!!!!!!! Camp wait to see the scary people again! Gonna buy a shirt!!!

Maggie Rae(:, 10/22/11

I have got to say, for a first timer at Netherworld, this was still the absolute best haunted/thrill house I've been to. Ever. I was kept guessing as to what would happen, not to mention I was kept screaming as well. I hope Netherworld has a bigger and badder theme next year, I just can't wait~!

Christina Hunter, 10/22/11

First time i went to netherworld i almost peed in my pants...that was the best haunted house ever!! I got my lil sister to go and she couldnt go to sleep for like 3 weeks after and my mom blamed me...i was like i didnt force her to go...but was amazing you have to go check it out for yourself!! im goin next friday!! its gunna be awsome!!!! im bringin all my friends along theirs like 14 of us and their all lil chickens except for three of the guys but im gunna get one of the people to scare the @#$% outta the cocky basterds!!!:-! :-D 8-0

savannah willoughby, 10/21/11

:-):-):-) i have not gone but everyweek in october i go to one haunted house so excited about this one going with scardy cat cousin and brother this saterday!!!!! cant wait HOPE ITAS THE SCARYEST one yet !!! i am ready fo it!!!

MORGANNNN!, 10/21/11


yahelin, 10/21/11

I go to Netherworld EVERY year... Best haunted house I've been to. Can't wait to go this year!

Kia, 10/20/11

So stoked about visiting NETHERWORLD for the first time this Saturday! Driving 5 hours to witness this spectacle! \m/ Can't wait!!!!

Big Gore, 10/20/11

Soooo i can't wait for Netherworld again this year:-D I'm going with my best friend again last year it sacred the @#$% outta me but this year i'm ready! come on with the fright guys cuz i'm prepared

Scarlett Moon, 10/19/11

:-) i went to netherworld last night with my boyfriend and i can say that i have never been so scared in my life. you are an awesome place. cant wait to come back on halloween.

SONYA, 10/19/11

This is my VERY first time going to a haunted house, EVER. I am totally stoked, and just even thinking about it gives me chills and a knot in my stomach. Keep hearing about Netherworld and how scary it is, so i am giving it a try this friday! Hey Netherworld here i come, bring on the scares ! :)

Zoe Wooldridge, 10/19/11

i think i peed.

Deidara, 10/19/11

I went with my friend one night so excited. Then Dolly, a creepy doll who I'm scared of, came a little bit to close to me and I chickened out! A week later, I went again and had the guts to go inside. BEST TIME OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go to netherworld, and you won't be disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

sean, 10/18/11

netherworld waz da bomb lyk omq dwaq parkview hs is qoinq 2 be in da buld. again so come out on sat. fye stuff. :)

Crlesia, 10/18/11

I'm a pretty conservative mom so had reservations taking my adrenaline junky 11yoa daughter & friends, but found it professionally organized, fantastic talent & an incredible creative set. Actors are terrorizing yet respectful & even accommodating. This was our 3rd yr (this yr went 3 wknds in a row) & its a different experience each time. It's the 1 event the kids save money for & count down days til next yr. Even DJ Kevin was great. VERY worth the money! We'll return again & again to the best haunted house in world!

Sharon, 10/18/11

going tonight with a big group of friends. ive gone for 3 years. and every year it gets better!!! im so sikeddddd! you guys better not disappoint me :-D

toni, 10/18/11

Going to Netherworld within the next couple weeks. This will be my 3rd year in a row and let me tell you, it never gets old. EVER. I still cry when I'm there. Haha have fun everyone!

Kiera, 10/16/11


matthew, 10/16/11

Netherworld Haunted House in Atlanta ABSOLUTELY ROCKS!!!!! Even though Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights had 8 Haunted Houses and a much larger area, Netherworld was head & shoulders (and a few dismembered limbs) above any of those 8 houses put together. Incredible animatronics and attention to detail in every part of the house, floor effects (shake/vibrating floors), pneumatic air blasts, several dizzy-tunnels, mirror mazes, scare effects coming from above, and their people (and not-so-people) are very committed to their costume & make-up detail to seriously try to scare the crap out of you! BRAVO!!!

Rowena Sim, 10/16/11

Ben Armstrong, YOU are a genious! Just moved here from Florida. Netherworld BLOWS Holloween Horror Nights at Universasl Studios AWAY ! OMG, what an outstanding time we had. Mirror rooms, the Creatures, Custumes, Makeup..... FIERCE ! Thank You so much for your passion ! #-)

Daniel Starr, 10/15/11

OMG!!!! Me and my 5 friends are sooooo ready!!! I Came last year with my dad and it was a blast....even though i was scared the whole time NetherWorld is AN AMAZING place if you aren't crying you are laughing def. worth the money and wait in line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!8-0:-):-D

Kate, 10/15/11

me and my friend went last night...we didn't even make it inside because the parking lot was so scary! just in the parking lot there were people already scaring me. when i can toughen up ill be back to go inside!!:-)

Brittany, 10/15/11

comin here 2 night so scare/excited!!!8-0

lili, 10/15/11

Went to Netherworld last Satureday.. IT WAS AWESOME! Scary but not to that extend... very fun.. GOING AGAIN ON HOLLOWEEN!#-)

Rachael H., 10/14/11

i cant wait to go this year its going to be my first time i bet its not even going to be that scary:-/:-/:-/:-/:-/:-*:-*:-*:-*:-?:-?

bobby, 10/14/11

i am on my way tonight to nether worlds!!! iam soo excited. iam going with my brother and gabby and camille :) . i am so scrad already and i am not even there yet lol :)#-):-}

rachel, 10/14/11

i went here last night and it was amazing! got scared half to death but it was still awesome :-) right when i got out of the car with my friend we were chased by a monster!:-0 but if u want to go to a haunted house choose this one cuz its defiantly #1 :-D

kasey miller, 10/13/11

I took two teen-age boys there for their first time, they loved it! It started with the monsters working your nerves while you're in line, and once we got inside,we lost it and shrieked like little schoolgirls. Lotsa fun, well worth it, NetherWorld really did an excellent job! Great family entertainment for a Sat night. Good job, Netherworld!

Carlos, 10/12/11

Me and my friends went on the 8th. It was extremely fun! I loved it! The make up on all of the actors is so amazing and how the characters act is as well. I want to go back so bad! Already looking forward to next year. This is will definitely be a tradition!

Alex, 10/10/11

Drove from N AL and enjoyed the BEST haunted house ever!!! Love haunted houses but I think Netherworld has ruined me for any other. It will be hard for one to measure up to Netherworld!!!

Tonya, 10/10/11

My aunt and i went on the 30th of september, along with my boyfriend and my aunt's friend Nick. The moment we pulled up we were instantly scared by a monster. We went through Nightmares and it was amazing! i have been to haunted houses before, including 13 stories, and this is by far the best one! great job guys. (:

Ashley Wilson, 10/09/11

OMG this is my first year going and I am so excited me and my @ cousins are going totally ready to lose my braeth Nether World bring all the scares you got!:-D8-0

Tori Cistrunk, 10/09/11

:-) So i kind of had a love for clowns before i came here. Let just say i won't be going to the cruise any time soon. Love Netherworld:-D

Kaelin, 10/09/11

My husband and I went last year to both the bldgs., and are hooked! We live in Augusta, GA(2 hr. drive ea.way) but it's soooooo worth the trip!!! Cant wait til dark! My 19yr.old son will experience this amazing haunted house for the first time tonight. Its his surprise before leaving for Afganistan! :-U

KAT, 10/09/11

I can't wait to go to netherworld this year, it's so good I'm going to be driving all the way from Tampa fl just to see this!!!!! It's that worth it I recommend it highly!!!!!:-):-):-)

Michael, 10/09/11

:-)8-0 lovee is places..........................<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

camile parker, 10/09/11

OMG best ever!!! But I didn't see much because my face was in my brothers back!! I was there 2 years ago when i was 9years old!:-D

Belleaire, 10/09/11

It is so amazing!!! I loved it!! It is worth the wait. You get some action in the parking lot and even more in the houses. The actors are incredible. It makes all other haunted houses look like baby houses!! So fun!!!!!!!!!:-)

Caroline, 10/09/11

OMG im going here tonight and i am majorly scared !!! ... im going with my boyfriend but yet i am freaking out :-U

alejandra oseguera, 10/08/11

So excited and pump to be going to netherworld!! I'm just waiting for my adrenalin to burst through the roof!! #-):-}:-!

Justice stevens, 10/08/11

Absolutely worth the money. You seriously feel like you are in a different world. We cannot wait to visit again! Thank you so much for putting so much time into this! Julia And Logan!

Julia, 10/08/11

I went to Netherworld tonight, and I just want to say that you guys did an awesome job! It was definitely worth the money! The actors are incredible and the special effects are awesome! I'm not going to mention any in particular because I don't want to ruin it for other people. However, I will say that I recommend this for anyone! It is totally worth it!:-D

Josh, 10/07/11

cant wait im bring a bunch

Debbie Eustice, 10/06/11

Every year Netherworld is better than the last. A great haunted house and terrific characters inside and outside. This place is always worth the visit.

L. Reed, 10/05/11

Well, this will be my first year going. I'm going with my group of 15 or 20 other friends. That's just how excited we are! I've seen shows about Netherworld on the Travel Channel and I just HAD to tell everyone and go. We will be going October 4th. All of us have never been before. Netherworld, you've got some pretty high standards set; don't let us down! Hope it's as amazing as everyone says! We're ready to scream harder than ever. :)

Demi, 10/04/11

Last year was my very first year going. At the start I figured I could handle anything and wouldn't scream. I have NEVER screamed so much in my life! It was hands down the BEST haunted house ever! I am definitely going this year!!:-D

John Young, 10/02/11

I love this Haunted House, you will se anything from demons to mutants to clowns and zombies and they all look so real its amazing. I have been twice every year for the last 3 years and I even went 3 times last year. Its a must see.8-0

haleybeth, 10/01/11

i went to carnivor,fright night,and gargoil!can't wait to go this year!im only ten years old and i love to meet the mangler! hes ausome!!!!!!!!!!!#-) :-D :-} 8-) :-U :-)

hannah turner, 10/01/11

Im not about to miss this place again this year. im ready to go i have some people in mind to go with and i cant wait to be horrified! :-D kayy NetherWorld bring it!!!

Kat, 10/01/11

#-) I've wanted to be scared silly at Netherworld for a long time, finally I'm in Atlanta for the haunting season and ready to be totally scared to death. Happy Halloween!

Michael Simmons-DeFord, 09/30/11

I went to Netherworld today and it was AMAZING! I had so much fun! I almost cried at one point because the scares were just back to back to back! There wasn't one time I wasn't holding on to someone near me! :-)

Kenzie Sapone, 09/30/11

im really stoked about going this year! i know im gonna get the beejeezus scared out of me! :-D

Ne'Cole, 09/27/11

OMG! This year's house is so awesome!:-0

Scott Puckett, 09/25/11

I was suggested to go here last year by a friend and I will go every year from then on. Now I'm suggesting it to everyone I know. Perfect Halloween birthday trip.

Lori Powers, 09/14/11

Last year I went to Netherworld for the first time and I absoulutey loved it! It was such a fun experience & it was the most fun I have ever had going to a haunted house! I am determined to bring a lot of people to Netherworld and share the experience I had. Thankyou to all of you that made this haunted house the best haunted house in america!! See yall this year! follow me on facebook :)

Chelsea Hughes, 09/13/11

Haven't been yet, only seen and heard AMAZING reviews of this Haunted House.. I'm driving a little ways just to come visit Netherworld Haunted House(:

Savannah Wooldridge, 08/30/11

can't wait to see ya'll in october. my family and i have been looking forward to it all year. keep up the scary work.

patti, 08/21/11

My husband, sister, and myself went last year, this year we plan on bringing more family members with us. We had a blast, and can't wait for this year. Having been planning it for a year now.. Netherworld rocks. Keep up the great work.

patti, 08/16/11

Me and my best friend, my brothers, and my dad are all going to try to go this year, we have been trying for 3 years but every year something came up, hopefully this year we get to go.

Kyle, 08/13/11

I really can't wait to go to neatherword again. I went last year with some friend's it was the 4 of us and ended with 9. It was so much fun that i want to go come every year. Every weekend i go to my grandparents and pass neatherworld and I see one new prop and i just can't wait for Oct. to come around so fast so i can get the piss scared out of me!!

Andres Piedrahita, 08/03/11

Can't wait to go

W, 07/31/11

OMG last year i had never screamed so much in my life! Netherworld keeps getting better and better and i can't wait for this year!

Kenzie Sapone, 07/30/11

i can't wait to go to netherworld im bringing my ipod touch to take pics of the monsters and me cant wait im so excited yay!!!

katlynn, 07/19/11

My husband and I went for 5 years straight! We love it! They change the theme every year. We missed the last two years because we moved to CO, but now we are back in Atlanta! If you want a really good scare and Hollywood production, the #1 HAUNTED HOUSE IN AMERICA!! Come visit the best haunted house ever!

Kaila and Kenny, 07/16/11

Scary is a understatement! :)

Jordan, 07/16/11

netherworld cant wait to go there im gonna be very happy see yall in september

katlynn, 06/25/11

i love netherworld i cant wait to go next year this time i am going in the haunted house i just cant wait im gonna miss all my monster friends they were so nice to me we were like bffls i think im gonna cry i wish the monsters didnt have to go because new people are gonna be the monsters WHY!

katlynn, 06/20/11

OMG The Best Thing Ever It Was Juss Beautifull You Kept Me Screaming Im Only 17 Lol Walking Through The Haunted Mess Was Incredible And By The Time I Got Out My Pants Were Wet NO LIE ! Even The Parkin gLot Had Me Screamingg Most Defeinitely Comingg BAck Next Year !!! I LOVE NETHERWORLD

Danielle L., 06/01/11

I cried before i got in there! But, It is my favorite thing to do!!!! Going back every year!!

Leah, 04/21/11

I love nether world this will be my fourth year this next time and the past two years i talked my brothers and sisters and mom ta come with me we are from eastridge chattanooga tn we will see yall on halloween 2011love ya guys. ...........! And by the way we will never waste our time or money on another haunted attraction in chattanooga again. Cnt wait to c yall. Bye?

sarah prather, 04/12/11

omg! This is a little late too but netherworld is the best haunted house I've been too! It felt so real and the gargoyle was amazing! I will be back next year!

Lil Richard, 03/25/11

By far the best haunted attraction I have ever been to! Amazing special effects and monsters! Scared me to death! We will definitely be back this year.

Cassie Rose, 03/07/11

im going in the haunted house next year i have been there for 1 year hanging out with the monsters so cool right well i might bring my ipod nano with me to the haunted house this october 2011 come on october come!!!!!:) my favorite monsters are the baby doll the hospteal women the garol and the skelton there are all nice im comeing there so watch out for me haha:))

katlynnandheripodnano, 02/27/11

This is a bit late but 2010 was my first year ever going to this haunted house. I never had the balls to go until my boyfriend dragged me there. And all I can say is you know when a haunted house is so scary that it makes you throw up. Can't wait to see come back this year and see what Netherworld has in store for me!

Ana Lee, 02/01/11

happy new year see you soon for any events have a great haunt planing from your biggest fan island c.

island chance, 12/31/10

I know it's a little late but wow this house is amazing the airbag swamp was to die 4 70000000 thumbs up! :)

Crabby, 12/21/10

What an awesome experience! Truly lives up to its reputation.... thanks for a blast of scary time. We will be back from now on

Stephen, 11/13/10

I LOVED IT. I was scared out of my mind because this was my first ever haunted house. We got there and bought our tickets to both haunted houses. We went throught gargoyle first. I think that one of the best parts was in the swamp when the airbags came out. You guys scared me so much that when i was leaving the haunted house I was really haulin tail. This dude came out from a curtain and this dude with the chainsaw had it really low and i leaped over it and down the stairs I went. I wasnt able to go to Dead Salvage though because you scared one of my friends to death in the first one. Definiteky coming back next year.

Ben Gagnon, 11/08/10

I traveled 8 hours to come see you, and I am glade I made the effort. Your house is BEYOND incredible. Your attention to detail, your make up, your scare actors. Everything just SINGS with fear. As a Scare actor myself, it's terribly hard for me to be startled yet I must have jumped at least 10 times. I applaud you, your crew.. everyone involved because you really do get to the heart of the matter. You BRING it. And one more aside, your parking lot crew is to die for. There are none better. The Orc, The winged Gargoyle, and the Caretaker.. are all spectacular. From my creepy little heart to yours, THANK YOU for ending my haunt season with a scream!

Dianna Bennett, 11/07/10

Yesterday was the first time I had been to Netherworld. All I can say is WOW!

Megan, 11/06/10

I had the BEST TIME EVER! I laughed, I screamed, I peed my pants. Yep, I really did!

Tina, 11/05/10

best place ever so scary would recommend it to everybody

mark, 11/02/10


Donna, 11/02/10

We went Oct 31st 2010, It was amazing. The special effects and costumes were out of this world. I don't even know what I could say was my favorite I loved every moment. I am totally going back next year. Anyone who has'nt been I would say you just don't know what your missing, it is amazing!!!!!

Summer, 11/01/10

So, i wanted to come to Netherworld, but i could never make it through, theres no way! :(

Karly, 11/01/10

This is the first year that I have been since moving to Atlanta 3 years ago and I have to say that I have been missing out! This is by far the best haunted house that I have ever been too. I will be going every year from now on.

Nehemiah, 11/01/10

This was my first time going and I had so much fun. I didn't expect none of that to happen, but I hada blast. Great Job Netherworld

Jamesia, 11/01/10

Seriously the creepiest haunted house I have ever been too. I enjoyed it so much, but I think once is enough for me. :) I truly enjoyed it. The costumes and overall everything was AMAZING!! I see why it's ranked as number 1 in America. Good job to all the people who work there and make it worth the money :))

lindsey, 10/31/10

Traveled with my kids for 7 hours on 10/22/2010 to see this "#1 Haunted House". It was the best house ever !! My kids usually go to Holloween Horror Nights in Disney. I have waisted my money there year after year, Netherworld puts it to shame. We all will return to Netherworld every year from now on. Well worth the long travel. House is # 1 for sure. Screamed so much I had sore throat the next day. They really put on a GREAT show !! See ya next year for sure.. Happy Halloween....

Kim, 10/31/10

I went in october 30, 2010 and it was aewesome! Me and my friends were there and they were so scared. Two of my friends even vansished out of the emergency exit! For me, it was one of the most exciting and craziest things ive ever done! There were monsters evrywhere and all of it was just hilarious! You have to go yourself to get the full experience! Theres no way I can explain everything that happened without you going yourself.I'm one that gets scared very easily so if i made it you can make it too! In fact, I think I'll go again next year!

Brie-Brie, 10/31/10

I went to the netherworld for the first time this year. Im a huge horror fan so i was super excited. When i was going through dead salvage i was so scared i thought i ruptured my appendix. The gargoyle was really fun but i dont think ill be going through the basement again

Savannah Mills, 10/31/10

i went to netherworld last year..your were so scary i did not return went to halloween parta family and friends went on the 31st...they enjoy themselves once again..your got two out of 20 thats sure nuff not returning....keep up the good workk.the price is right...

starr, 10/31/10

OMG u guys have got 2 go here!! It is scary as $*%#!! U wont think it'll sacre u but as soon as u step in Gargoyle and Dead Salvage u crap ur pants!! Monsters are every where and if u run they will most likely get u! It is worth the $27.00. U maost go before u die. ( or if u die there)Oh and try to have courage and not fear. They smell fear better than courage. But then courage makes u look stupid.

Joshua Dobbs, 10/31/10

I love neatherworld this is my 3rd year going and me and my best friend make it a tradition to go every year, and every year it gets better and better. Though this year we went the night before halloween and it was packed the DJ kept it live and fun playing a wide variety of music and even inside the house its something different every year I love neatherworld!! SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!!!

Mary, 10/31/10

hands down this was the best haunted house ever.!!

Sydny wilson, 10/31/10

i went last nite wit friends, nd it was fun nd i waz scared az hell last nite through both houses nd not knowing who is coming up, nd dat monster in that wheelchair started chasing us nd dat chainsaw monster too. it is the best haunted house in atlanta. if u wanna get scared, netherworld is the place to go. anyways its my last year to go cuz im moving 2 new york 2 go 2 college. i will defintely be bak here after college iz over nd another thing if u came around bout 9 or 10 or 11:00, da line waz long as hell but it waz worth it, nd where waz da clown at

DJ, 10/31/10

THIS place is one SERIOUSLY SCARY HAUNTED HOUSE that's more than fun - it'll alter your expectations of any future visits to occupied dwellings where things live that go bump in the night!!! The demons, corpses, genetic mutations & various undead entities that roam the waiting areas add to the fun that Netherworld offers the unsuspecting masses. This was my first year to visit but it WON'T be my last! Can't wait to see what next Halloween will do to the inhabitants haunting the coolest scary place in the southeastern U.S.!!!

Mark, 10/31/10

This is the most ligit haunted house in the U.S.A!!!!!!!!

Andrew Xavier, 10/30/10

Had a blast at Netherworld last night! The line may be long but it moves fast. And your entertained in the lines too. And i couldnt even finish it and had to run out an emergency exit! Definitely a Great Haunted House for the thrill-seeker lol!!

Brittney, 10/30/10

I had no business coming here I am a bonafide scary cat but this was great! The Mangler was actually scarier and more intense than the house but it was all wonderful. WELL worth the money and we are coming back with the kids! Thank you. My husband has spent 18 years trying to get me to go to a haunted house and I am now a fan. See you again this weekend, next Labor Day (DragonCon) and Halloween 2011!!!

Jerri, 10/29/10

me and three other friends are going tomorrow . i hope that it isn't THAT scary . aha . but my main concern is if they are gonna separate us ! cus if so , im gonna cry my eyes out !

kekebee, 10/28/10

I went last night and it was so much fun! I went a few years ago and thought it was scary then, but this year got me even more. Such a step up in every aspect. The special effects were fantastic. The costumes and the whole house was amazing. It felt so real that it was spooky and eerie. The characters outside in the parking lot kept following me around and I had to run out of both houses in a sweat! It was amazing! I recommend it to anyone who wants to be scared out of their wits! Netherworld hits it out the park on every level from costumes to effects to design to scariness! Loved it!!

Tracy, 10/27/10

hahaha I went like 2 years ago with a group of friends of mine... and it was fun! YEAHH... I got chased by the chainsaw at the end, and I went running for my life even though it's not real and after that whole thing, we all laughed at each others reaction :D it is definitely the best haunted house ever :]

Annie Lin, 10/27/10

I'm going Friday with my friends. IF i actually make it into the house that is. *gulp* i hope i don't pee myself and look like an idiot in front of everyone.

Carter Mills, 10/26/10

i have been twice in one month had a great time...the one thing i love most is that it changed every time i went

juvaile smith, 10/26/10

I loved it most amazing hautned house ever, drove all the way up there from Kentucky!!! :)

Jamie Reed, 10/25/10

i went last night! It was AMAZING! Going in individually is a lot better then going in groups! It scared me really bad LOL! The monsters were amazing! My favorites were the girl with the evil doll and the grey monster with the wings! AWSOME!

Lizbeth, 10/25/10

WOW! I have been 5 years straight and this year was by far the best. I was the lead out of 4 guys and I got the brunt of the spook, but my friend was drenched in sweat from being so frightened. NETHERWORLD is the SHIZZNIT!!!

O. Humphries, 10/25/10

I went friday with a group & it's the 5th year in a row that we've gone. I peed my pants FOUR times the first year! No lie!... I haven't had any accidents again, but my throat was sore from screaming when I left. And man oh man was it ever worth it. Netherworld rocks!!

Christa, 10/25/10

I don't frighten easily at all. I invite you to do your best. I have seen it all. I am going next weekend. I love horror. It should be very interesting to see if they can get me to jump or better yet scream. Bring it on Demons!

Sheila, 10/25/10

I came all the way from New York. It was the best haunted house i have ever went to. I look forward to come back next year.

Tate Meeks, 10/25/10

omg i love netherworlds! Some clown made me pee myself in the parking lot haha.

holli hays, 10/25/10


ilene Dover, 10/24/10

i went last nite my parents drove me my bro and my friends from birmingham alabama. it was amazing the best haunted house ive ever been to. its very scary but at the same time its fun.

Chase, 10/24/10

i went last night and it was soooo scary! but i was very fun (: i recommend going with a bunch of friends! the actors, props, and scenery was so realistic! i literally though i was in some kind of horror movie! i am definitley going again next year! netherworld was the best haunted house ever!

britney lakin, 10/24/10

We drove from Huntsville ,Al to get there and it exceeded our expectations! Both houses were AWESOME! The monsters in the paking lot are so entertaining and nothing like watching them sneak up on an unexpecting patron. haha Just loads of laughs and screams!! Will be back next year ready to see whats new! Loved it!!

Ray, 10/24/10

Had a great time....I give it 5 stars.. but the line uhh lest there was a pretty good DJ to past time by! GOING NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!

D, 10/24/10

I loved it!!!!! I went last night I had a blast. It was defiantly worth the 1hr 30min drive ,defiantly going next year. :)

Firefly, 10/24/10

I went yesterday. It was AMAZING!! The monster costumes and people were just out standing. It was probably the best, most fun, realistic, and funniest haunted house ever. I'd definately go next year again for another fantastic category! You guys did awesome. (:

Kelsey, 10/24/10

So, I have gone to this amazing haunted house for the past 3 or 4 years, I have loved it. I was not one to get scared easily until after my first visit to netherworld this year. I have gone three times this year and I have gotten scared, without doubt, all three times. The first time I went I was ganged up on in the parking lot to the point that I cried and my older brother had to carry me to the car. Fortunately, I had already been through the houses. The houses were good too. Though I have to say that the parking lot characters seem to have more of an effect on me. I guess it is the fact that they can get all up on you, unlike in the houses they have to stay in their stations. In the smaller house it is very dark and loud so you can't see what is coming up. It is very cool. In the bigger house, it is more visual, but with no doubt you get just as scared. These houses and parking lot attractions are most definitely worth your money. You are paying to get scared, right? I do reccomend Netherworld to anyone who enjoys getting frightened. Good luck, and stay safe! (:

Jessica Nicolee, 10/23/10

So, I have gone to this amazing haunted house for the past 3 or 4 years, I have loved it. I was not one to get scared easily until after my first visit to netherworld this year. I have gone three times this year and I have gotten scared, without doubt, all three times. The first time I went I was ganged up on in the parking lot to the point that I cried and my older brother had to carry me to the car. Fortunately, I had already been through the houses. The houses were good too. Though I have to say that the parking lot characters seem to have more of an effect on me. I guess it is the fact that they can get all up on you, unlike in the houses they have to stay in their stations. In the smaller house it is very dark and loud so you can't see what is coming up. It is very cool. In the bigger house, it is more visual, but with no doubt you get just as scared. These houses and parking lot attractions are most definitely worth your money. You are paying to get scared, right? I do reccomend Netherworld to anyone who enjoys getting frightened. Good luck, and stay safe! (:

Jessica, 10/23/10

this was the ABSOLUTE BEST HAUNTED HOUSE EVER!!!!! i went yesterday and i was sooo scared. make netherworld your first pick for altime best haunted houses.

Teanah, 10/23/10

Netherworld is AMAZING. i'd Definately Go Again! Scary As @#$%, But it's Set Up Sooooo Amazingg, & Definately WORTH The Money. :)

Brianneeeee., 10/23/10

OMG IM GOING NEXT WEEKEND, everybody says it was the best, im easy to scare soo im just going to freak out!! i cant wait!!

Brandyce Michelle, 10/23/10

love it!

Shea Simon, 10/23/10

My husband and I recently visited my aunt in atlanta and she wanted to take us to netherworld.I have never been to a haunted house before and for this being my first it was awesome.I dont think anything can top this.

kinsey, 10/23/10

im going tonite with a bunch of my friends and its gunna be awesome! went last year and it was ah-mazing cant i know its gunna be really scary

olivia edwards, 10/23/10

Scariest night of my life.......

Katie, 10/22/10

I went last weekend and while it was good i was not all the scared. I SCREAMED a total of 3 times. But all in all it was a fun night watching my friends scream there heads off and cry.

Joyce, 10/22/10

I went to NetherWorld 10-20-10. I thought it was fun for a Girls night out. There were 5 of us. We are all between 16&18. And all of us want to go back next year! So, if you want to go to a Haunted House NetherWorld is the Place to be!!(: Go get the Crap scared out of you!!!

MegaMolly!(:, 10/22/10

I went to NetherWorld 10-20-10. I thought it was fun for a Girls night out. There were 5 of us. And we all want to go back next year! So, if you want to go to a Haunted House NetherWorld is the Place to be!!(: Go get the Crap scared out of you!!!

MegaMolly!(:, 10/22/10

I love this place! I've gone for the past three years and it has never ceased to scare me out of my wits! Going through with my mom is hilarious because they always jump out at her and she screams then laughs. I soooo want to work here one day!!!! :D

Emily, 10/22/10

Haha. This was AMAZING!!!!! I LOVED IT!!! I Got Chased By A Chainsaw...And I Mean The Guy Was Like RIGHT BEHIND ME!!! Ahahaha...If Anyone Chooses To Go To Any Haunted House...Choose This One...It Truly Is The BEST Haunted House In AMERICA!!! Get Ready For A Spine Tangling Adventure...Boo!!!

Morgan, 10/21/10

So i'm going to Netherworld this weekend, i'm so excited! I've gone the past 2 years and each time was awesome. Best haunted house ever :) even the lines are scary.

Alysha M., 10/21/10

im 11years old but i think that was tha best haunted house ever, im goin back 2morrow and i went last year. it was the scariest thing ever.

Evelyn, 10/21/10

We went to this haunted house last night 10/20/2010 and had a blast! I was not disappointed. The costumes were awesome and the monsters in the parking lot was really fun!

Deb, 10/21/10

ive heard netherworld is the best in haunted attractions well tonite i will find out cuz im going for the very first time...cant wait leavin at 3 got a 4hr ride to get there so ill see yall there

jason, 10/21/10

Went last night with 2 of my best friends.. I never thought I would scream as much as I did.. It was really scary! But we had a great time!! I'm thinking bout going back with some of my other friends on FRIDAY!!

Morgan, 10/20/10

well , let me tell you . . . . . is the scaries thing ever , i have never been as scared in my whole life . the very first time i peed on my self (: ! but it was so fun thougth . i had a great time . but i was so scard . you will have a blast !

amber timms, 10/19/10


Vernel johnson, 10/19/10

Well i am going to netherworld this weekend with a friend. My friend went with my other friends and said that it was sooooooo scary that her older sister peed in her pants 4 times. I cant wait!!!!! Wish me luck!

kim, 10/19/10

I am going this Saturday and I can't wait! I have had so many people tell me that this is the best haunted house in America!!!! I am super pumped and ready to go!!!

C.J., 10/19/10

- mannn, this is THA BEST haunted house in america ! nobdy can beat this..i had so much funn...even tho i almost jumped outta my PANTZ! ha! dont it aqainn

destiny, 10/18/10

Excellent, I'm from Los Angeles and I must say that this was one of the best haunts I have been to in years. on a scale of 1 to 10 I would give you 11. Thanks for a great time.

cliff, 10/18/10

Went Friday night Oct 15th, it is the best haunted house I have ever been to, very good props and makeup. Only downfall is on the way out of dead savage the chainsaw guy started chasing my girlfriend out in the parking lot and she tripped and fell and had a pretty bad concussion. Her vision is still blurry and she has no short term memory. :(

Landon Axt, 10/18/10

Netherworld is so freaking amazing. They have the best special effects that I have ever seen. Last night was my first time, and let me tell you, best haunted house ever. Well worth $27. I'll give you some advice: get there as early as possible, because the lines start getting reallllllly long really fast. Get in line for tickets first, then as quick as you can dash over to the Dead Salvage (which is right next to the ticket booth/room), go through that, then jog over to the main attraction. Do this fast, and it won't take very long. So epic!

Tyler, 10/17/10

I love Netherworld!!! 5 of us went last night and it was great! It was scary and creepy. At almost every corner, something jumped out at you. The dead salvage was awesome as well. I highly recommend this to anyone!!!! Can't wait till next year.

Jerri White, 10/17/10

I went yesterday and it was so scary. My advice is: if your a girl, wear a maxi pad and if your a guy, youre a dude you can deal with it.(: haha don't run in the parking lot though other wise they wont leave you alone. they left my friend alone but not me. lol

Kelsea, 10/17/10

This is the best haunted house ever!!! went yesturday night and it was sooooo scary...soooooooooooo scary. its much better if you go with friends! But we made new friends there and had fun with them. I would go back anytime . even being in the parking lot was fun cus there was scary ppl chasing you around (my advice for that:dont move and they will go away......they might :)..) LOVED IT !!!!!!

Shakirah Chapman-Jones, 10/16/10

Tonight was my first time at Netherworld, and it was the by far the scariest haunted attraction I've ever been to. I can't wait to see what they have in store for next year!

Holly, 10/16/10

That was the best haunted house EVER!!! I was so freaked out!!! it was beast!!! :) I<3 it

Morgan, 10/15/10

im going tomorrow and im super scared like omg ughhhim gonna cry and prob be like the first one to die there...wish me luck !

Kayla, 10/15/10

Disney World robotics meets Clive Barker! This is absolutely the BEST HAUNTED HOUSE I have ever experienced... and I have been to many of them over the years. We live in Bowling Green, KY and were on route to Savannah, GA when we decided to stop in Atlanta and see Netherworld. Each year we go to at least two haunted houses in nearby Nashville, or Louisville. I thought I had experienced some of the best there was until we went to this one. Netherworld is in a class by itself. This Haunted House is the best you will ever experience, and at 27.00 this is cheap. In my area the haunted houses are 30-35.00 and they do not come close to comparing with this one. All I can say is this is one haunted house you will never forget! What are you waiting for....GO! And don't forget to pad your underwear lol!!

Devlon Bignault, 10/15/10

Netherworld is a really great haunt 2 go 2,every yr its somethin different. Last yr I had he most painful headache that I really couldnt couldnt get n2 bein scared but believe me,its worth ur $.

Risha, 10/14/10

OMG!...i just cant wait to go.this will be my first haunted house ever and it wont take to much for them to scare me...this haunted house has been running as long as i have been alive...hope i have fun!!!!

Danielle McGiboney, 10/14/10

NetherWolrd was great(: the monsters were playing there role really good! i was soo excited when i got there! the haunted house was AMAZING also(: I love the Gargoyle and the Dead Salvage was great but really short! anyways i will definitely tell all my friends about this haunted house! and will be going again! thanks so much for keeping NetherWorld running(:

Brianna Grutadrio, 10/13/10

I have always wanted to go to Netherworld. I am only ten but i think i would love it. I have heard it is sooo scary I think i might want to go on halloween.

Cat, 10/13/10

I've been coming to Nethworld since I was 15 I believe, maybe 14. (I'm 21 now). I refuse to miss a year, and I do not hesitate to say that I wait all year for this. It's perhaps one of my favirote times of the year! There is nothing like it. I come every year and even though some things I have seen in previous years, it is always a new experience and they ALWAYS manage to find some new way to scare me. (And I am VERY hard to scare).

Jesse Hamric, 10/12/10

It was so beast going agian are maybe more.

Chase, 10/12/10


TINA RICH, 10/12/10

Netherword is soo fun!!! I went with some friends (girls and guys)and we had fun, but were scared!!! BOO!!! lol oh the coolest monster there was the big bug, and the nicesst were the vamp nurse and the zombie gravedigger. HAHA You guys HAVE to go!!! Hope this makes ya wannna go!!!

Amanda, 10/12/10

I went to Netherworld last year for the first time and nearly pee'd myself! I was actually super pissed off at my boyfriend because he was too scared to walk in front of me but I made him anyways... BEST haunted house EVER! if your looking to get SUPER scared, you HAVE to go!

Kara, 10/12/10

Best haunted house I've been to! Loved it last year defiantly going this year!

Sean, 10/12/10


REBEL GATES, 10/12/10

im plannin on going this week on friday i been livin in atlanta for 2 years and ive alwayz heard that this was one of the most scarest hunted houses in the world im already scared me and ma hubby gona go there on a date i hope i dont get to scared but i cant wait =)

justine, 10/11/10

this will be my first year with my friends in they all said its was wonderful me alisha might go:))

Diamond, 10/11/10

this will be my first year with my friends in they all said its was wonderful me alisha might go:))

Diamond, 10/11/10

this will be my first year with my friends in they all said its was wonderful me alisha might go:))

Diamond, 10/11/10


john, 10/11/10

I went to Netherworld for my first time on the first day of October. I was in the front of my group for both museums. It was fun and got my adrenaline pumping.

Avi Botwinick, 10/10/10

This haumted house was the best haunted house ever!! i love it and i'm comming back every year!!

AJB, 10/10/10

This will be my first year, I have never even been in a haunted house and get scared really easily so the people working tonight wont have to work very hard to get me to freak out!! Wish me luck, I'm sure it will be a blast!

Jessica, 10/09/10


unknown, 10/09/10

havent gone friend invited me, i said no at first like i cant decide to go or not. i will start crying the pics dont look that scary so maybe. guess i should wear a diaper just in case i pee. =)

Sydney, 10/08/10

OMG! netherworld is the best....i've been going for four years and i love it!

Mara, 10/08/10

im goin to night i cant wait ive heard its so SCARY omg but im going with a group of people so idont know if that will help me from being crazy scared but i hope soo

courtney, 10/08/10

i went for the 1st time last year with 2 friends n it was great!! i loved it n were comin back this year!! cant wait!! :D

alex, 10/07/10

OMG! Im so Scared.........I havnt even went yet but my best friend said shes taking On MY BIRTHDAY OCTOBER 30!!!!!! Just so wont be scared by my self im taking 30 PEOPLE WITH ME! this is gonna be the best party everrrrrrrrrr:D

isis, 10/07/10

I so want to go here! I think my parents would definetly pay money for my family to go here!

Callie, 10/07/10

Me and some of my friends are going to netherworld this friday ... and i went last year and i was so scared that i was still shaking when i was in the caar going home....

etonv, 10/06/10

Hey i went to netherworld first day in October this year for my first time. I was so scared but i loved it. It was the bomb yea i am goin i=every year now.

Idan Livnat, 10/06/10

Haven't ever been to any haunted house before but I'm going to this one next weekend. Probably going to pee my pants and get freaked out, but I'm almost positive it will be worth it. Can't wait to see The Scariest Haunted House in America!!!! NETHERWORLD!!!!!!!!! -Emily.

Emily Lombardi, 10/06/10

I have never screamed as much as i did that evening at Netherworld!!! BEST Haunted House experience EVER!!

Gabrielle Hernandez, 10/06/10



Omg. We go every year! It's truly freaking amazing. Every yeat i, by some miracle, end up in my firends jacket.. while theyre in it.. I'm easily startled.. Lol. But it was horribly terrifying. LOVED IT

Sidney, 10/05/10


wendsday, 10/05/10

best haunted house everrr!!!going for my birthdayy this saturdayyy((: really excited<3

january, 10/05/10

im going to netherworld tonight...heard so much and seen the stuff on the net. soooooooo stoked. freakin huge horror fan an haunted house fan. live in chattanooga tn and looking for the ultimate experience. hopefully 27 dollars and a drive gives it to me... i will respond to it.... if im satisfied then anyone with a horror fetish should absoulutly love it. never been to a hauted house that i was fanatical about.... hope this will be it.... this is the test for me!!!!!!

Jim Harden, 10/05/10

OMG, im going this year 4 my sweet 16!!! this is going to be the best birthday ever! and i live for horror movies, so im hoping this will leave me, my bf, and my friends scarred 4 life!!! go netherworld!!!

Bri, 10/04/10

Dude...what the hell i went into the parking lot and i got chase down ...scary dude very scary

Chris williams, 10/04/10

Loved it, worth the 6 hour drive from Raleigh, NC.

Greg, 10/03/10

In this haunted house can they touch you??

mckenzie, 10/03/10

I had a great time last year in 2009 in Blood Night and Zombie Rampage!!This year ima have a good time again except this time in Gargoyle and Dead Salvage!!

BT, 10/03/10

how longg does thee tour usually last?*

allison, 10/02/10

I've always loved Netherworld! I've been going since I was 12, I'm 16 now!!xD

malia, 10/02/10

I've gone with my dad and his friend and his daughter (my on again, off again best friend) a few times in the past and we plan on doing it again, tonight in fact. I absolutely LOVE NetherWorld and would recommend this AMAZING haunted house to all my horror freak friends. :) I'm completely excited and can't wait for this year's haunted house. Gargoyles? Sounds fun! And "Dead Salvage"? The reviews sound great! Since we've been multiple times (and loved every one of them!) I feel that I can give a better response than some of these which say only that it "was scary and fun" or "I nearly peed!". Considering the fact that the haunted house is scary almost beyond belief, I don't blame them. However, such a review does little for those looking into this haunted house. First of all, the house is AMAZING! The costumes are completely realistic and the special affects are almost movie-worthy. We loved (my friend and I) the "tunnel of cockroaches" from a few years ago. With the dim lighting and the rubber cockroaches, we couldn't help but watch out step for fear that a brown beetle would crawl onto our foot. And that's just one small scene from this truly amazing haunted house. Have I mentioned the parking lot yet? No, I haven't. How could I have forgotten? The parking lot is also filled with amazing actors in tragic (and often gross) costumes worthy of a Hollywood production. While on their sight, I checked out their videos. I love their commercials, though they didn't show their best work. And I LOVE that they were in the Dragon*Con parade! In summary: The people working there, though dressed in scary costumes, are nice. However, I would not bring anyone under nine years old unless they had nerves of STEEL or someone who they could grip onto and feel safe. :) When you go, wear tennis shoes because you don't want to trip inside. That would be embarrassing. I highly recommend NetherWorld. Enjoy, boys and ghouls. -Fae DeLuna

Fae, 10/02/10

My friends and I just got home from Netherworld. It was absolutely incredible! I've gone for the past six years and this was by far the best ever. They should be selling season passes this season. I'll definitely be returning this season...

Bryan, 10/01/10

I have gone just about every year since 2004! I love taking people and watching them get scared, and the haunted house never seems to not scare me! I look forward to October because I know I'll be there one of the days of the month! The best haunted house, you have to go see it, they create the scare from the time you walk to buy your tickets to the time you run (yes run) back to your car. Just ask my cousin haha! See you again this year Netherworld!

Angela, 10/01/10

dude wat the f*** cant wait for this year went last year best haunted house ever it is worth the money me and friends going again this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!333333333333

number3, 10/01/10

I had a blast the past two years I went..even when I thought it was all over I got scared again at the end. I'm bringing my mom this time ;)

Brandi G., 10/01/10

This will be my first year going...I know i will pee in my pants and be scared to death, But i think i'mma have fun.

Rosa, 09/30/10

OMG i love this haunted house went in 08 09 and agin this year this place is THE BEST!!!!! coming again this year for another scare with a big crew>

cody white, 09/29/10

So i went to Netherworld for the first time last year and I'm never going back. This honestly has to be the WORST haunted house I've ever been to. Not worth the money OR the wait. I was seriously disappointed with it overall because i had been looking forward to going for about 2 1/2 years before i actually was able to go and the whole thing was a slap in the face. Firstly, they let WAY too many people in at one time so i never once jumped or screamed since the 10 or so people ahead of me got it first. And secondly, my "group" ran right into the group that was let in ahead of ours and we seen groups going back and forth the whole time. Netherworld was a big let down. Don't get your hopes up for this years "scare"

Rachel, 09/29/10

Great effects and scary psychological thrillers all around! Loved the entire thing! Well worth the trip to Atlanta!

Chris, 09/26/10


island chance, 09/26/10

Very impressed with the entire attraction! Husband and I loved it! Will be visiting every year and can't wait for 2011! Wish Netherworld was open year around!!!

Zofia, 09/25/10

I LOVED IT LAST YEAR! VERY SCARY! can't wait to come back, now with a bigger group of people!

Faye, 09/25/10

Netherworld is sooo fun!!! I remember when I first went I was so scared I almost peed in my pants! When I came the next couple of years I wasn't scared anymore but I had a whole lot of fun! thank you for making Netherworld so awesome and I can't wait to come again for my birthday this year and for many years to come!!!!!:)

Mary, 09/25/10

once agian NETHERWORLD is my fav haunted house love dead salivage i am your bigest fan hope to see you again on the15 of oct. 24 was awsome!!!!!!

island chance, 09/25/10

Going tonight for a girlfriends very unique bachelorette party!!! She a horror freak and I am sure it's going to be a very welcome surprise!! :)

Lindsey C, 09/24/10

this is going to be my first year to netherworld.........i cant wait but i am really scared to hopefully it is really scary becouse i love scary cant wait

wesley, 09/23/10

Last year was AMAZING! Our whole crew drove from Alabama to check this out and WERE NOT DISAPPOINTED! Can't wait to be back in line again this year;)

Jessie, 09/23/10

I can't w8 2 go this yr!!!! Plan on going on 10/16/10! Can't w8 2 take pics wit the actors. I went w/my boyfriend...well, now husband, back in 06 and have been visiting every yr. This place is the BEST!!!! Even tho I've been B4 my heart is pounding thinking of going bak this yr.

M.Jaimes, 09/22/10

i love this haunted house!it wasnt my first time,but i went last year with my boyfriend and it was amazing. he was even scared!!! lol i cant wait for this years themes!!!!!!! :D

tay, 09/13/10

last year i went with a group of 8. when we got there i thought it was gunna take forever to get through both houses, but it actually went by really fast. because as ur standing in line, you watch as the monsters in the parking lots scare other people, its pretty funny. all of the creatures look so real. i loved going to netherworld...and i hate anything that is scarey. great job everyone!

Shannon, 09/12/10

I love NetherWorld!! Went twice, and it was awesome!!!!

Ayanna Henderson, 09/04/10

This year will be my 3rd year to go to Netherworld. It's become a tradition for my friends and I. Yes, you have to wait in line a couple of hours if you go on a Saturday, but trust me, it's worth it!! Standing in line isn't so bad because you're still entertained by the actors who walk around trying to sneak up on you while you wait! They usually have some good music playing on loud speakers to get you pumped as well. Already planning a big group trip there for this year!!! Can't wait! :)

Amanda, 09/02/10

i just can't wait for netherworld 2010..

francisco, 08/28/10

i havent been to netherworld yet, but my parents have. they took their friends, and they all came home scared, they took a video of one of the 'creatures' chasing them out of their car... AHH! i cant go this year, because of me being pregnant... but next year i'll be ready to pee myself!!

ashley holmes, 08/27/10

This place is scary as @#$%t!!!! I have been 2 times and am going this year again i love how they scare your friends!!! It is sooooo Fukking awesome!!!!!

Scarlett Moon, 08/24/10

omg my first time to Netherworld was last halloween! and it was the BEST Halloween Ever!! Netherworld is amazingly scary I love it! We were so freaked out that we didn't even want to get out the car. I remember the whole line was laughing at me and my friends because we literally shot out of the haunted house and ran away screaming! Seriously. I love it and I can't wait to go again this year. Go! you won't be disappointed!!

jessica, 07/22/10

OK i went to NetherWorld in 2009 and omg i was so scared! i went with my rents and my best friend. This year I am taking sooo many more people because being alone is not good! Especially in the parking lot! I advise you to NOT stay alone out there! And one of the great things about Netherworld is that you don't know the people around you but once you are inside and if you get separated from whoever you came with you just go stay with a stranger and you guys are scared together. lol. oh and when we were on our way to netherworld we got lost so we called information and they gave us directions to LeatherWorld instead. turns out LeatherWorld is right next to Netherworld so enjoy. LOL. (: have some scary fun

Kiera, 07/03/10

netherworlds is the scariest and most awesome haunted house in america

hunter guess, 06/27/10

I went to Netherworld in 2009 with 3 of my friends. We all nearly wet our pants!! It was the best haunted house ever!!

emma, 04/15/10

Me and my dad step mom stepbro and my bestie went. I had a freaking good time! Im only im surprized i didnt have a heart attack,it was so scary! (a good thing :D)Its so realelistic!:)If your looking for a good time around halloween, then go to netherworld! <3 Cierra!

Cierra, 03/31/10

It was fun best haunted house i punched my friend in the face by accident hahaha my bad winn.

alex, 03/25/10

cant wait

james, 03/14/10

It was the best haunted house ever!when i first tried it out two years ago it was awsome but 2009 was the coolest!out of 5 stars i give it 100 stars!it was that good that i went over the limit with thumbs up!cant wait for 2010

NetherWorldRulz, 01/31/10

my husband and friends took me to atlanta for my birthday and we went on haloween night. i was so freaked out. i felt like i was in a scary movie. it was well worth my money and i will def. go back next year.

Sarah, 01/10/10

omg ive never been so scared in my life. The tunnel was the first thing that made me get sick. after that everything was scaring me. i literly almost peed on myself when the chainsaw guys got after me. then when i went to the bathroom this guy was shakin the dagum thing. idk if im going back next year but i probly will. it was awesome

Jessica Pearson, 12/16/09

i know it is a little late to poast a comment but i just have one you rock i have alrety filled one of these out but i have to say i am your biggest fan love blood night love zombie rampage i went 4 cout it 4 times this year have every shirt you have my wall is filled with things from NETHERWORLD like the zombie rampage enrgery drink if you have the time please e mail me live to hear from my idlol .......

island chance, 12/11/09

I came to your place last month and I loved Blood Night and Zombie Rampage so much! I can't wait until the 2010 season. Congrats on your 13th season last month and I will see you next year.

Johnny Hayes, 11/29/09

o the last time i went 2 yall hunted house i saw the zombie try 2 reach us and the trash can was moving but it was alsome and the vampire 1 it call blood night it was alsome and pretty good night and the 1st time i went in something say the bdy weird hehe

julie, 11/28/09

More scares than the Swine flu

Bryan Head, 11/16/09

man i was so scared i didnt even go in because my sister ped on herself

jhane, 11/14/09

Just got home from netherworld. The lines was short....Both houses were scary. They have More twist in turns than last year....Enjoyed it! Keep Up the good work!!

Ms.Can't wait til Next Year, 11/14/09

i have never been but i enjoy the pictures

kristal, 11/12/09

I went this past night with my girlfriend. I think I might have squeezed her hand off. It was the first time I had been. I don't think I've ever been so scared in my whole life. As for next year?I think once per lifetime is good enough for me. The scare was totally worth the money.

Holly, 11/07/09

i cant wait till go

Jonathan, 11/05/09

Man it was fun! I went Halloween and it was just superb! Man the spining tunle really screwed me up! I give it 5/5

Sean, 11/04/09

OH MY GOD, the scariest stuff ever! That #$%^ was ridiculously amazing. The clown creeped the eff out of me , I couldn't believe my eyes .I felt like i was in the movie HOSTEL, but MUCH worse. The actors would try to grab me and get close I was like NU UH, i was crying. I tripped three times on my dad's BROKEn leg. I pissed my pants and my hat popped off of my head twice. I couldn't stop screaming! ALTHOUGH there was this little stone lady by the stauts of angels or whatever, and she posedd =] lmso snd she scared the @#$% out of the girl infront of me and i was like SHES MY FAVORITE and she like blew on her nails and wiped it on her "costume" like you know showing shes DAMN cocky. I LOVED NETHERWORLD, so comming next yearrr (; yurpp bbby , . ~ addicted.

Jennifer, 11/03/09

boy that was scary and fun at the same time we went on halloween. had a lot of fun. ;-)

michelle, 11/03/09

hey. i am 12 years old and this is going to scare th pants off me. But i am not allowed to go cause i might scream until i have soar throat.

kaela, 11/03/09

I went yday and it was amazing! I loved it and talking to the monsters was great! aha! i wish i could of seen the collector though, he's my favorite monster! :)

Sonam desai, 11/02/09

omg last night i went with my friend! i thought the blood night was better cause the zombie rampage was more scary!!!!! but in blood night i saw an ipod on the ground! (man i should have picked it up!!!) and the goblin thingy started chasing us then my friends ran off and i was standing there covering my face while the dude was screaming in my ear!

emma fletcher, 11/02/09

the clown scared the hek out of me

enrique, 11/02/09

Me,Jimmy, Sharon, Bull, Kim , Chris and mom went to Netherworld about a week ago. Man it was scary! Chris screamed louder than anyone. I will go again. I'm sure it will just keep getting better. It is the best haunted house that I have ever been to. Thanks to everyone. Samantha Tilley

Samantha Tilley, 11/02/09

man this place was the best ever i would recommend this place to everyone within driving range to go its worth every single penny worth most defiantly coming back again next year for sure :)

michael miller, 11/01/09

Me and my husband have been to 4 other haunted houses in the last few weeks, including Haunted Montrose, Six Flags over GA, and 2 in Macon. Netherworld was by far the BEST EVERRR...I as sooo scared during Zombie Rampage I couldn't catch my breath and my heart was coming out of my throat. THE BEST SCARE EVER.. WORTH THE MONEY AND DRIVE. RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE..

April, 11/01/09


jenai, 11/01/09

I went wit my friends nd dude I frikkin loved it!!!! It scared the living crap outta me! the angel thing chased me nd my friend like 5 min in the house! If you want to be scared outta ur mind andd have feaar on ur face thisssss is the perfect thingg for anyone... I wanna go back next yr fo sho! but dont go to the shorter 1 its scarier but short and not as good... but u get creeped out mooo.. ur choice! but U have to go! ENJOY! I sureee did! In a creepy way... wahaha

Anna, 11/01/09

I went wit my friends nd dude I frikkin loved it!!!! It scared the living crap outta me! the angel thing chased me nd my friend like 5 min in the house! If you want to be scared outta ur mind andd have feaar on ur face thisssss is the perfect thingg for anyone... I wanna go back next yr fo sho! but dont go to the shorter 1 its scarier but short and not as good... but u get creeped out mooo.. ur choice! but U have to go! ENJOY! I sureee did! In a creepy way... wahaha

Annna, 11/01/09

i went last Saturday, it was sooooo cool! i laughed @ most parts & came out of each of the attractions laughing, my friend was screaming through the whole thing. i loved it!

A'Niecia DeFour, 11/01/09

I went two years ago and it was awesome! I just went last monday and it was so much fun! I think the zombie one was better than the vampire one. The zomibe one should have been the longer one. But it was still amazing and fun! I'm going again on the 13th! :)

Amber S., 11/01/09

Netherworld is the most amazing haunted house i have ever been in. The actors are incredible!

Victoria, 11/01/09

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for such a fun time last night. This event was so organized and professional!!! To make our evening even more special, my son lost his I-Phone in Blood Knight. We thought it was hopeless to even try to retrieve his phone...BUT, after talking to the very knowledgeable and courteous Staff Members that gave us the information we needed, the phone was turned into the Gift Shop and we got it back. Thank you...we will see you guys next year!!

Cyndi Singh, 11/01/09

ahhhh im going 2night!!! i cant wait i heard it was so scary and then so much fun.....wish me luck!!!!

Hannah :D, 11/01/09

I went with my little brother and mom last might, it was so much fun. We had a great time it was the best halloween ever

nikki, 11/01/09

Im going tonight and im so excited. I have heard so much about it. Cant wait! :)

Ansley Latner, 11/01/09

this is my first haunted house ive went to. i love the actors and they scared me to death and the most favorite part was blood night. that part scared me half to death with alot of vampires. i love that invsible mirrors. i went wit my dad and my friends, me and my friends were screamin all through da house and 2 of my friends got stuck when the monsters tryin 2 get them and me and my dad got them and try to tell them to come by. the guy with the chainsaw chased us and we were screaming for our lives and we ran as fast as we could. im going back there next year

DJ, 11/01/09

WOW i waz so scared but it was funny to see my brother and frends cry for help it my first year and itz the best i ever been to im definatly going next year cant wait if you havent went you absoultly have too go...ROCK ON!

tahirah, 10/31/09

OMG!!! netherworld is the best haunted house in the world!!!

john, 10/31/09

im goin 2nite... cnt wait but im scared!!

Briana, 10/31/09

Okay That Was The Best Haunted House I Have EVER Been 2!!! Sooah Great Job On The Actors Except This One Guy Told Me I Was Gunna F***in Die....What A Meannnieee!!! :))

Abree :), 10/31/09

The absolute best Halloween experience EVER! Costumes/make-up and special effects are extremely realistic. Haunting starts as soon as you step onto the property. Be prepared to pay $10 for parking if the main lot is full, but trust me it is well worth it. "Monsters" pose for pictures and then scare the crap out of you as soon as you start to feel comfortable. MUST do BOTH haunts. Don't miss them. This will absolutely be a yearly event for us from now on. Next year we're bringing a group. Long lines, but well organized and they move very quickly. Sooo cool.

Holly, 10/31/09

I have been the past 2 years, and just recently came for the 3rd time a couple weeks ago! I don't get scared easily but it never fails that everytime i come i am TERRIFIED. Effects and makeup are AMAZING. Definatly deserves to be #1 haunted house in america!! Hopefully coming again next weekend! Keep up the awesome work!!!!

Sierra, 10/31/09

I have been to the netherworld many times when I was younger.When I told my boyfriend, who is from Philly, I wanted to go see a haunted house since he's from out of town I assumed that he would NOT pick this one. Much to my surprise when he showed up to pick me up that night he told me where we were going. For the next three hours at dinner all I could do was talk about how scary this place was and that he might want to call a buddy to replace me because I may run out one of the exits(which I ended up doing every year prior)....I can say that I did end up going and I actually made it all the way through! Ya'll do such a great! I definitely fear having to back!

Anna, 10/31/09 && my cuzzo are qonna be there 2nite.! we're so scared.! =] can't waiit thouqh.

tiiNY;*, 10/31/09

I went last night wth my family from alabama and had a blast!! I get freaked out really easily but last night I was okay!! Had a few screams but it was well worth the wait and the time to go in!!

DeLynn Smitherman, 10/31/09

I came last night with my family and friends.I thought i would be to afraid to do it but once i got in their i loved it. ya'll scared the crap out of me and my family.but i will be back next year.

josh, 10/31/09

Netherworld was my first Haunted House I've been to! The actors were amazing! The chainsaw scared me I ran down the street. I'm deffinatley coming again next year! Keep up the haunted work!!!

Jayla, 10/31/09

This was by far the best haunted house I have EVER been to!! It scared the crap out of me but i had the BEST time! The actors were so hidden until they decided they wanted to scare u....and since i was clinging to my friend the whole time, they knew i was scared:) Blood Night was AMAZING and Zombie Rampage was just as great....i am definately coming again next year...sooo worth it:)

MW, 10/31/09

Ive been the past 3 yrs and I have to say when I think it cant get any better it does!!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

Jennifer, 10/30/09

hell no. im too scared to go! i'll piss my pants.i like to scare but not be scared. lol. its crazy i love scary movies but HATE HATE HATE haunted houses! ever since i was 10 and i got chased all the way to my door step by michael myers! that scarred me for life! forreall! you couldnt pay me one hundred dollars to go!

Kaitlyn, 10/30/09

I would like to Thank You, I had a GREAT time went on Weds to both, came all the way from Orlando Florida, Can't wait to come back next year. Took a lot of photos and your cast are fantastic. I work for Disnay but would like to take 2 weeks off next year to come and work for you, if this could happen please write me. once again Thank you. You rock.

Edwin Matatall, 10/30/09

I had alot of fun. I thought that Blood Night is worth the twenty dollars.I will return again next year. My friend was freaked out by Zombie Ram. so she didnt come into Blood Night so she deffently missed out

Chris Jones, 10/30/09

omg! im qoinq tmr wid my boyfriend and a qroup ov friends i kant wait!!

taetae, 10/29/09

Drove from Columbia, SC and I was not disappointed. Your haunt is by far the best I've ever been to. Good job and keep up the good work.

Doug Wilder, 10/29/09

Simply put.. It was freaking awesome!!!

Ashley Cribbs, 10/29/09

Caught it on the travel channel WednesdayinNewJersey-

AdeleSorese, 10/28/09

OMG! That was the best night I have had in sooo long. The fact that every single one of my senses was used made it that much better! The scares were awesome the way I NEVER knew when they were gonna happen. Totally worth it. Thanks guys!!!!!

Katiiee, 10/28/09

OMG that was so freeeeaky! me and my friends went a couple of weeks ago and it was!!!! whoever is reading this, u HAVE to go! tell mr scaly i said hi and we miss him! to dolly too!!! luv yaalll

Madddi(grace brandi ashley), 10/28/09

so much fun!!! the actors you talk to in the parking lot will not come out of character for anything! i was standing next to my car taking a pic of my friends and apparently one of the creatures was behind me the whole time. my friends were giving me a weird look so i turned around and that thing scared the CRAP outta me!! lol but to make up for it he took a pic with us! this haunted house is worth every penny!

courtney, 10/28/09

Me and a group of my friends went to netherworld last saturday. i must say i was impressed. the lines were very long but the dj's and actors did an amazing job of making them fun and enjoyable. the staff was awesome and made the lines move as quickly as possible. then came the houses, Blood Night was the first we went through and it was very creepy. the effects used were magnificient and the actors did very good at using the element of surprise. after that we walked through Zombie Rampage. I personally found it more scary than the first due to the use of more actors. it was much shorter than the first but the sounds used (very loud at all times, made you stand on edge) and the actors did an awesome job. this was my first year coming and i will definitely be coming back next year!!

Chase Kendall, 10/27/09

The best year yet. Every year gets better & better. OMG! It was so Awesome & Frightful! You "MUST" go see it.

Stacy, 10/27/09

cant wait to go this saturday i heard this sh*t was the booooommmbbb!!!!!!!! im bringin extra clothes...lmao (:

jennayy, 10/27/09

We were in town to film a wedding and my daughter mentioned the Netherworld. I remembered it from when it was featured on the Travel channel as the #1 haunted house in America. It definitely is the best haunted house I've ever seen and I've been to a lot. I just wanted to take my time walking through looking at all of the props. They put a lot of work, time, money and energy into making it "The Best." It is worth the money and it's a must see when you're in ATL.

Janice Celeste, 10/26/09

we are sooooooooo excited to check outt this place thats getting great reviews,honestly i was relucant to want to pay the price, but i guess im hoping it will be worth it. im going to take a chance on it. let you know how it goes were going on the day before HALLOWEEN and i cant wait.......till then!!=}

Amber & Corey, 10/26/09

well yall skared da crap out of me, i went with my homegrl kuba and my husband eric wow i think my man was screaming more den me. two thumbs up on dat vortex foreal. it felt like i was highh off some qood weed lol hhahaaha well i aint quna lie the chainsaw man skaredd me really bad felt like i was guna have a heartattack. im 16 ive seen some real pretty scary stuff in my life REAL stuff like ghost parnormal things. but ahahaha yall really got me skared. good job =]

yesenia teardrop[g], 10/26/09

We went on Saturday night.. OMG it was reallly really scarey.. the line was really long... but it was really worth all the time in the cold!!!! IT WAS AWESOME>>

Emily, 10/26/09

BEST haunted house ever... worth everybit of 25 bucks...

cody, 10/26/09

My husband wants me to go, but I dont like things jumping out at me. If I can see it comming Im ok but I dont like being in the dark!

Shawna, 10/25/09

This was my second year coming to Netherworld and I must say it was even better than last year. It was so scary and so fun! Great special effects and great actors! I can't wait to come back next year!

Ellie, 10/25/09

I went with a couple friends last night and it was great. We Had to stand in line in the cold for a while but it was definately worth it. best haunted house i have gone to yet. I dont get scared easily but it got me to jump a few times and if you can scare me then your doin a great job.You'll be seein us again next year. Anybody who is lookin to have a good time and a good scare i definatel recommend Netherworld

Chris Lickliter, 10/25/09

This was our first time to a haunted house. Had a blast!!! Well worth the long wait. Netherworld kept everybody entertained with music and monsters everywhere. The actors were totally in character. I think they really enjoy their jobs. I noticed several different themes from some of my favorite horror movies. It was an exciting experience that I would definitly do again next year. Keep up the hard work.

Jennifer and Hugo, 10/25/09

My husband I went to Netherworld last night and I thought it was awesome! You have definitely put a lot of thought and money into it. My only complaint is that it was too crowded. I would have liked to have gone in slower and without so many people in front of me and behind me. It was so visually stimulating and I would've liked more time to take it all in. In conclusion, I was impressed and you did a great job putting it all together! I highly recommend anyone to come experience it.

A Taylor, 10/24/09

I went last year to netherworld and am going again tonight!!!!!!!! It is scary and really fun. The guys that chase u with chainsaws are realllllllllllly freaky. I don't know anybody that hasn't com running out of the haunted house. See u tonight!!!!! Bring on the scare. :)

Max, 10/24/09

me my mom and dad went last yr. and we had great time.i was so SCARED so was my mom my dad was laughing at us the hole time.

tori, 10/24/09

Me and my boyfriend and his mom are going tonight! he claims he wont be scarred but i cant wait because i knw its going to scare the mess out of him here we come netherworld ! yay

Iesha Key, 10/24/09

So im going to Netherworld haunted house next saturday on halloween day for the first time. i'm not really into haunted houses but i figured that i heard my friends went and i told them im gonna go and i've never been in a haunted house before, so i hope they scare me good, i'll let ya'll know what it was like. peace

DJ Jackson, 10/24/09

We are going for the 1st time on saturday to celebrate my nephew's bday. I am already scared to death after watching the video! I know I'm not gonna sleep for days after this, but you only live once!!! Here goes nothing 8)

Crystal, 10/23/09

OMG. . . me and my bestie and my mom are going tomorrow. Cannot wait to see u guys. heard it was freaky scary. I have been saying how excited i was for two weeks now the wait is finally over:))) Make me scared.

Tori<3, 10/23/09

I went last night and @#$% myself within the first 5 minutes. it was fun though lots of scary moments. don't go on a full stomach though (damn varsity.

sammy jr, 10/23/09

So me and my boyfriend arew supposed to be going this weekend. He is so excited but me not s much. I already have the feeling I am going to be spooked out of my mind. Well I am a little excited. -Jessica

Jessica, 10/22/09

going today

wolf, 10/22/09

I have been to Netherworld the past two years and I'm planning on bringing quite a few people with me on Sunday. You quys do an awesome job and I only hope its better this year.It takes alot to make my boyfriend say a haunted house was good and he has done so much bragging since last year all of our friends want to come. See you guys Sunday!

Amanda, 10/22/09

Netherworld was awesome. best haunted house everrr! and ive been 2 alot of haunted houses. i the guy that crawled and growled, he scared the living day lights out of me!!!

kimr, 10/21/09

Me and my bff Paris are going to Netherworld! We cant wait!!!

Jayla, 10/21/09

i want to go to this really bad but im not sure cuz from what i herd its really SCAREY!!! REALLY BAD and i like stuff like this but it wounld be fun if you took all your friends and went but hopefuley i can go next year see yuh next year see you guys soon maybe!!=))

MeGaN<3, 10/21/09

netherworld is seriously the best haunted house EVER!!! i went last year with my friends and we were reluctant to go in but once we did we LOVED ITTTT!!! ive already been once this season and i plan on going two more times! i love netherworld!!!!!

gabbbb, 10/20/09

OMG!!!! NETHERWORLDS IS THE BEST!!!! those sliders are the best! they get so close, my poor friend is still shaking, but she had an AMAZING TIME 2!

Farah, 10/20/09

I really enjoyed many of the new exhibits espesially the angel/statue and many other "air borne" actors. The few dark spots made it especially scary for me, because I am afraid of the dark, and it seemed to build up the suspense of what was coming next. The pig was pretty scary too. It reminded me of a Clive Barker short story. Keep up the good work.

Sandra Porter, 10/20/09

my friends and i took a road trip to atlanta just for netherworld! it was awesome and well worth the trip in scares and screams. the characters were very convincing and the animatronics were insane! will definitely go back again in the years to come.

aria, 10/20/09

i absoulutly loved netherworld it was so so so fun, everything is so real an the actors are amazing. i have alreay went once this year but i think i might go again before it closes down for the year. if not though i will defentily be back next year. this is now a tradition. ILOVE YOU NETHERWORLD

Haley Elizabeth, 10/20/09

the haunt we experienced was awesome!the staff was great.we loved the character they had.we will definetly be returning to visit you guys!we loved far the best haunted house i've ever experienced!

tina rich, 10/19/09

This place is very cool. mason brewington

mason, 10/19/09

Me, my husband and our friend went to Netherworld last weekend for the first time. We drove all the way from Alabaster Alabama just to see what all of the excitment was about. We really enjoyed the haunted house. Honestly my favorite was the set up though. I was really amazed at how much they got in there. And I absolutely loved the Gothic Angel in the first haunted house. I wish that I could have gotten a picture of her. The people did a really good job at putting the house and makeup effect together.

Melanie, 10/19/09

Me and my nephews came down Saturday night,I've been to hundreds of haunted houses,this is the "mack daddy"of them all....The only words to describe it is "Scary"...... Jeff Carter 10/17/09

Jeff Carter, 10/19/09

i love it its the best i ever been to

josh garrett, 10/18/09

OMG! i went last night and it was the scariest thing ive ever done in my life!!! i am soo soming next year!!! the monsters looked soo real!!!! it was as if i was in a horror film!!!!!

Elizabeth, 10/18/09

omg freakind g i cant wait until this weekened im going to the awnsome neither worl for my fourth time in a row with a whlole bunch of my friends i hope i see the scary tree man and the sparky guy i aslso hoep my friend gets chased around again lol it waz so funny she got lost but we sitll had a awsome time ive been hearing about neiter world on everywhere and i cant wait untl oct 24 hope i see u tere tree man lol

danyell willams, 10/18/09

I went to netherworld last year of 08 and when i say i got scared i mean i got scared!I left my cousin behind and lost him for 1hour...I went when they had the attractions with the doctor and then one with the carnivore or w.e..You guys are amazing at what you do..But im thinking twice about going lol!

Veronica, 10/18/09

OMG, i was so scared but had the best time of my life. definitely returning back again soon. its amazing people, truly amazing

Max Koval, 10/18/09

OMG, i went there last night with my friends,and i had SO much fun!! I can't wait to go again next year! :)

Michelle, 10/17/09

OMG I AM SO EXCITED FOR NETHERWORLD TOMORROW NIGHT!!!! im 13 and im goin with my bf and his dad!! a lot of ppl went from my school and they said it was AMAZING!!! CANT WAIT!! its rly hard to scare me so i cant wait to c how much i scream ahahaha

Lindsayyy =)))))))), 10/16/09

i went there i really couldn't sleep i was so scared that when i got out to go in again the group of people i was with left me so i was there by myself going in again and i almost peed on myself!!!!

kabrika thomas, 10/15/09

Netherworld is awesome! i went last friday! they do an amazing job all the time. the actors and props are fantastic. i am the video of netherworld hosted by bam in the part when they show the heart room. im in the striped hoodie:) once again amzing job.

Colton, 10/15/09

I went with a whole group of people and it was the by far scariest thing I have ever seen. The bald sparker guy out front made me extremely uncomfortable but he was really cool looking. Personaly I enjoyed the second one better, just because the first one seemed like a warm-up. The second was so unique and I loved it! P.S. I got scared more then the other 13 in our group!!! LOL!

Kindsey Raines, 10/15/09

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Senter

mike senter, 10/15/09

NETHERWORLD is one of the best haunted houses you could ever go to,if not the best. The lights, the sounds, the in your face show, the awsome sets, and need I not forget the DEADicated actors.Living in alabama there isn't alot of great haunted houses but the drive to NETHERWORLD was so worth it! Can't wait to see the trail for next year!

Matt Taylor, 10/14/09

I went last Friday for the 5th year in a row and let me tell you WOW!!! Netherworld has never ceased to amaze me! I will probably go back in a few weeks and defenatley be coming back next year! Thanks guys for making NEtherworld the BEST!

Daphne Vigil, 10/14/09

Netherworld was hands down worth the drive from Albertville, Alabama. We love every detail! Love the "piggy" scared the crap put of me=) We WILL be back! Visit me

Jessie 2sTr82bGaY (#1 on google!), 10/14/09

I went to Netherworld last night and I can't stop telling everyone how awesome it was, between the spark squad out front, and inside the house itself, I had a blast. I went with some friends and I had to hold one of them the whole way so she didn't absolutely freak out. ...and just when I was getting all comfortable with guessing where everyone was coming out from, I turn to find someone standing 2 inches away from my face, straight out of the shadows!!! It was simply too much to take in, and I'm planning to take some other friends before the season's over!

Dante, 10/14/09

Awesome Job NetherWorld...Me and My boyfriend and our friend loved it was scary as crap but fun we really had a good time.Thank You!!! went Tonight 10/13/09

Jay Howard, 10/13/09

OMG a bunch of my friends have gone so i finally decided to suck it up and go. I'm going on Friday with my bestest friend and some other people from school. It's gonna be awsome!!!! I know a kid who went and peed his pants he got so scared!!!!! I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

Ashley Ilderton, 10/13/09

We got scared to death!! Even one of the girls that does not get scared screamed alot and I am so glad I was right behind her. Thank you so much for the scare. We are now going to make it our tradition to go every year.

Jackie Shell, 10/13/09

ohh my gosh just by reading the stories && looking at the pictures im already scaired!!..i have never been there so its going to be my first time im planning on going this friday after school i am 14 and im in high school and so i think im gunna cry!!!!

sandra, 10/12/09

i loved netherworld this year i went last year but this year beat last year and headless horsemen nice job i hope to come back next year.

scotty kurz, 10/12/09

I'm 23 years old and I took my 14 year old brother to Netherworld last night. Every 3 seconds something popped out and scared the crap out of me!! My poor brother has bruises up and down his arm because of me. The actors and props were AMAZING, nothing was done at an amatuer level! I'll be going back next year!!!

Amber, 10/11/09

Me and my husband are going to Netherworld this saturday for the first time. We are celebrating our 5 years wedding anniversary month. He asked me what I wanted to do, and I said go to Netherworld. So we are driving from Alabama to see what all of the excitment is about. I can not wait!!! We are true horror and halloween buffs, so I hope they do scare us both. I will let you know when we get back.

Melanie, 10/11/09

I went to Netherworld last night. First time I have ever been. I figured that since this is their 13th year, how appropriate it would be to go. What a way to start off the haunting season! Absolutely phenomenel. The costumes, the makeup, the scenery and the acting were fabulous! My friend and I drove from Trussville, AL and it was well worth the trip and the price. To everyone who works at Netherworld, behind the scenes and right there in our faces... ATTA BOY and kudos to you! Thanks for a great scare!

Kelly Odeneal, 10/11/09

Wow!!!! I went to Netherworld last night and it was sooooo cool! the actors and effects were unbelieveable! They did an exceptional job and I cant wait to go back! I would reccomend it to anyone older than 10, little kids would be too scared. I even got scared! Perfect for dates or just going with family and friends.

paige, 10/11/09

i have never been to netherworld.. i live about 2 hours away. me and my friends want to go.. but we want to make sure it is worth the drive.. can somebody explain me about it?? and how long is it?

mary raybon, 10/11/09

Came from Aiken, SC just to go to NetherWorld, and was well worth the drive, Great Details, Most deff. recommend to anyone who wants the S*&t scared out of them!!!

David A. Mora, 10/11/09


BOSTON CHICK, 10/11/09

I went to both of the attractions last night. traveled from Aiken, SC just for Netherworld. It was, by far, the best haunted house I have been in ever! Details!!!! OMG! They were so detailed...and thrilling....every 3 seconds I was jumping around and screaming. I would definitely recommend this to ANYONE who wants to crap scared out of them! I can't wait to go again now.

Marty Thomas, 10/11/09

When i was walking with my dad to get my tickets i was already terrified. when i walked into the house i was literaly shaking and bout to cry. But i didnt. the actors do an amazing job at there job. and the sets, and props are terrific. the effects are amazing to well ehis haunted house was one of the best experiences in my life. THANKS!

Cathy b., 10/11/09

How long does it take to go thru the haunt ?

brandy, 10/10/09

I went to Netherworld last night, im 15 and I cried like a little girl! It was so scary, but so much fun! I went 2 years ago and this year was even better. The line wasnt long at all, and Zombie Rampage was really fun. Netherworld is AMAZING! :) I'm going back in like 2 days lol!

Riley H., 10/10/09

hayy , i went to netherworld last night an dit was AHMAZINGLYY scaryyyy ! ilovedd it ! i love the fact yuh cant even get out of yurh car with out getting scareddd !@ if yuh havnt gone GOOOOO 10-10-9

hannah hughes, 10/10/09

omg i went yesterday with my friends this was the second year gng an i love it i was screaming the whole time an i was bieng chase lke crazy love the actors gng again really soon cant wait love it >>>>>

maura chavez, 10/10/09

i am going to netherworld for the first time tonight. i am so excited,i cant wait. i will write again when i get back to let you know how it was. im sure it will be awesome

julia hensley, 10/10/09

i remember the last time i came to netherworld which was a couple years back and will never forget it!! every sincethen, ive been hooked!I cant wait to see whas in store for me tonight!

josh hicks, 10/10/09

i love neatherworld i just came back from my 3rd time this year blood night i love the moast i screamed like a little girl in zombe rampae i have been 5 times in the last 2 years last year manler and carnivore i cryed yes and i am a 13 year old boy would not think any other haunted house would please me more than neatherworld....

island chance, 10/09/09

I am going to Netherworld Hanuted House tomorrow with some friends, and im so anxious and i know my friends are too. Eventually we are going to suck up our fear of this haunted house and make this an every year thing!!

t. Wakefield, 10/09/09

I just wanted to let you know that I have been to your haunted house about 3 times in the last 5 years. It is great, but I have always wanted to go the Universal Studios Florida Horror night. I thought if Netherworld is this good, I can't imagine how much better the Universal one would be. I finally got to go last week. Well let me tell you, they need your help in putting on a horror event desperately. It was the biggest disappointed. If we had not had other people with us, we would have left after the first hour. I could not find anyone that had ever been to the Universal one, but now I will be able to tell everyone I know not to waste there time and money to go to the Universal Horror nights, but I will and have told everyone how good Netherworld is. I have never been at least disappointed when I visited your event. THANKS!!!! Just wanted to let you. People always here the bad things but never pass along compliments. D. Lance Chatsworth GA

D. Lance, 10/09/09

This is the place I went for my 1st date w/my boyfriend of now 2 years. We loved it!!! We will soon be celebrating 3 yrs together and are planning on coming here again. I can't wait. All the actors do an awesome job. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!

Michelle Melendez, 10/09/09

I've been to Netherworld three times and I love it. Im going back on Saturday. Cant wait to see the new attractions!

Kate Wilson, 10/09/09

been going every year since netherworld opened. sometimes more than twice a year. i always bring newcomers and get them hooked. every year is better than the last. you did it again for 2009!! i always scream then start laughing. the actors and actresses are great and do their job well. thanks for starting my halloween off great! see you next year!

joan rousseau, 10/08/09

OMG!! i have been to Netherworld 3 times and everytime it has been FANTASTIC!!! i love it. i almost cry everytime. i am going again this year! :) yay!! cant wait to see you guys again!!!!

Amber Sullens, 10/08/09

I went last year to the haunted house and it was the scarest thing i went too..u have to experience it on ur own.

ayan, 10/08/09


DIANA COLLEY, 10/08/09

i just wanted to say that im going tommrow and im soo excited :D

Savanna, 10/08/09

Ive gone every year since 06 and its amazing, every year it get scarier. IDK when im going this year yet still trying to decide but im sure it will be amazing yet once again. I do suggest to get their early because the first people to go in always have more room between groups make the haunted house scarier.

stephtastiic, 10/07/09

Went last year and it was badazz !! i will be there again this year.

shane boswell, 10/07/09

I love this place. This year will be my 6th time going in a year and im only 13 I love this place. I want to become a monster when I am 18. I cant wait. My mom was a monster when she turned 19 and she said it was the best fun she ever had.

Amanda Peek, 10/07/09

Soooo.....Netherworld better Rock like everybody says. Me and my Best Friend are choosing NETHERWORLD, over our SENIOR HOMECOMING. but its cool... where all ready to get Crunk!!! ~LaNora & Macy~

LaNora, 10/07/09

I come every year to Netherwold and sit in my car and watch the action in the parking lot, maybe this year I'll get the courage to actually go in.

Raine, 10/06/09

Hey NetherWorld I so cant wait to come this year i will be there next weekend 10/17/09 with my family.its gonna be awesome. I went their last year with a couple of friends and i love it.GREAT JOB!!!

Jay Howard, 10/05/09

i went last year and it wae awesome 10x betta that sloss so ya'll g2g 2 it. i going again on 10/17/09 wooooo

d'net, 10/05/09

Me and my husband are going to Neitherworld on 10/17/2009 for the first time. We are driving all the way from Alabaster, Alabama and I am totally siked. I have been wanting to go for many years now. Between reading all of the reviews and watching documentaries on TV, I am getting more anxious.I hope it is as scary as everyone saids it is. I will keep everyone posted when we get back.

Melanie, 10/05/09

Ive Been Reading All Tha Comments &'d Im Kinda Getting Scared Already. I Will Be Attending The Hunted House This Friday 11/09/09 So I Hope It Be As Scary As Yall Saying ! I'll Update Yall When I Come Back Friday !

Aliyah, 10/05/09

I wanted to tell you how much my friends and I enjoyed your haunt. The actors in the lot did such of great job of keeping us entertained while we waited. The haunts themselves were amazing. Thanks to all of you for what you do. We will be back for sure! Jenn

Jenn, 10/05/09

Went tonight for the first time ever, it was a blast even with the mild drizzle. One small note to the ladies, don't wear narrow boot heels or the like. I ruined a great pair inside from some of the floor as my heels slipped through. A side from that it was a blast and breath taking!

Brandy, 10/04/09

I havent even been to netherworld but i have been reading the reviews and it has gotten my heart Pumping im going next weekend and i cannot wait!!

Joe, 10/04/09

This place is da bomb!!! Ive probably thought about this place every day since last year wen i went haha! it is so cool and so scary. this will be my third year going and this year it sounds awesome! i remember the first time i went i was waiting in line and i had to step out like three times cause i had to go to the bathroom. it is so freakin scary and the actors do a GREAT job of scaring u! i cant wait to go in a couple weeks!!!!!!!

Andrew, 10/04/09

Last year I took my fiancee to Netherworld for our first date. We're now engaged to be married in 08/2011. Thanks for a great first date Netherworld. She was soooo scared she stuck to me like glue the entire time and we have been inseparable ever since! We're definitely coming back this year!!!! -LH

L.H, 10/04/09

witch is scaryer the zomby one or the vampire one??

chandler smith, 10/04/09

I've been to Netherworld about every year since 2005 and it's never let me down. This year I went on opening weekend and it still makes me scream. You never know what's going to pop out and they keep adding bigger and better things. Plus Dolly is adorable. This place never disappoints.

elizabeth, 10/04/09

Me, my husband and 2 of our friends went last night and it was amazing! The spinning tunnel freaked me out so bad, I didn't know if I was going to make it out. The monsters were so freaky and I got a lot of pictures with some of them out in the parking lot. I loved all the special effects, I was in awe of it all. I think we will make it a halloween tradition to go every year now!!!

Krystal P., 10/04/09

o.m.g i went last year with all of my friends and it was sooooo much fun even though i fell over the toilet in going back this year cant wait 8op

heather arnold, 10/04/09

So it was my first time last year going and i read some of the revews before i went one i got there a guy climed under my car and when i steppet out he grabed my ankle i screamed so hard that the parametics came to see what happened but one my friends and i got in it was so much fun well or shall i sat SCARY!!!!

Hallie, 10/04/09

I went to Netherworld last year and my friend and I were so afraid so we decided to do hug every netherworld actor that tried to scare us. We actually scared some of them because they weren't expecting it! Netherworld is great, special effects amazing, and you will NEVER forget it! Can't wait to come back this year!

MiaXD, 10/03/09

My two friends and I came down 2 years ago and we've been scared since!! I fouind this place online and it was rated the number one scariest haunted house in the nation. I had never been to a haunted house before so I decided if I was going to I was going all out! Did I ever!!! We had so much fun being scared we are all addicted now. Nothing since or after will compare to the greatness of Netherworld. I tell everyone they have to go and experience what a REAL haunted house is like. My friend almost cracked my ribs because she was squeezing me so hard and my throat was sore from all the screaming and it was totally worth every penny! I totally love being scared now!

veedub, 10/03/09

i went to netherworld last year and it was the best one i've ever been too. i'm going back on the 10th with my best friend. i almost wet my pants when a dude chased me down a ramp with a chainsaw but i laughed my butt off. it was amazing! keep it up!

Chelsie, 10/03/09


Necrotech Whistle Blower, 10/03/09

Woah! i went here tonight at 9 I just got back at 12 It was so awesome! 10/2/2009 man! the beggining was crazy as EVER in blood night some dude swings down like afoot from your head freaky!!!! The ending is cool as well, cant tell you you just gotta experience it yourself. I also love the beggining of zombie rampage! the drink is delicious as well... i dont know what the hype of all this zomibe... turning .. ingredient is... woah I gotta lie down.

Caleb Lewis, 10/03/09

This place changed my life. I honestly want to work at a place like this now. I want to make this the scariest place in history.

Andrew, 10/03/09

Ok, me and a group of friends will be going on October 9th. I've been reading everyone's reviews, and I am so scared. My cousin made an attempt to go there last yr, but y'all scared her so bad in the parking lot, she got back in her car and went home. But I'm still going, because I know I will be screaming and laughing. This is going to be great. I will be back on here to give a legit review, ONCE i actually go.

shari, 09/30/09


ESHA, 09/30/09

omg I went to netherworld so freked out i almost didnt get out the car but i first went into ZOMBIE RAMPAGE and after my first scare i had the best time of my life. I came all the way from south alabama and the drive was sooo worth it. The lights the FX it was awsome. Comeing back in a couple of days NETHERWORLD ceep it up !!!!!!!!

matthew solwold, 09/28/09

This place is crazy. Me and like 6 of my best frinds all went thinking it wouldnt be scary and we almost peed in our pants the whole time. Extremely creepy stuff and well done.

EDubb, 09/27/09

Best haunted house I've ever been to. Amazing cast of characters and special effects. Love every second of it. Entertaining from the time you get out of your car until they chase you back to it. Just got home from it this year and had just as much fun as I have the last 3 years. Love you guys and keep up the amazing job. I'll probably be back before the season is over!!!

Dustin Croft, 09/27/09

Oh MY GOSH That was so much fun i went there it was so good and in two years i am hopeing to join your cast. ;D

amber, 09/26/09

This is one of the best Haunted Houses I have ever been in. I left out of there with the biggest bruise on my knee from actually trying to escape, then fell...I've never been so scared!! Can't wait for this year!!!

Stacey, 09/24/09

Really great Haunted House! Went last year for the first time and liked it so well, went back (from Savannah) the next weekend. We will be there on opening weekend this year. Keep up the scares. Good job guys!

Emmitt and Harris, 09/21/09

Really great Haunted House! Went last year for the first time and liked it so well, went back (from Savannah) the next weekend. We will be there on opening weekend this year. Keep up the scares. Good job guys!

Emmitt and Harris, 09/21/09

I'm really looking forward to coming to your place this year. My wife and I travel around just to go and see these type of places. We hope it's not like univeral studios in orlando. big thumbs down to that place. See you real soon.

Edwin Matatall, 09/20/09

0mgeeeee!! Cant wait until this year!! Last year was sick! Im S0o0o0o0 ready for the new house!! YES!! KEEP UP THE G00D SCARES! =)

MySSDeM0NCHiLD, 09/17/09

Congratulations! We all love what you do there. We travel a long way to see your haunted house. Having some spare time and money allows for silly and odd hobbies. So... NETHERWORLD Has been awarded the title: The Scariest Haunt in the Eastern U.S. Region We do not accept any donations or payment of any kind. No Catches. No Scams. Just a Well-Deserved Award We are an Independent group of haunted house lovers. True diehard spook house junkies. We travel all over the States enjoying businesses like yours. Some are much better than others. Some really suck. A choice few, like yours, go the distance, and well beyond. That unique combination of art, effort and design, which creates a "World Class Haunt" is so very special. We love it! And we want to offer you this special recognition. We want nothing from you, except, to keep 'em Screamin'. Thanks for the great scares and keep up the fantastic work. R. Duke LaRouche, Nashville, Tennessee America's Scariest Haunts Who, what, why: We built a simple little site to share our choices with other haunt fans. It's not fancy, because we won't waste our time and money on websites. We don’t want to sell ads to haunts. It would turn fun into work. We just want to visit more haunts like yours! Hope to see you soon, but you won't see us... Keep it Scary Guys!!!!

R. Duke LaRouche, 09/17/09


JOHN, 09/13/09

If you're looking for a fun, original, realistic, and scary as hell way to get into the Halloween spirit, Netherworld is it. Always a blast, my friends and I are DEFINITELY going to be coming here for years to come!

Jane Baer, 09/13/09

We went last year for the first time after seeing it on the travel channel as a top 10 scariest hh......and they were totally right! If you come, bring a change of pants....and be prepared to scream-even if you are a guy! comin back again this year......cannot wait.hollywood calibar all the way. nice job guys!

christy, 09/13/09

Scariest place ever! Usually I hate waiting in line, but for this it's worth it. I love it. My cousins and I came here for the last two years, and we're deffinitely going again this year.

Nabilah, 09/12/09

The best part of the haunted house was watching my buddies scream like girls...LOL. Best haunted house I've ever been too and plan to go back this year. The effects are very realistic and scary as hell.

Eric, 09/10/09

Netherworld is amazing!! I love halloween and I look forward to going back! I am counting down the days until Netherworld is open for scaring. I would go everyday if I could. I would love to work there!! Having a haunted house of my own is a dream of mine and I love what they do at the Netherworld. The costumes are great, and the fun begins from the parking lot. Love it, Love it, Love it!!! If you haven't been you need to go.

Marie *future Bryant*, 09/09/09

I had to most amazing time last year at Netherworld-- got the s**t scared out of me! Now counting the days until it opens again, and my friends and I are already planning our next trip...we laugh constantly about how scared we all were.

Carolann Baer, 09/07/09

this is a scary

makensey, 09/07/09

Im a HUGE horror film, nightmare on elm street, friday the 13th, etc. And I LOVED THIS place It is no joke one of my FAVORITE places to go with friends!! to bad its only open a month each year! I remember exactly how i felt when i stepped in the first haunted house the first time i went last Year I stepped in looked around saw all the freaky stuff and the dark hall with all the monsters and said "this is gunna be scary!" and it was!! but it was one of the most fun ive ever had!! I cant wait to go this year!! RUN FROM DINOSAURS! now that is gunna be sweet! i love the robots they got! LONG LIVE NETHERWORLD!!!!!

Caleb Lewis, 09/03/09

The days can't go fast enough for me to get back up to NETHERWORLD. Went last year as a "girl's night out" with two friends and we screamed and groaned all night! We enjoyed the introductory scene and the old spooky cabin. The sound effects and roaches crunching under our feet were creepy. All the actors did a great job. My favorite was "Mr.Grim", who stayed in character the entire time! He had better watch out my divorce is final and this year he is all MINE!!!

Countess Selina, 09/02/09

Netherworld was pretty good last year because of the special effects. I can't wait to go back this year and see how scarier it got and it will be amazing in my opinion. This year is gonna be amazing!

Johnny Hayes, 08/30/09

I can't wait for this year to come around! Last year I was scared $#!%less!

Zoe B., 08/29/09

ok, i am so happy that i left georgia, however, i am deeply saddened that i had to leave netherworld, which my husband and i loved so much! we went for 5 years in a row. do have any haunts that you may recommend in colorado? if not its ok...i think that we may just fly out from colorado and come to netherworld anyways, nobody beats NETHERWORLD!!!! LOVE YALL!

kaila marie, 08/28/09

ok so i went last year and i freaked out but it was so much fun that im coming back this year! i hope you got the scariest stuff cuz it takes alot 2 freak me out!!!

taylor, 08/27/09


CHANDINGA, 08/27/09

My favorite part is hearing all the people scream! It's so damn funny!

david, 07/22/09

I went last year and the mangler has been the creepiest yet but it was soo much fun. My father actually screamed. But every year that ive gone the effects are amazing and every year it gets scarier but even better.

Melody, 07/06/09

Netherworld is so much fun. I went with my friend Danielle and our dads. We went to Carnivore and Mangler. Mangler was scarier, because it's gory and gross. Carnivore was awesome. The special effects are fantastic!! I like them both and the actors outside the building are really nice. We got lots of pictures and got to talk to creatures like the tree man, soul collector skeleton, and the baby doll lady. Before I went in my legs were shaking and I was so scared, but once you get in, you have a blast! Everyone in the Atlanta area needs to go. The chainsaw guys scared me so much. I am going next year for sure.

Katherine, 11/27/08

that was so much fun I was scared so much. The actors were really scary and I was really impressed. sadly since mangler was the more gorier one we only did carnivore instead but it was still a blast

john, 11/19/08

This was my first time coming to NETHERWORLD and the experience was AWESOME!! Can't wait for next year! Carnivore was spectacular!! Mangler was too short! My fav part was the character followed me calling me poppit and wanting me to scream. It was creepy and I loved every scream!

Courtney, 11/04/08

netherworld was so much fun.i liked the mangler and the carnivore.the monsters talked in my ear and one part that scared me the most was when leather face chased me out of both haunted houses with a chainsaw.on a scale of 1-10 i give netherworld a 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

john ortez, 11/04/08

netherworld is so scary people pop out out of nowhere. There is people with chainsaws that were chasing us its so scary

lindsey, 11/03/08


cj, 11/02/08

I was there last night and I really enjoyed it.

Sophia Hatcher, 11/02/08

So awesome, my fist haunted house and you really get what you pay for. The special effects are amazing and I had the most fun being scared ever. Do yourself a favor and go here. You won't regret it.

Andy, 11/01/08

Just went today, SCARY AS HELL! I wish the Mangler was longer, and I wish the that Carnivore was shorter because I kept on getting scared shitless for like 30 minutes in that one.

Max R., 11/01/08

OMFG! this thing if AWSOME!! i went on carnivore, i frigging pissed in my pants! i was way to scared to go to mangler.

Abhay, 11/01/08

OMG this place was sooooooooooooo amazing.The carnivore was soo scary and Mi frend Taylor almost peed on herself...I had mi eyes open the whole time during Mangler itsjust Carnivore that got to me and after mi frends were trying to get characters to scare me and I ended up running in little circles screaming....But it was so amasing shout out to Pyshco and Fang and the Gypsy Gabbi, Dari, Brianna,Joryn, Ayanna and Taylor most definetley going back next year...KUDOS!!!

Tyer C., 11/01/08

I haven't been able to go to netherworld for the past 4 years and this is the year! I was so happy when my step mom was like were going to netherworld. Can't wait!

Max R., 11/01/08

AWESOME!! Will come back next year!

GTPGIRL03, 10/31/08


V@N3$$@, 10/30/08


Rowan, 10/30/08

Hi my best friend and I were so freaked out first but then we went in and held on to each other in chains the monsters were totally awesome and made me scream and laugh i had a great time the dentist was scary he got really close to me so i started to scream really loud to get him away ok bye

Lindsay and Lauren, 10/29/08

Personally, I was freaking out while standing in line on Sunday. But once I got in, it wasn't that bad! I poked a little fun with the actors and had an overall blast. One of the "live" roaches fell onto my brother's head, and now it's sitting on my shelf as a souvenir. One of the actors at the end of Carnivore held a chainsaw to the back of my neck - I could feel the heat generating from it. It was truly amazing. Brilliant work.

Riley, 10/28/08

OH MY GAH! My BFF and I just recently Went through the entire house. She was so scared she peed on herself. FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

jessica, 10/28/08

Hey its chris just stopping by cause your haunted house caught my attention last night on the travel channel. it looks like its actually one of the best out there. im from Pennsylvania but i hope sometime soon i can visit Netherworld. from what i seen from videos you all did a good job with all the special effects and disguising of the "monsters" keep up the good work, and good luck with the business! * Chris Bandalo*

chris, 10/27/08

me and a bunch of my friends went to netherworld together and we where all screaming our heads off it was sooo awsome!!!!! i will most definetly go again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hannah, 10/27/08

omg!!!! im so excited me and my bestest friend everrr is coming to neatherlands in hotlanta:) we've already got it planned out. were gonna go 2 the haunted house first and were gonna pee in our pants. so we have an excuse 2 go 2 the mall and buy clothes. then were gonna go parr tayy!!! cant wait! woot woot!!!!

christian, 10/27/08

We drove 3 hours from Vidalia not knowing what to expect at Netherworld. It was amazing. The costumes, props, sets, and actors were unbelievable. I loved the monsters in the parking lot that would roam and scare everyone. Although my favorites were the ones who made "sparks fly". We really enjoyed it. Yes it was worth the wait and the money. I would highly recommend anyone going. This is going to become a new tradition in our family. It really was beyond our expectations. And even when you think it's over...guess again. Great job guys. I would hate to imagine the time and effort it took to prepare and produce this awesome attraction. Keep up the good work and see you next year...if I can't convince someone to go with me again this year!

Lash and Joel Clemens, 10/27/08

My two girlfriends and myself are going this Sat. to celebrate my 36 b-day. We are driving all the way from Knoxville,TN. We are all so excited. Can't wait it will be the best b-day ever.

melody, 10/27/08

Went Friday night with some friends and had a blast, the Mangler freaked me out. I look forward to going every year. I love the spinning tunnel too. Keep up the good work!!!!!! I will be there every year, you guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!

William Hannon, 10/27/08

The houses were awesome! even though they scare you the actors are super friendly when you say you love them! lol loved it. the effects were amazing and the actors the best.they definetly pop out where you would never think they would. i love it! great jobb

Karen and Danielaa, 10/26/08

This was by far the best I've been to.You folks exceeded expectations !! Went last night with my teenager kids-it was completely awesome.(the kids were impressed and that's not easy to do) , I only wish now I had bought two sets of tickets so we could have gone thru again! For sure the speedpass is worth it--went right on in ,with plenty of staff around for guidance-Thx Living in Tallahassee FL, traditionally we go to Universal Studios Horror Nights each year.This year we wanted to try something different and spend the day in Atlanta. I will have to say your event is better/creeper/scarier than all the haunted houses combined at Universal and a much better price. I'm still amazed at the elaborate and varied sets and themes.Cannot imagine all the hard work it must take to set all this up.

Frank Ball, 10/26/08

my family and I went to both the Carnivore and the Mangler, it was awesome, the whole family screamed, but the vertex room with the stars was off the hook crazy, i did alot of girl screaming myself, everyone should go to Netherworld ^^

Thomas, 10/26/08

Omg Carnivore was so insane T.T i chickened out after to go to Mangler >.<; I'm still shaking!!! It's a definite go to Haunted House if you're one of those kinds of people that like horror!

Christina, 10/25/08

This was my 2nd year going with my best friend. And we were not disappointed. We got to see and talk to many of the street performers from last year, which made us very happy to see them again. We're coming back for our tradition next year.

Jenny, 10/25/08

my partner and I are going tonight. He loves hauted house's but me I'm a real scardy cat... See ya tonight... Love ya James your the best ever... Just me Bubba

Bubba, 10/25/08

Im Going tonight its gonna be sooo gaysia

Gaysia, 10/25/08

i think that it is going to be so much and i am so excited! im going the weekend of halloween. super stoked is what i am!!!!

brandy breaux, 10/25/08

oh my god,i went tonight to carnivore with me best friend and my mom.but my mom stayed outside cause she didnt want to get was so crazy!! i got scared to death,but my friend lost her voice!it was so scary and awesome!i wish i can go again

Michelle, 10/24/08


jessica, 10/24/08

My husband my best friend and I are planning on going sometime before it is over. I am so scared! I will be bringing extra clothes with me!!! We are so excited I cant wait!!

April, 10/24/08

omg im going on saturday night with my friends for my birthday and omg im so effing scared!! but excited! omg im freaking out!

bagi, 10/22/08

so exsied! me and my bofriend are going this friday ant wait ILOVE YOU JOSHYY <333

casey & josh, 10/21/08

I went saturday night with my boyfriend and a friend and it was great. This was the best haunted house we have ever been in. When we came out of the last one i thought it was over until someone jumped out of no where and scared me. Great Job. Brandy, Brandon, and Boulevard

Brandy Anderson, 10/21/08

we went and had the crap scared out of us 10/20/2008. it was a blast.really glad that we found out about netherworld.

Bonnie Adams, 10/20/08

this was the best haunted house that i have ever been to. i was here last year and so was my room mate. this is two years in a row that we have came here.

Bonnie Adams, 10/20/08


Hope (im not gonna die), 10/19/08

omg im so scared to mom is making me.all i know is if theres clown im gonna die.but i cant wait. !!!!!!!!!! i love gettin the mess scared out of me pssssh yeah!

MACIE & ALISON, 10/19/08

carnivore was cool, but mangler was SO MUCH SCARIER!!! I've been coming to netherworld for a few years and mangler is the best basement attraction i've been in. I'm going to recomend netherworld to all of my friends!

dogseatmayo, 10/19/08

wow i am soo excited my friend is tAKING mE THIS SATURDAY NIGHT and i never get scared at these kinds of things so i hope i get looking forward to it

morgan, 10/18/08

so this was my first time going to this and it was amazing and so real i enjoyed it alot even though i did scream the whole time lol it was great i had a blast keep up the great work!!

Amber Dowdal, 10/18/08

There is only one negative about Netherworld: Once you've been to it, it makes any other haunted house seem rather lame. Anyways, this place is the flippin deal!

Bradley, 10/18/08

Hey all, I attended last night's event with a friend of mine, and I just had to send you all an e-mail saying how impressed I was. I'm from Orlando, Florida which means I regularly attend Universal's Halloween Horror Nights event. Netherworld, by far, is so much more impressive than anything I've seen at Universal. I can't even begin to explain how impressed I was. But yes, anyways, just had to express this. I will definitely be thinking of lending a hand sometime in the future. Again, great job! -- ~ANdy

ANdy, 10/18/08

I can't wait to go and get the S@#$ scared out of me this weekend!! lol :)

Sydney! :), 10/17/08

dude that was the most KOOOLLLESST THING EVVVERRR! deyy be all up in my grilll...ya know? i thought i almost peed my self! was hack'n fun...peace out dog!

jenny frm da block aka loca!, 10/17/08

whats good in the hood man that house was so scared in the DO WORK BABY!!!!!!............but 4 real real kendreezze is attacted to text tist . love your boy, aka who dizzel aka MR hollow...WEEN

Peanskean, 10/17/08

my wife and I traveled from st pete fl to see netherworld. that’s over 500 miles that I cant what to drive again next year. thanks netherworld we had a blast. jim and yvette hicks

jim and yvette hicks, 10/17/08

Ok, this really bites. Because of my job relocation, this might be the last year to come to Netherworld! I am moving to Denver, CO. Unless there is a haunted house kind of like this, cause there will NEVER be another #1 haunted house in my book, I just might have to take the weekend off and fly out every year! My husband and I have been going for 5 years now. It is a tradition to go every year! So my question is, Is there one kind of like this one anywhere in Colorado? If not, I will be flying back in to GA every year! Well, thanks for the #1 Haunt in America! YALL ROCK! Kaila and Kenny Anderson McDonough, GA

Kaila and Kenny Anderson, 10/17/08

Hey, I thought about going, but was too scared. Probably because I need my best friend Dayne with me when I go. Call me if you want to go with me, I basically need someone who wants to go and needs an extra person, I get scared way too easily.

Perry, 10/16/08

Already have gone twice and pan on visiting again. Great this year. Set design keeps improoving , texture, smells, lights, sound, misdirection all playing perfectly together. A horrific ballet of sorts will assure even the toughest "soul" a great scream. Mangler is so good, so scary that by the first scene your mind may be hurting :) Best, Kyle

Kyle, 10/16/08

Netherworld was just incredible. I have never experienced anything so frightening in my whole life. I was terrified before I even got into the haunted house.I didn't realize that people scare you as you are getting out of your car, whatever that creature was that popped out at me before I could even get out my car, scared me sh!tless, and I'm not an easy person to scare. Netherworld definately kept me on my toes and kept my teeth clenched. Netherworld I solute you for doing what you do best ----> scaring the hell out of people. I can't wait to see what you have in store for next year.

Ciara H., 10/16/08

I love to come to the Netherworld every year. It is so scary

courtney, 10/15/08

omg that was the scariest thing i have ever been to!

Taylor, 10/15/08

I just want to say thankyou for what you guys do. I look forward to your show all year long and it gets better every time, can't wait to see what you come up with next.

matt h., 10/15/08

It was INSANE. I was 14 and I almost cried. AWESOME!!!

Nunya, 10/13/08

dude i was so scary, i thought i was safe when i was in the parking lot but i was soooo wrong

gg, 10/13/08


Nancy Cantrell, 10/13/08

Got in a spontaneous mood earlier today and decided to visit the Netherworld with my family for the first time. WELL worth the four hour drive! The sets were amazing and the actors were fantastic. From the moment we stepped foot into the parking lot I never got a chance to catch my breath until we left. Most definitely starting a family tradition! See yall next year! :)

Adam Pittman, 10/13/08

This was the best haunted house I've been to. There are constantly people jumping out and scaring you. I screamed so much that my back hurt. In the parking lot you are never safe. I loved to watch the people come up behind guests in the parking lot and watch them scream. I was surrounded by them at one point and screamed so hard. IT IS AMAZING

Sasha Mueller, 10/12/08

This was a scary year. Carnivores end scared me shitless. and all I can say about Mangler is.........AAAAAUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!

Justin, 10/12/08

First-Off, I must say that this is the best haunted house in the United States, no, the freakin' world. I went last year, and it was just {A-W-E-S-O-M-E}, and yeah, it scared the HIBBIE GIBBIES out of me. I was scared inside and outside of the haunted house. I had to catch my breath, because the actors were scaring the crap out of me. I'm going next weekend and I'm so excited, I just can't hide it. NETHERWORLD IS #1 BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH

Carl, 10/12/08

I cannot wait to go to Netherworld this year! It seems like a fantastic way to start off Halloween! GO ATLANTA!

Gloria, 10/12/08

I went to netherworld a few nights ago with my friend. It was so awesome. I cant believe that there were live roaches in a section of it! It was so weird how they fell on my head. Carnivore was my favorite but they were both awesome. Except in mangler where one of the guys came up to me and grabbed me. I thought there was no touching allowed? But over all it was a 9/10

Jake, 10/12/08

Best Haunted house, I dont care what you google or hauntworld says, this is #1 haunted house. in. america. peiod. Went last night, Mangler and Carnivore, if there were words to describe it, id list them, but theyre are no words to describe it. Go, and HAVE fun. (p.s.- Mangler will change your life)

Austin Carter, 10/11/08

WOW! That is all I could mutter when I got out of Netherworld. I heard that this was the best Haunted House in the country, so to get into the Halloween spirit, two of my friends and I drove 4 1/2 hours from Mobile, Al, just to be scared out of our minds. It was WORTH it! One of my friends came close to a panic attack, that's when we knew that this place really is the BEST! One of my favorite things were the monsters around the parking lot.One in particular, the porcelain doll, was very fond of following me around every chance it got. We definitely plan to return next year! Thanks for a great start to Halloween 2008!!

Chris Jones, 10/11/08

This is the Best Haunted House i ahave ever been too. It was worth the wait in the lines and when you get in be ready to laugh and yell. The carnivore is great and so is the mangler. All the goblins meet and greet you. I recomend Netherworld over any other haunted house...

naomi, 10/10/08

last year i went with some friends and this year i CANT WAIT TO GO!!!!! i just hope im not in the front or the back of the line.. ehh,, i'll just bring 20 bucks encase i have to bribe somebody to let me in the middle of a line :P

Hailey...:D, 10/09/08

zomg like omgz. my BFF aka boyfriend forever jason took me there it was all like scary so my momma said you movin with your auntie and uncle in bel air!

lemonjello, 10/09/08

We had a great time, we went through both venues and they were well worth it.THe special effects were very realistic. WE WILL BE BACK!!!

henry, elana, david, and kiva, 10/08/08

omfg it waz so scarry i wet my pants and ran the whole time but when i waz with my bf he waz tooken away and never came back R.I.P. brian

the girl next door, 10/05/08

Went opening Night this Year And wow it was really good every year you guys mix it up some way or another, amazing specail effects, actors, and sets, this will put you in another world! Been three times now over the past years. I've been to many haunted houses and this is on the top of my list. Check THIS PLACE OUT!!! YOU WILL GET SCARED!

Grant, 09/27/08

i went once last year, got the speedpass to cut in front of all 90 billion people standing in line, got the @#$% scared out of me, and i cant wait to see what all is new this year, lets hope its nothing we've ever seen before!!!

Kiefer, 09/20/08


yesenia, 09/17/08

looking forward to going and enjoying the fright everyone speaks about soon THIS OCTOBER!

jennifer medrano, 09/17/08

Ben, Billy and Staff! We are looking forward to coming down for a visit again this year... I envy you and hope to one day be to the level that you are.. See You Soon! Todd

Todd, 09/15/08

Opening night I'll be there. Always respected the hard work and passion put into this production. I feel like a kid again when I go to Netherworld; probably because I am screaming like an infant. Best, Kyle See you opening night.

Kyle, 09/07/08

dude,omg this is the best haunted house in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i went with my friends and i got soooooooo scared i cant wait for this years new stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

myles, 09/01/08

We went last year and it was sooo scary!! Netherworld was no doubt, the best haunted houses in the US. We will for sure be there this year and I am pregnant, but I just can't miss it!!! I would take a big group or another couple, it makes it better!!! No matter how big,small,old or young you will get the @#$% scared out of you, it is Bad A#$!!!!! Tiffany, Newnan, Ga.

Tiffany Jones and Bobby Lamb, 08/20/08

Hi Ben! Doug

Douglas Devokaitis, 08/20/08

Me and my boyfriend went to Netherworld a couple years ago, and it was SOOOO terrifying! Even standing in the parking lot, monsters will come up and scare the crap out of you. The haunts are very dark, and the special effects were incredible! I was surprised at how realistic everything was. I think I screamed and squeezed my boyfriends arm the entire time through each haunt. It was well worth the 25 bucks and the 4 hour drive. If you haven't been to Netherworld yet, I highly suggest it!!!

Jess, 06/13/08

This was so fun ! i went the day before halloween . and there were monsters in the parking lot and everywhere . its really dark inside and if you get scared by movies then be ready to pee in your pants at netherworld . it was amazing . im going again this year .

Ashley008, 04/06/08

OMG this looks like a total blast! I am soooooooo going next year! I'm bringing friends too! Max told me about this, his parents run that place, and I was like "OMG no way!"

Zoe B., 03/26/08

omfg that means o my %$&* god i cant wait till i come im going to do good and my brothers are going to pp

kenya, 12/31/07


Brandon Billz, 11/21/07

It was so incredibly scary from the very moment you step in! I was so terrified I didn't even make it through!

2stmit, 11/14/07

This year's netherworld was fantastic!! Scared the crap out of me.....even one of my good friends workin there Jerry T----man.....scared me half to was quite exciting....thanks!

Kim, 11/11/07

I went on the last night and it was incredible. It was everything I could've asked for. I spent 25 dollars to get scared, and I got more than just that! The animatronic monsters were incredible, the actors were phenominal, and the scenes/situations were terrifying. Though I have to mention my favorite part of all of Netherworld: Kitty, the purple cat walking around outside. Can't wait to return next year!

Sam, 11/04/07

i came with a friend this year and we both thought it was AMAZING! can't wait till next year

kelly, 11/04/07

My friends and i just went. In Primal Fear, i got ditched, and had to go through alone. They say they can't touch you, its crap. I thought i was gonna be scared by this model, but this guy comes outta no where, grabs me, and shakes me. Iam not gonna spoil anything else, but at the end of Leviathan My friend didn't notice a robotic snake, and it grabbed him and pulled him back. it was BEAST!!!!

SilverFox, 11/03/07

this year was amazing i've been coming for over 2 years now and this year was the best! thanks guys

Austin, 11/03/07

Thanks for a phantasmagoric Halloween experience! I appreciate all the time and effort it must have taken to put it all together. I haven't screamed that much in years. The actors were wonderful!!! Thank you! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!!!! Candy

Candy, 10/31/07

SPECTACULAR HAUNT!! We drove from Knoxville, TN to check out the #1 haunted house in America, & you guys delivered the scary!! Quality actors,great make-up,dizzying special effects (that tunnel messed up my head BIG time), spectacular giant animatronic monsters in Hollywood-quality sets. Appreciated that you did not go for too much gore (though there is blood aplenty), but rather created creepy atmospheres with UNBELIEVABLE attention to detail!

the wraith, 10/31/07

I had so much fun! The guy with the dreadlocks at the beginning with the mummy was one of the best moments. He scared me not once, but twice.

Helen, 10/29/07

Wow!!!!!=]]]]]] that basically sums it up. this has to be the SCARIEST place i have ever been too. i have been going for the past 3 years and i still look forward to Halloween. Just so i can go to NETHERWORLD! I have been to multiple haunted houses, and this, by far, is the best one ever! The CHAINSAW GUY gets me everytime!!!! and the snorting thing...! it is sooo scary! great job all you guys!!!! your costumes are amazing and you all are sooo scary!!!!!!! i am sooo looking forward to next year!!!!! I hope it is even better next year! THANKS SO MUCH FOR DOING SUCH AN AMAZING JOB!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

Elise, 10/29/07

I have been wanting to go to Netherworld for a long time, but i havent been able to. I will probably go with my boyfriend tonight. I heard that it was so much scarier than last year. One of my friends almost started crying when she went a couple weeks ago! I would never go to any other haunted house but Netherworld! Thanks for such an amazing place to get a real scare!

Sarah Dunn, 10/28/07

omg i went last year and this clown my most fear came up to me and started to chuckled in my ear i looked over and i saw a guy with vampire teeth but even sharper and there was a guy slideing on the ground on his knee caps and sparks where flying every where.... thats only the parking lot. the haunted houses where scaryer.

aj156, 10/28/07

My friends and I survived both haunts last night! In the words of Chloe, "Could make constipated man crap himself." We were big fans of Booger, a friendly lurker outside, who strangely resembled Yoda. However, the guy who was painted black and skidded around the lot making sparks did NOT earn any points. This one's for you: Keep your face ON! If you really want to be totally freaked, don't follow the strangers in front of you closely. Warning: the people behind you may stab you-it's ok. Though closing your eyes and burying your face into the nearest nonmonster may keep you alive, open your eyes!(Chloe doesn't remember practically anything)At one point in Primal Fear, there is a bus that just blares its horn at you sooooo loudly! Bring more brave tall guys-that just happen to be single-than girls. (Who doesn't want somebody to put their arm around your shoulder and make you feel slightly safe?) Go. Even if you think you don't like scary things. GO.

Avery, Maggie, Chloe, Gio(vanni), 10/28/07

ong i just got back from netherworld and it was the scariest most freakiest thing you will evry experience

chloe smith, 10/27/07

I'm going to Nethrworld tonight i hope i dont piss my pants i hear there's a guy dressed like Pennywise there i'm so f-ing scared of going but im not wimping out HEELL NNOO!!!

Matt, 10/27/07

Top-notch. People ask me, why do you pay so much for a haunted house. In fact, I asked that at first when my friends told me about Netherworld. I am glad I did, and next week I will be going back two more times... AT LEAST. I've been twice this season, and I absolutely love it. All the actors inside and out are wonderful, and I love to watch the guests run and scream! What's more is that I love to scream, too, and I do scream countless times in the haunted houses. This is truly the #1 in America, if not the world. Oh, and I cannot forget, but my favorite actor is the sexy and intense Mr. Grim who is absolutely enjoyable to sit with while watching the storm of fear.

Heidi, 10/27/07

3 words... OH. MY. GOD. this was wow! i just got back from netherworld and oh my god. the parking lot is really fun and the guy with the trashcan started to hug me but then almost bit my neck and i screamed so loud.and a charcoal guy makes sparks with his shoes so i saw him staring at me and i was like oh shit! and started screaming and running off and i never ran so fast before. but now to the best parts the lethivian is so scary i fell over and my friends fell over with me. but if monsters don't scare you go to primal fear which brings phobias into the mix, in the begging a clown started to cut up a girl with a chainsaw but then the lights went out and he came after me with the chainsaw and when the lights came on i was on the ground. then in the end a creepy dude with a chainsaw started jagging it towards me so i screamed really loud and started running with my friends and he was chasing us cuz i could still hear the chainsaw close by, so we ran out of the thing still screaming and everyone was looking at us all weird. lol netherworld is awesome. kisses to all the great actors! love you guys!!!!!

Jenny Cumby, 10/26/07

this is the best haunted house i've ever been to the parking lot was so scary i almost wet myself i had the fun of misleading another person and they went to the "wrong"portapoty it was so funny i'm coming back next year for sure if you have the chance go

willam oct /25/07, 10/26/07


dANIEL, 10/25/07

i cant wait to go is going to be fun and it looks preety scary ill comment more when i come back from it!!!!

anonoymes, 10/25/07

o my gosh i just went 2nite and i almost crapped in my pants the whole time. and it was an aama

hannah, 10/24/07

OMG!!! It was great. I was screaming the whole time i never knew what was going to happen next, it definately kept me on the edge of my seat. My cousin probably peed in " his " pants he was more scared than me. I went my boyfriend and other people we had a great time. I reccomend this haunted house to anyone that loves a good scare. My boyfriend and i are going again this saturday with his parents i cant wait...... Be prepared primal fear was so freaking scary it is way scarier than the other one.... save primal fear for last!!!

Lauren, 10/24/07

HOLY CRAP! i give Neatherworld 12 skulls out of 10! if you are looking to be scared this is the place to come.! the money is totally worth it. I went with 5 of my friends and they all had positive comments about it . you guys did an amzaing this will be my second year going and it just gets better and better each and every year! i never knew i could get so scared in my life with out being in a life and death situation! you guys are absolutly amazingly talented! keep up the good work and i look forward to seeing what yall come up with next year - FLYNN

tyler flynn, 10/22/07

wow netherworld is so scary like crazy i went last saturday wit my friends and like we where buying tickets and all of a sudden this scary ass guy with a chainsaw start chasing us and this other guy with a trashcan start following us and i run as fast as i can man i was so freaked out. but it was fun how they did it im go again this saterday i cant wait. so i thought i pee in my pants man i cant wait to go again .ahhhhhhh so exited when i was in the haunted house there was this one dude where he was hiding in the corner and i turn to the corner and all of a sudden he jumps out and i feel out of the curtin of the exit door and like i fell behind it .but it was good memories i cant wait to go agian so sikeddddd

kelly, 10/22/07

i cant wait to go!!!!! omg i cant wait me and my friends

lulu, 10/22/07

Wow. That should be all I have to say about this amazing haunt. the actors, the monsters, the animatronics, the special effects, the darkness, this place doesn't get any better! I love this haunt and have been coming back for the last 3 years. I can't wait until this time of year when I get to go. it's so much fun. they scare you pretty well, because I haven't been able to sleep on the nights that I go. it's amazing how a little inspiration can go such a long way. I can seee why Netherworld is #1 in the country. I can't wait to see primal fear this friday. I am going with 4 of my friends so it will be a treat. you guys amaze me at how much you can do in a couple of months. since I am only 11, 7 more years won't come fast enough so I can work here. great job the last 3 years. it couldn't get better.

KyLe, 10/22/07

Dude It was sooo awesome Primal Fear was the best!!!!!! P.S.- CHRIS HUSEIN IS THE BIGGEST GIRL EVER!!!!!

Jake Mullins, 10/21/07

I am going to go there sometime this week. I can't wait to go. I've heard it is pretty freakin scary, but it takes a lot to scare me. Tell me if it is scary enough to be worth my seeing it. :] Just kidding. I can't wait! I hope it's worth the money.....

Anoynamous, 10/21/07

Oh MY GOSH!! It was so cool and terrifying at the same time. It was AWESOME!!!!

Alexis, 10/21/07

netherworld is awesome. i like the cockroaches and spinning tunnel

carson, 10/21/07

omg netherworlds sounds soooo scary we were about to go last night but the line had to be atleast a 4 hour wait... that means it must be a pretty cool huanted house, i cant wait to check it out!!

hailey, 10/21/07

Netherworld is freaking AMAZING i went last night, its scary as hell and well worth the 25 bucks to pay to get in. everything about it was scary as hell. i saw grown men screaming and crying on their way out!!!

kayla, 10/20/07

me and my friend are going tonight and im already shaking scared we're bringing handcuffs and wearing diapers lol aghh im so scared

christina, 10/20/07

Oh my. I am coming next week, please please please pray for me. I am more than terrified!!

Vic, 10/19/07

Netherland sounds great. I'm a big chicken so Im really not to excited about going but 6 of my friends and my husband are making me. I'm sure once I get through it and I am locked in my car I will think it was the BEST PLACE EVER. We will see you saturday night.

Monica Keown, 10/19/07

This #$%^ sounds so hott! We r going this weekend...and we are already scared! ...the portopotty thing was hella funny. but it takes a lot to scare us... you better bring it. we are pro haunted house goers. see yall saturday! :]]]]

Kelsey && Brittani, 10/18/07

Yeah me and a couple friends are going next Saturday im really stoked to go I'm sure I'll pee my pants I cant wait :0(boo...)

kylie mo, 10/18/07

i went yesterday and it was awesome! the visual effects were incredible! i've never had so much fun in my life. i'm totally going again!

Quentin, 10/18/07

Dis look fye imma go

Lil Moosey, 10/17/07

dude i'm going this weekend with my bro and friends. i heard it was freaky as H@ll so i guess we'll see lol

Nikki, 10/16/07!!!!!! i almost wet my pants 40 times in both places the chain saw people are the scariest i had to hop the railing and run all the way to the portapotties and then i opened the green one and the fake body popped out and i peed my pants

Will, 10/15/07

dayum! :D i'm coming this weekend, and from what i've heard from everyone else it's gonna be pretty @#$ng scary. by the time i get to the end of it, i'll probably have had ripped the damn clothes off of my friend. LOL!! can't wait.

kayla, 10/15/07

Wow. Me and a couple of my friends went here last Friday, and let me tell you that it isn't something we will likey forget. Netherworld is rated number one haunted house in the nation for a reason. They have so many unreal special effects, awesome actors, and much much more. I loved how they had actors out in the parking lot scaring people to keep them entertained while they waited so they didn't get bored. There are two parts of the haunted house, the first one is 2 stories, and the second is the basement part. As me and my friends came out of the first one, a actor started to chase me, and one of my friends yelled my name and started to laugh. The actor started yelling my name and it really freaked me out. It was all in good fun, I really enjoyed it. My and my friends loved it so much, we are going back this Friday. My friends and I are looking forward to another fun time at Netherworld!

April B., 10/15/07

I went tonight and it was the scarist thing. I haven't that scared in the longest time. I would reccomend this. I really loved it. It was the best

Courtney, 10/14/07

hahaha ok so i pretty much peed my pants like 10 times. and then i punched 2 of the actors b/c i was soo scared! and then i jumped of the railing instead of walking past a guy w/ a chainsaw and every1 laughed @ me. haha it was serioulsy THE scariest moment of my life and i cant wait 2 go back!!!

meggy, 10/14/07

ahh im so excited!! im going saturday :D im not going to even get there until like 10... how long are the waits normally? ahhh im so excited!!

kristen, 10/14/07

that place was frikin scay it smelled like gun powder iwas scre up scary, i went october 13 2007 and i was scredto death the place is frikin scary as hell

cory, 10/14/07

wow i was terrified pretty much ;D

nessa, 10/13/07

like omg it was so kool i was gona go 2 fear factory but dat was da best 1 i have ever sen let me noe if guys have another video about the halloween ok plz tell me ur address so we kan go dere and trickor treat ty and scare me family they will b really scared dnt tell them ok plzz rite me bak

selina misay, 10/13/07

WOW im soooo excited. were going next friday. i heard this is suppose to be soo scary!! CANT WAIT!

Emily, Tamra, and Heather, 10/13/07

i was so totally scared!!!!

natalie, 10/12/07

me & my friends are planning to go this year . i cant waittt !! some of my friends went last year & they said it was the bomb ! my friend was holding onto her boyfriend the entire time xD hahah they made it sound so much funn ! i was so mad that i couldnt go . but i might go this year ! :D cantt waittt .

cant wait, 10/11/07

*OMFG*I Was There Last Year, And I About Died From How @#$%^ Amazing It Was! Can't Wait To See How Amazing It's Going To Be This Year!

abby, 10/11/07

We are very excited!! We will be driving from Cedartown Ga and by what we hear it will be worth it!! Can't wait for the scare! Mel, Pitt and Allen

Mel, Pitt and Allen, 10/11/07

This haunted house is AMAZING!!! it is very high-tech. the giant snake/dinosaur at the end really scared me cause it nearly hit me but i thought it was awesome. and the spinning tunnel... lets just say if it was any longer i would puke.

Bradley, 10/10/07

whats good in the hood man that house was so scared in the DO WORK BABY!!!!!!............but 4 real real kendreezze is attacted to text tist . love your boy, aka who dizzel aka MR hollow...WEEN

lil jay do, 10/10/07

im scared out of my trousers

jimbo megan, 10/08/07

Loved it! Best Haunted House I've been through in years. Worth the wait, worth the money, and I'll probably be back. Awesomeness! ;)

kirkwood, 10/08/07


sccrccf15, 10/07/07

I am soooo excited me and my friends are coming this weekend we have the best things about you guys and im soo excited to have the scariest night of my life!!!

Emily Bitzer, 10/07/07

I heard about you guys from my friends and they said they loved it!So I went on this website and saw you had a myspace.Then I added you guys to my friends list.I'm going there tomorrow!See ya!!!!!!!!!!

myles, 10/07/07

I have you listed on my blog as THE #1 haunted attraction so I had to go see it for myself. I took the whole family last weekend and they talked about it ALL...THE...WAY...HOME and still talk about it...and we live more than an hour from Netherworld so that's says a lot. Netherworld has the WHOLE package. Thanks.

rmb, 10/03/07

You guys are simply THE BEST!!! Thanks for making my first weekend working at Netherworld so enjoyable. Had one patron tonight say...'You have the best job in the world'. Yeah, I couldn't agree more!!!

Pyro, 09/30/07

I am going October 5h or 6th with a bunch of friends and I cant wait!! I Want this to be the freakiest thing I will ever see

josh, 09/28/07

I have not been to the Netherworld haunted house yet, but I think it is going to be the scariest and most fun haunted house ever. i cant wait!!! all of my friends are goin and its on my birthday.

Daulton, 09/26/07

the scariest but coolest thing i've ever been to! i went to screamworks a few years back and it was nothing compared to it!

darell, 09/18/07

holy crap scariest thing ever when i went back to my appartment i threw up so much and peed my pants 10times so scary.

john, 09/16/07

I have been to Netherworld almost every year since it started and it just keeps getting better and better. There is not a more fun OR frightening haunted house in the whole world. I just hope you'll allow me in this year being that I'm pregnant.

Heather Westbrook, 09/12/07

The makeup, the costumes, the actors, the sets, what more could you ask for of a haunted house? I went last year and it was out of this world!!! Everything was absolutely amazing and like it was real! freak pit was one of the scariest things ive ever experinced!! i cant wait for primal fear this year and levithan looks great! im definatley coming this year with a bunch of my freinds!!! keep up the good work! september and october arent coming fast enough for me you guys are the best!!!!!i reccomend this haunted house to anyone who can handle movies like the exorcist it is that good. thanks you guys for a great scare and for another good on coming up fast signing off...

kyle, 08/22/07

I went last year and my whole family agreed that it is the best haunted house that any of us has been through, With the best layout/special effects/characters that any of us Horror Fanatics have seen. The Freak Pit was my favorite from last year. And I'll go ahead and say Primal Fear is going to be something to Cry about! Have Fun, and I'll See You Guys on Halloween. GET READY!

Ryan Chambers, 08/22/07

i have gone for the past TEN years ever since i was 10... i love it.. every years i get excited to go.. last year i worked there and i still got scared every night!

chase, 08/19/07

I would love to go but if i went threw that I would pee my pants I am very scared of haunted houses....Looks like fun though lol...

Samantha Saylor, 07/22/07

Netherworld gives you the chance to feel like your really in a horror film. The sets, costumes, make-up and actors all make you suspend reality for the time your inside those walls. If you can make it to the haunt, GO!!!

J.C., 07/19/07

Definately the best haunt in town!!! Don't even waste your money on the other ones. Best set, props, actors - hands down. Rock on, Ben!

Chelle, 06/17/07

I look forward to Fear World this 2007!! I bet it's going to be the, ''Best Ever!!''

Monica Zambrano, 06/08/07

love the looks ill have to come down to go

raven, 05/18/07

the 2006 season was great! i am looking forward to the 2007 season. last year was my first year. scott jenkins is one of your actors and he convinced me to come out see hands down the best haunted attraction i have ever experienced. i will return this year and bring more of my friends. again thanks to scott and the rest of actors for giving me a night i will NEVER forget.

michelle, 05/18/07

looking forward to going this year..

david, 05/15/07

ive been to neatherworlds for the last 3 years and it is AMAZING! keep rockin'

Quinn, 05/08/07

We are goin' this hallowicked!!!Hope that it is really scary.Me and my Friends are all goin'!!!we will rock this haunted house!!!!See ya'll there!!!

April and Ava, 04/21/07

you should make more scary stuff like this. you did a nice job of scaring me and my 2 cousins.

alma garcia, 04/05/07

cant wait to go to

rena, 03/16/07

well i know this very late to sigh the guest book but i loved netherworld and went 7 times this year, my favorite attraction was cursed and my favorite actor was the very SEXY Mr.Grim

Nurse Raven, 02/03/07

yo that was f***ing awsome

The used, 01/27/07

okay, so I've never cried that much in my life. I'm TERRiFiED of clowns but the group I was with had already bought the tickets to go in the main one & the freak pit. so I had to go in. I was almost in tears before I even went into the main haunted house. The people in the parking lot scared me, A LOT. & When we had to go in the Freak Pit, I about died. Especially when I had to crawl through that tunnel, ALONE. & then some guy chased me half way across the parking lot- thanks to one of my friends who informed him that I was shaking & in tears. but the Tree guy- he's cool. After he freaked me out a bit, he started carrying on a conversation & wasn't so scary after all. haha. I had fun & I'm DEFiNATELY going this year[2007]- Happy New Year. :]

Kirstie Godfrey., 01/01/07

I loved your sets. The Cursed is okay scary. The perivous year i worked at a Haunted Hause in Snellville, called the blood shed. That prepared me for yalls. Your outside actors/actress are aswome. Still i give the Nerthoworld a 9 out of 10. My favoirte part was the back of a cement truck. It actully felt like was actually spinning. 9 out of 10.

nik nemetn, 12/04/06

hey u guys!my name is amy and i am 16 years old.the haunted house was of the was the greatest.i cant wait to go again!can u?well ik sure u cant wait u just want to get scared right?RIGHT!ok,if ur new to this get ready to wet ur pants or skirt!

amy, 11/22/06

Way to go Ben!!!!!!!!!

Marianne Armstrong, 11/07/06

oh my god it was amazing! soo scary hahah. i can't wait til next year. then ill go through all threee. =]

conner, 11/04/06

OMG!!! I went to Netherworld and it was soooo amazing! Like when you are in there, you are really scared and you scream and stuff but when ur out, you will be cracking up about saying "That was SO much fun!" I love it when they chase you with chainsaws! Oh and those hospital scenes were amazing! REALLY SCARY!!!

Natalicious, 11/02/06

#$%^ WAS TIGHT, I LOVE THAT VIBRATING FLOOR. That had me trippin. Cant wait till nextyear.

CANDYMAN, 11/01/06

OMG... i went there yesterday on Halloween and it was sOo scary. I screamed like evry 5 seconds... it was a total thrill!!!!!!!!

Cristy C., 11/01/06

I am Totally Bummed at not going this year. Ww were going to go tonight but hubby couldn't get off work. Grrr! Last year was so AWESOME and big 'THANK YOU!!' Netherworld for putting up such a wonderful web site with just enough content to keep my husband out of the dog house! Nothing can replace being there, but at least I was able to see a couple of the actors and a few WAY cool monsters!! Next year, I'm coming by myself if I have to!! <|;o]

Judi Hudson, 10/31/06

wow! netherworld should be rated # 1 in the country

June, 10/31/06

im so exited to go to netherworld tonite this would be the 3rd time this year so far! this is ana amazing haunted house! the zombie thingys freaked the hell out of me! cant wait to see them again tonite!

Jordan Edwards, 10/31/06

That was awesome and scay!!!! I went 3 times!!!! I'm going back next year!!!!

Price Donaldson, 10/31/06

this was so scarAY! OMG i almost PEED MEHSYLF!!! I LOVE DUFF SO MUCH!!

erin, 10/31/06

this is not one of but the best haunted house i have ever experienced. the guy with no make up scared me to death in line last nite at the freak-pit. all the houses were great but that guy had my nerves on edge for the rest of the nite. great job i will be there next year.

alexis, 10/31/06

All three haunted houses were great but the freak pit was the best!!! i was totally FREAKING OUT throughout the entire show.

matt odom, 10/30/06

OMGG!! im going tomorrw (( halloween )) and i am like already scared. my friend went and she said he dad droped her off there then she had to call he dad to come pick her up before she even got into the huanted house. im so freakin scared already. lol

Danielle, 10/30/06

that was CRAZY , o jeeze i LOVE netherworld it was so much fun...the guys in the parking lot were funny and very creepy at the same time. i went with about 14 of my friends and it was great we were all freaking out. now netherworld has become our yearly tradition...all 15 of us are going to be there next year!keep up the good work!!!

Emma, 10/30/06

Oh my God! I am a 33 year old WEENIE. I ran and screamed like a girl over and over. It was like once I got my nerves on edge, EVERYTHING creeped me out. Would recommend this place to EVERYONE and much worth the $25.

Michelle, 10/30/06

That was sooooo scary! I had an awesome time! I friekan pised in my pants!

Lucy, 10/29/06

OMG THAT WAS SOOOOO SCARY! Great houses! Im definatly coming next year!

Jesse, 10/29/06

Coming tonight this should be interesting especially because I hate clowns and my friend's dad is going to make us go through all three! Including freak pit which is based on clowns. ( Im bringing a spare of clothes just in case!

Chad, 10/29/06

hey that place was awesome dude

austin, 10/28/06

Netherworld is a decadent delight for horror fans. Surprises around every corner and with so many cool looking monsters you want to look but are afraid to. We flew in from Florida to see Netherworld and six flags. Netherworld alone would have been worth the trip. We will be back next year.

Ginger, 10/28/06

That was the best ever, I kept pushing my sister off to the side when we were in line so they would talk to her, not me. And then we got pictures with some of the characters, and my sister skipped down the parking lot holding hands with one of them. It was fun, I screamed at everything pretty much, and the thing was awsome..I almost puked. ^_^

libby, 10/28/06

The Collector was AMAZING. everyone give him a high five <3 and all three haunted houses ROCKED. im SO coming back.

tima, 10/27/06

holy effin crap that was the scariest thing ever!!! i seriously thought my heart going going to pop out it was beating so hard and my stomach churned the whole time!!

monica, 10/27/06

going tomarrow,i cant wait.i seemsreally scary and awesome. i get back when i come back,wishme luck ,....ill need it.

megan, 10/27/06

great actors, and actresses. amazing scares. all haunts were unreal. im coming back soon

Rick, 10/27/06

omg i had a lot of fun it was really scary and my sister was cring!!! love, Ashley

ashley, 10/27/06

Yo... dis haunted was trippin. i wet my panties.. pooped in my pants. and threw up on a monster! I WAS SCIZZZZARED!!! watch OUT they will get you! i cant even sleep now! im out.

DeDe Ship, 10/26/06

netherworld is the best haunted house i have every been to. i go every year.

joseph, 10/26/06

I went last year and went trough all 3 of them ( Abomanation, Slaughterhouse, tiki terror ) They were all awsome. Yet in the Slaughterhouse I got fake blood all on my new shirt. That was okey though I didn't mind paying that shirt considering its hanging on my wall now. Im only 13 but that stuff scared my so bad im gonna be scared for life. Good thing im coming tonight!

Chad, 10/26/06

omg, I'm going this Saturday, and from reading the reviews, I'm already sort of dreading it. In many reviews, people say they !@#$ their pants, it'd be soo embarassing! Don't eat before going. =C

sharon, 10/26/06


Tiffany Vally and Steph!!, 10/26/06

that was the most terrifing night of my life!

kayla bagley, 10/26/06

it was fun and scary at the same time but towards the end it wasnt so bad but the people in the parkin lot were scary

w@#$%^&, 10/26/06

i cant wahit till i go to dis place man i will love it hell ya

faisal, 10/25/06

Well i dont know after looking at this website and reading all these comments, I dont know if im going to go....... but im sooo curious!

Friz, 10/25/06

Yo I Went Out There This Past Saturday For The Second Time This Year And It To me is still the #$%^ out of all Haunted Houses I Have Evere Been 2. Netherworld Keep It Coming For All Halloweens.

Kyle Smith, 10/25/06

Incredible! Such detail in cursed. Perfect timing on the scares. Freak pit is a walk through the unknown. You never know what is to come. The 3D was totally trippin. the walls move and you go through an awesome voetex. Watch out for what you think you see. It might jump out at you when you least expect it. "Beware".

Stacy, 10/25/06


blake, 10/24/06

I almost wet myself!! Stephen Geer Atlanta, GA

Stephen Geer, 10/24/06

Best Hanted house ever went this year and it was great the monsters are so real you dont know whats real and whats fake the work they put in this is great should be the #1 hanted house in the usa comeing back next year if you havnt been yet you should go nomater how far the drive i drove from birmingham it was assome see ya next year great work guys

kevin neas, 10/24/06

THAT was awesome. Best ever.

Sharon, 10/24/06

One of the coolest, most professional shows in the country. Two words can sum it all up.. Class Act!

Richard Roger Mortiz, 10/24/06

my goddd.....i loved it! was every thing perfect!!! :*

ingride, 10/23/06

I am only 11 years old!! omg!!!!! i am going to " YOUR WORLD " this saterday!! my sister went a long time ago and said she and her friends got chased by the chanisaw man! of coarse the blades are off , but still so scary!! i am just so scared some actor is going to lurk around our car! but i cant wait to take the pics outside with the actors. wow. wat more can i say? i am terrified - and i think i will never be able to sleep in my room again!! LOL - ok i porabaly sound like a loser right now but i am so AFRAID! i have heard the more you scream the more they pick on you! - listen if you see a 11 year old crying in your house this saterday plz dont pick on her that much!! LOL - i so cant wait - saw the pics in the gallery and wow - kinda scary i tell you - wow if you are still reading my post then wow LOL!!!! - wow - trust me i will keep my face burried in a jacket or something! - and thanks to who ever posted earlier about bringing an extra change of closes!! - do they have bathrooms in the house anyway? somebody said a long time ago there was this house and they uses to push people out of windows! - PEACE OWWWTTTTTT

sharon M, 10/23/06

OMG, me and my friends peed in our pants, litterally! it was SO freaky!! muchos luvos!

rKKa, 10/23/06

sounds cool!!!!!!!!

kaylyn, 10/23/06

scared the bejeebus outta me!!!!!!!! oh my gawdddd

lena, 10/23/06

Went this Saturday with kids. Lines are long but wait is not. So WAIT IN LINE! So wort the wait also. Will go again.

mustang, 10/23/06


Bobby Joe, 10/22/06

scared me

tom blacks, 10/22/06

okay, My friend Kaitlin invited me to come to the Haunted House... I said sure until I found out that it was NetherWorld. I refused to go... and now I'm glad because my friend said she will have nightmares!!!! Nice job netherworld!

Stephanie, 10/22/06

i went to netherworld last night and it totally rocked! IT SCARED THE POOP OUT OF ME AND MY FRIENDS! especially when we were CHASED with a chain saw! i advise you to get a speed pass if you go there.

Christina, 10/22/06

OMG!!!! Netherworld was so amazing and scary!! i thought freak pit was the best and the guys in the parkinglot were really fun!! The actors looked great and i am so coming back with my friends again next year!!

Carly, 10/22/06

when we were being chased in the parking lot we were running back to the car and laura actually wet her pants all over the seat!! IT WAS SCARRRRRY!!

laney and laura!!, 10/22/06

Best haunted house i've ever been to. I put one on in Warner Robins for a charity organization, and I couldn't help but be amazed at the work involved in what you guys have done. I love the entertainment of the actors outside. I got a picture with every one of them. Loved it, and I will definitely be back next year. I would love to become a monster, but don't have any way to make the drive 2 hours every day. I might just have to find a way. See ya' next year! Again...awesome...just awesome.

Bobby Brantley, 10/22/06

OMG!! I love the netherworlds!! we had so much fun and we just wanted to say nicolette and alex look so cute together!!l0l!! i hope u guys had fun!! I cant beliveve u were scared alex!! Love you Both!! Kate and Sam

Kate and Sam, 10/22/06

Cursed was awesome! My brother and his friend screamed so loud they gave me a headache. But I have to say cursed wasn't that scary to me. I would like to try Shock-o-Rama or Freak pit.

Meagan T, 10/22/06

Amazing! I was dubious of the claim to be one of the best in the country. I was so wrong! I'll be back for sure! Very scary and lots of fun.

Stacie, 10/21/06

OMG this was soooo awesome!!! not only was it scary but i screamed and laughed throught the whole thing, maybe that was because the guy i was with was more afraid than i was!!!! (i luv u alex)lol! i'm soooo going back next year!

nicolette, 10/21/06

i was holding on to dear life onto my guy friend the entire time and i bonked his head accdently when a monster thing poped out lol. I have to say i got to give u guys props. :] if it werent for u he wouldnt have held me to the limo and in it. whew and for the guy with the chain saw, next time you chase anyone out try not to hit them, cuz U DEFINATLEY HIT MY ARM! yeah but it only felt like a paper cut but no damage done. except i peed my pants practically. lol Also the illusion thing that makes u think your turning upside down LIKE WOAH can we say dizzy???? yeah and the mining guy, yeah you made this one friend of mine in the party group break a window almost. (you may want 2 check the matress place's window) AMAZING EFFECTS. i had nightmares last night! :0 Holy talito.

Mel-in Alexis' party group, 10/21/06


Evelyn, 10/21/06

i never went but i might go this friday. fromt the looks of it iam probally gonna cry or somrthing lol but i am trying to play it cool until then! i cant wait to the the look on my mothers face! priceless!

kaila fernandez, 10/21/06

its totally awesome it scared the crap out of me. this was my first time going I am definetly going next year.NETHERWORLD ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AJ, 10/21/06

Oh my gosh!!!! It was the scariest thing ever!!!

Joe, 10/21/06

Wow, this was my first haunted house, and I had so much fun. After Cursed my friend and I did the Shock-O-Rama, i didn't expect it to be as scary until one of the actors followed me through the house. This was so much fun, I recommend it to everyone!

Jake, 10/21/06

AHHHHHHHHHHHH. that was INSANE. just waiting to get into the first thing was scaryyyyyyy. and yeahh. IT WAS AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGG. GREAT JOB! IM COMING BACK NEXT YEAR WITH MY FRIENDS!!!!!!

nathaly, 10/20/06

Me and my family went today and it was great! We have determined that Netherworld is the best haunted house we have ever been to and we have been to alot! I will keep in touch and hopefully come back next year.

Ryan, 10/20/06

nether world was soo much fun and we will do it every year!

mystery, 10/20/06

This is one of the best haunted houses i have ever been to!

Alexis, 10/20/06

HOLY CRAP!!!ok so im going to your haunted house tonight and after reading the comments that everybody left...ive realised two things....its DEFINATLY scary and everyone #$%^ their scared out of my mind...but hey...sign me up as being one of the many people who leave a mess in your haunted house :P

Emma, 10/20/06

Hey!!!!!!!!I've heard alot about your hauted house.On Oct. 21st,this saturday I will try to get prepared for the scare of a lifetime.Me,Ashley,Misty,Mann,Destiny, Stephnie,and others are coming prepared.This will be my first time going to a haunted house.And I can't believe I'm going to the 2nd scariest haunted house in america.I hope I don't pee my pants.I think I'm going to enjoy it,no I know I will.

Brittany, 10/19/06

What an experience! The parking lot is one of the scariest places, and yet highly entertaining. I was rolling on the pavement laughing as i watched one of my friends get chased around the parking lot by a monster, absolutely hilarious! CURSED was great too. Scary as hell but also a lot of fun. Thanks for a great time!

A, 10/19/06


Lindsay, 10/19/06

Very Cool every year-we always enjoy getting the crap scared out of us! Keep up the great work, Joseph Allen and the rest of the actors are awesome! Peace & Frights, Patrick Romano

Patrick Romano, 10/19/06

I am Sooooo excited I am coming tomorrow night. I can not wait. I loved being scared out of my mind. and by the loooks of this website i will be.

Chasity, 10/19/06

It has taken me a moment to post but I now have time do to so we came though last saturday night and I do have to say Freak pit was awsome . The room with the chick chained to the wall was awsome as well . That chick really had a scream on her she scared my girlfriend to death . Great job guys .

Mark, 10/19/06

hey well i haven't gone yet but if you have ever took a girlfriend then its like the most funniest thing in the world to see when they freak out. Well i went last year with her but i wasn't going out with her yet but neways lets just say that place brought us closer together..LOL well as we walked through i had her walk infront of me i wasn't scared its just it felt right.. LOL as we walked around the corner this creature comes down from the celing and she just cruls up in a fetal possion and crys her eyes out.then next we et to a girl behind a mirror and then ma gurl yells and calls her a B***h it was great..So we going again to be together and its gonna be a great 1 year aniversary... yes..

David S, 10/18/06

Wow, i just went yesterday night wtih my freinds and it was soo much fun. I am soo proud of myself for actually going in the rooms ... wow the people outside that scare you.. are liek SCARIER than the rooms.. thats what i think because i was sandwiched in between my two friends wtih people in front and behind me. so its all good.. but other than that. it was awesome

Ashley, 10/18/06

Well, I must say that this year, Billy, the cast and the staff of Netherworld have truly outdone themselves!! Not only is it really scary and unbelievably fun, but the artistic detail is astounding. My friends and I come to Netherworld every single year. In fact, it is truly the highlight of the year for all of us!! My favorite part is recognizing cast members throughout the years. It is a tribute to one of your cast members that we still scream 'banana!' at him every year, even though it has been three years since he actually played the monster that yelled 'banana!' Thank you to you all for working so hard to provide such an enertaining evening!! I am coming back next week with a bunch of my students and am looking forward to seeing Netherworld through their eyes!! Anna H.

Anna, 10/18/06

The night grew foggy and sticky damp. Out of the shadows lurked hiddeous creatures. Postures and step were twisted, disfigured, approaching patrons while moaning. Their realistic attire complimented their actions as creatures / mosters. It felt as though I were on a Hollywood set for a horror movie filming. Incredible! I crave more. I must see all of the Haunts.

Marie, 10/18/06

We barely even made it out of the car. A creature slowly approached me every direction I turned as I circled around my car. Our kids inside the car didn't even want to get out. Their father distracted the creature as I hurried them out. We took a few steps further and craaashhh, scraaaape a horrifying creature was skidding on his knees. Our 9 yr. old daughter was climbing her father like a tree to get away. The creacher reassured her that he was only an actor and removed his teeth. She calmed down and gave out a chuckle. We headed toward the ticket office. Our 9 yr. old's creature radar was on and she spotted another one. That's when our fun began. She ran to the car and tried to get in. Only it was locked. She so desperately kept struggling with the door handle. I had it unlocked just in time. She and her 17 yr. old brother hurried in & locked the doors. The creature tried the handle, scareing them even more. Then all of a sudden, he disappeared from their view.He was crawling on the ground oround to the front passenger door which was open. Their father was looking around, stating that the creature dissappeared. I kept eye contact w/ the kids while talking to them. All of a sudden, "Raaagh" , the creature was partially inside the carlooking at them between the two front seats. Our 17 yr. old jumped into our 9 yr. old's lap, clinging onto her while screaming in terror. Our 9 yr. old pulled her ski cap down over her eyes, with her bottom lip quivering like never before, crying hard. That creature too, took out his teeth and reassured them he wouldn't hurd them. Our 9 yr. old screamed out "I don't care, GO AWAY!". He did just that. Her father reassured the children that we were leaving, but...he had to use the port o potty. We drove out of our parking space and suddenly, a warewolf was at one window, one creature was at the other, both working the handle to get in, while the third was on back of the car bouncing it. Our 17 yr. old kept yelling at me to drive. He even reached in front to put it in gear. Of course, I had the emergency break on so none of the actors would get hurt.I screamed along to put more fear in them. We were coned in & I kept yelling in fear that we were trapped. The kids just "freaked". I thought for sure the little one would pee her pants. We had fun tormenting her the rest of the night everywhere we stopped at. Even in her own driveway. So, is it scary? You bet your britches it is. We barely even made it out of our car. Thank for a terriffic time Netherworld. We'll be back...without our children.

Stacy, 10/18/06

Made out annual pilgrimage last night (Tuesday, October 17, 2006) and we were NOT disappointed! It was awesome! The Pit was unreal! 3-D bigger than prior years and superb as well! Kudos to all involved!

Honey, 10/18/06

i went oct 16th for the first time.and it was great im a 6'3 big man and it even scared me and my room mate she kept me in bring my son back on his birth day the was great ill be comeing back next year.thanks guys keep the fear up lol.

terry, 10/18/06

u need to make alot less scarier!im serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!=(

Jhonny, 10/17/06

NetherWorld Haunted house, OMG!!!! it was a blast I had my faced buried in the back of my friends jacket the whole time!!! It was alot of fun not just going in the haunted house but just standing in line to get in, (Loud music and monsters everywhere outside) The Monsters did great and looked very sexy!!! LOL!!! I will be back next year guys!!!

Bree Watts, 10/17/06

never been but im going oct 17 2006 and im going to love it so much i will probably #$%^ my self

mandy, 10/17/06


NEW YORK (HBIC), 10/16/06

I went to this and ughughughughughugh. GOD is it ever cyuute! There's all kinds of ughughugh things and deals and crazies. Chainsaw ughughughugh. Haven't seen anything LIKE it since GOONIES. ughugh.

Lorraine, 10/16/06

OMG!!!! I went to Netherworld last night and it scared the crap out of me. Cursed was good, kinda scary, but SHOCK-O-RAMA and FREAK PIT,scared the hell outa me. I hope you pay those janitors enough because there might be a mess in freak pit.

Justin, 10/16/06

best ever

tonya james, 10/16/06

I have gone to your haunted house for 3 years now. I moved away to Arizona this year, but my friends and I dicided it would be worth it to road trip back just for you! And it was! Nothing short of absolutely amazing! Scares me everytime, and once its over, i'm still in awe about the effects. So much time and energy pay off! Love you guys, will see you next year, no matter where I live!

Dale, 10/15/06

Your haunted house was so amazing!!!!!!! It scared the living #$%@ out of me. I was very suprized, and i didnt think it would be that scary until a creature started to breathe down me neck. I was so freaked out. And im defininately coming back next year.

Hoyt Glass, 10/15/06

Netherworld is amazing. I was so scared! i am definitely coming back next year. i haven't ever been to a haunted house like this before in my life.

Diana, 10/15/06

i have gone to netherworld 3 times and i have to say you guys change it up every year i love this place jut the thrill it gives you you have to keep coming back for more

matt, 10/15/06

OMG!!!This haunted house was one of the best.It was the biggest risk i have taken in my life.I didnt dare to go in,but i thought that my friends will think that i am a scary cat.Once i saw this man with a shovel i couldn't take him out of my mind.Now i know i did wrong in going in.So will u dare to go in?If you do see you in your dreams.

karla, 10/15/06

This haunted house was amazing. The enviroment was truly horrific. Most if not all of the scareactors were hid very well. This haunted house gets a 10/10.

Evan G., 10/15/06

Holy crap your haunted house was so freakin scary. The first part scared the #$% out of me! I screamed so much. You guys did a great job with the haunted house!

Courtney, 10/14/06

oh my goodness this place is AMAZING! this totally changed my vacation to georgia from Nebraska great! i loved it!

katie, 10/14/06

Its my first time going tonight so wish me luck and pls scare the crap out of me!!!!

mo, 10/14/06

This is the scariest haunted house i've ever seen!! Freak pit was the scariest but the tunnel in shock-o-rama was really scary!! I wont spoil the rest of the fun for you other horror lovers, but i have to say, this is the best haunted house in the Atlanta area.I'm definatly coming back next year! You guys give such a scare!

Kyle, 10/14/06

i went last year and it was really fun. i got chased by like a warewolf guy. and a uh.. quite large lady with blood all over her face took pictures with me and my friend LO. yea so i def wanna go again with a buncha people because i was burried in my friends jacket and scared the @#%&^ outta me. k bye. <3;;SHLAY

miss ashley :), 10/14/06

I am going today in a hour so I dicided to look at the website just one more time. And after reading the other coments I have dicided to go to the bathroom befor I go.

Xena, 10/14/06

wow netherworld is the greatest place ever!!! i went friday the 13th with a bunch of friends and the people in the parking lot kept chasing all of us!!!

Melanny, 10/14/06

ive never been before but i have to go this year it looks so awesome i cant wait im only 11 years old so it is going to scare the crap out of me!!! well i dont get scared easily but this might be the only thing that can scare me because i dont know of anything else that will so by the way it sounds it looks scary as crap!LOL! well i hope its all its cracked up 2 be so i cant wait!!!!!!!!

Michelle B, 10/14/06

oh mah jesus dis wuz soh scarii! i wuz all lyk guyz lets go to tha nethawurld and then i like freaked out once i got inside! dood dont go if yoh cant handal tha heet!

duff, 10/14/06

dis @#$% iz scary az hell skip number 13 because it iz a scary clown.

quen, 10/14/06

omg it was insan i went on fiday the thirteenth and got a free t-shirt i screamed and ran through tons of people jut 30 minutes of shear terror!!!!!!!!

lax35, 10/13/06

Netherworld's characters and theatrics are absolutely horrifying, and the screams eminating from the entrance really set the stage. After a very brief time inside I defecated myself. The smell became painfully obvious to all those around me.

drew, 10/13/06

I went last year for the 1st time and now I am goin back for my birthday its scary better than the rest. ~Lucky~

Melissa C, 10/13/06

"u"guys will love this haunted house!!!!it is really scary,and im only 10 years old.OMG!!when you go in u will feel like u wanna pee or somehting like that.Well if you follow the rules you may come out remember go in only if u dare.

karla, 10/13/06

i went to netherworlds last year with a group of friends and let me tell you it was fun and scary! i am going again this weekend with even more people than last year. the guy with the chainsaw mad me cry but i stuck through it! i was 11 last year and i stuck it out. i also think the tiki 3-D house gives u relief b/c it is the coolest. i didn't like the slaughter house!!! i can't wait to come again! *note: if you do not like scary things i recomend you not to go!!*

Haley, 10/13/06

I am soooo excited about coming to your Haunted House... My boyfriend, Brandon is really into scary movies and things so I believe he will enjoy it as well. I gotta see all 3. Keep Scarin' folks! Tabatha West 10/13/2006

Tabatha West, 10/13/06

Im 12 and my mom is goin tonight but she said that if she dont die she will take me. From what people had said I wanna go cause i love scary things but i do get night mares easy. I really wanna go but if its good im definitly puttin yall #1. If i go I gotta think all this stuff is fake and they cant really touch you. I was looking through the gallery and i seen the pictures and my heart was racin

Ashley Holmes, 10/13/06

im going tonight already scared not looking forward to the chainsaw guy but am excited like crazy taking a change of close in case!!!!!!

MINDY, 10/13/06

i am looking forward to visiting your world

mike wise, 10/13/06

You would not believe how scared I am especially after seeing the photo gallery and hearing about the chainsaw guy- I truly and lost for words. I will be there next week I am excited

Carla Annette, 10/13/06

dude you guys scared the crap out of me and my friends. We didnt get to go thru the others ones cuz my friend was so scared her nose started bleeding..haha you guys rock!!!

skylar, 10/13/06

hey bryan netherworld is asume me and my friends are going there 2night on FRIDAY 13 im scared!!!!! peace out

brittany, 10/13/06

I'm going tonight on friday the 13th im so pumped can't, oh and it would be number one if Michael Jacksons house was not on the countdown.

zach kachmer, 10/13/06

dude that @#$% was so awesome. The chainsaw dude, he was crazy as hell. im so going this year and bringing like 6 of my friends. they are going to @#$% on themselves!!!! haha

Liz, 10/12/06

my friend sarah and i go every year and i always ahve the best of times, i like being scared and we have had some good times there haha i get scared even in the parkinglot when they chase you arounda and stuff, but when you get into it its so scary!

taylor, 10/12/06

omg, my cuz is going tomorrow! I want to go sooo bad but would be scared to death,lol!!!!! Shes so scared,I don't blame her!!!!!

Kayla, 10/12/06

Netherworld is great. The haunted house is UNREAL the creatures scared the @#$% outta me and by the end i couldn't even scream anymore all i could do was cuss and run. I'm definitely coming back next year.

Dick Brackner, 10/12/06

I worked in a college haunted house for three years and netherworld is the BEST haunted house i've ever seen! Worth every penny of it!

chad, 10/12/06

A #$%^& IM BOUT TO DO ALL 3.. maybe

preston, 10/11/06

IF you don't shit your pants you didn't have a good time.

Dillon, 10/11/06

Ohhh Me And My Peoples goin this 13 and I betta b scarred!!!!! lol

Stephanie On Dec, 10/11/06

EEK!! ive looked at ur website and wow its already scaring the &%$# outta me! but im only a teen and im goin with sum friends really soon!! i dont know if i can handle but u can bet ill do it!!

Jordan, 10/11/06

OMG!!! I am only 11 and I went. When we were in the parking lot, these people were screaming and running to their car. I get scared sooooo easily. I am scared of the dark ( don't blame me!) so that really freaked me out!! I was about to pee in my pants when I saw that guy with the chain saw!! I am going back next year with my dad and my cousin ( he is a horror movie freak)!!!

Cece, 10/11/06


sheldon huffman, 10/11/06

Yo Im Going Friday The 13.Im already scared man.Im only 11!Cant wait to pee my pants

Rex Payne AKA $HAMSANDWICH$, 10/11/06

this is scary but cant wait untill i come this weekend i am gonna be soo scared me and my friends are comming. .

Lindsay, 10/11/06

I haven't been 2 Netherworld yet, but I plan on going next weekend...I aint coming by myself though...the reviews are scary enough...c ya next week!!!

Roland Brown, 10/11/06

Your haunted house is the scariest. I love it alot. The actors are great and scary. The chainsaw guy made me dance and scared me out of my wits. You guys will be my #1.

Logan, 10/11/06

netherworld is so scary don't go if u are a chicken!!!!!!! it will make u crap your pants trust us we no!!!!!!!!!

nicole and maria, 10/10/06

this @#$% scared my cracker ^&* into a #$%^&*!

chiken, 10/10/06

I went last year for the first time and nothing can prepare you for Netherworld! As, much as I love horror movies, Netherworld is the scariest movie you've ever seen come to life!!! After I made it through the biggest one, I had to go through the other two. This year, they'll be a group of us. (I'll have more shields!) LOL I can't wait! Netherworld is the epitome of shear HORROR!

Angela Brown, 10/09/06

kay so i love this freaking haunted house

aubrey, 10/09/06

I am actually coming this weekend with some family and friends, as each day passes I grow more terrified. And after reading these reviews..I know I should be! Can't wait to see what you guys have in store!

Christy, 10/09/06

This place put all others to shame. I witnessed one adult man push his girlfriend out of the way cause he got so scared. My sister, Asia, was so scared she kept getting into the fetal position and my other sister, stella, kept stealing my shield of a boyfriend away from me. I can't wait to go again. Laura

Laura Howah, 10/09/06

The Netherword is by far the best haunted house!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it. I was so scared. The rest of my fam went on to Shock-O rAMA but I threw a fit and refused to go. Relly wish I went to Shock-o-rama. I lov ethe Netherworld.

Love The Netherworld!!!!!!!!!!!, 10/09/06

i love this haunted house, its so scary. This is going to be my 4th time going to Netherworlds. This is the best haunted house ive ever been to in my whole life. I'm bring my friends here 4 my birthday even though my birthday's in November. Keep up the good work & i'll be back again next year.. i guarantee it!!

Paige, 10/08/06

Yo the haunted house was awesome. I went through all three phases and they were all sick and demending. 2 thumbs up to Netherworld.

Kyle Smith, 10/07/06

i have never been here but from what yall sayin imma have 2 check it out

mz_pretty, 10/07/06

I havent benn to yuor Haunted House yet, but after being groused out by the website, Im coming to Night! Thumbs Up!

Angel, 10/07/06

this place is the @$%^. im going this weekend. fo sho

kim, 10/07/06

wow this place is amazing!! i went last year and i have never been so scared in my going back this year and i just cant wait!! yall rock!

Amanda Peterson, 10/07/06

Hey!!! I went to your haunted house last night with 3 friends!!! It scared the hell out of us!!! Freak Pit was so scary!! The chainsaw was one of the scariest parts!!! The monsters were sooo scary and the guys outside were awesome!!! It was one of the best experiences of my life!!!! You guys are sooo great!!! I am coming back again this year and next year!!!!

Dylan A., 10/07/06

so i'm a pretty freaked out person when it comes to scary stuff and this one guy last year wouldn't stop chasing me and i'm in HS and it still scares me! ahh so i haven't been in the last one the chainsaw one do you guys recomend it because i'm pretty a scared person. k thanks and let me know by signing the guest book!

breeee., 10/07/06

omfg after reading all tha note thingies im soooooo terrified ta go...thats a good thing cuz i like stuff like that i am definitlllyyy goin!!!!! i wanna bring cassie, my babbie (boyfriend $(()+, $4()n, meeee!,mommy my sis, cousin, cousin , more cousinz, more friendz, lotts more! okkk, yup-yup!

sierra-laschai, 10/07/06

This place rocks! It scared the heck out me and my friends! My cousin started crying and we think he peed his pants.

Bob Bilder, 10/06/06

I hear from a lot of ppl that it is rly good but i cant go because i live in CA

Joe, 10/06/06

I drove down here all the way from Chicago, like I do every year and all I can say is WOW!!! It's the best place to lose your wits and this year is even better than ever.

John, 10/06/06

i love the haunted house. i was so scared. the chainsaw dude almost gave me a heart attack. i give ya'll two thumbs up.

tranika brock, 10/06/06

Dude you guys freaking haunted house rocks!!! It scares the sh*t out of me evry time i go! I love it! I cant wait to go this year!!!

Danielle Renee Goddard, 10/06/06

I just went and i was scared to death. The monsters look amazingly freaky. And the special effects make it even more terrifying. I also saw a girl being chased in the parking lot by a guy with a chainsaw. All i can saw is WOW!

Michael Difelice, 10/06/06

netherworld is the best haunted house ive ever been to. Their monsters scare the hell outta me. The worst part is the chainsaw. It makes all of my worst nightmares come true.

Melanie, 10/05/06


Blakely King, 10/05/06

Im going 2 netherworld this friday and IT'S GOING TO ROCK!!!!!!! ps: Is it scary???? CUZ IM ONLY 11!!!!!

Brandon, 10/05/06

Hey! I went ot Netherworld last year and I was really scared!!! This year I going again! Tomorrow night actually!!! I am sooo excited!! I am also very scared!! You guys are awesome!!

Dylan, 10/05/06

I am 14 and i am going this weekend with my youth group. I have never been, but i can tell i will poop my pants many times throughout the haunted house. I can't even imagine what it will be like in there. God help me!

Michael Difelice, 10/05/06

I have heard so much about NW. I can't wait to go. After reading all to be seen in there, I must admit that I'm a little scared already....

Reek-Reek, 10/05/06

I have been to NW the past 2 years!! & even thou I have been before and KNOW whats coming it still scares the crap out of me!!

Kayla C, 10/04/06

Netherworld is the scariest haunted house i've ever been to! I went last year and had a GREAT time. I'm going again this year and although i'm very excited, i'm a little scared to do it again...

Emily, 10/04/06

I have gone here the last 4 or 5 years and this is their best year yet! Freaking amazing!!

Erik, 10/04/06

It was great this year!!! Freak Pit scared the $#@* out of me, but I loved it! The special effects are the best I have ever seen at any haunted house. Keep up the good work!!

Jessica, 10/04/06

man i tell you what we got there just a little after dark and as we got out of the car.there were some people literally runnng to their car. we went through all of them. its unlike anything you have seen or ever will once your through this one..... take five or ten friends youll need them! truly the very best aol is out of their mind .

derron, 10/04/06


Zaahirah Swan, 10/04/06

Me and Halie are coming down this weekend from Tennessee and seeing if Atlantas haunts are better i cant wait to go here!

Josh, 10/04/06

I've been to NW and its amazing. All of you did a great job setting the place up. I'm definately going again.

Silence Dogood, 10/04/06

This is the SCARIEST HAUNTED HOUSE I have ever been to so scary after the introduction of the haunted house and the rules i had to leave! Iam Going back next year

Parris M., 10/03/06

i am comin 2 the haunted house soon

marqus christan, 10/03/06

I have heard alot about NW and I'm coming up on my Birthday 10/21 with my friends.

Ryan, 10/03/06

I went to Netherworld last year for the first time, with a group of about 10 friends. It was BY FAR, the scariest haunted house that I've ever been to!! We will be back this year..only with more people! This is definitely not a place for the faint of heart!!!!

Derico White, 10/03/06

ive been going to netherworld for the last two years and it has improved every year i have gone. last year was so crazy and scary. it was awesome.i really reccomend it to anyone that loves to be scared.

Andy, 10/02/06

my sisters and i and along with our husbands are going on saturday and i hope they both stella and laura get the crap scared out of them <-)

joanna reed, 10/02/06

my sisters and i are going this saturday and after reading the reviews and seeing the other scary stuff on the website i'm getting real nervous but excited. <-)

joanna reed, 10/02/06

My friends nd I went to Netherworld last year for the very first time. I thought I would be able to handle it, until I saw a girl come screaming back to the parkng lot. I watched her yell at her dad, telling him to drive away NOW, and then I saw this crazy thing coming at me! When I finally got to the ticket booth, I got creeped out just hearing people scream behind the screen! When we got inside I was shaking and screaming, grabbing onto people's clothes in an attempt to get away and everything! I swear, I almost peed in my pants from being shocked so much! I am brining and even BIGGER group this year to get TOTALLY freaked out! Fair warning people, don't drink ANYTHING before you decide to enter the house. There's a long line at the bathroom ~_^

Kit. Kat., 10/01/06

I have been going to Netherworld every year for 5 years and it truly improves every year. I am usually fearless, but last night after surviving through the Freak Pit I did not know if I could take any more. I had to let my adrenaline rush subside before I could even continue to the main attraction! The guides outside are so pleasant and the actors inside are the masters of scare. Thank you for making my Halloween Season once again!!

Sandy S., 09/30/06

this place is balz deep

emily, 09/27/06

I have never been to NW before but im going this October with 7 of my gonna be sooo scared!! I cant wait for the amazing unforgetable expirence that awaits!!

Sarah Dinners, 09/26/06

This was the most terrifying experience I have ever had in my entire life. This was my first time ever going to a haunted house and it was worth every single SCREAM!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to do it all over again!!!

Tamaya, 09/26/06

i use to live in norcross 3 years ago but i moved to collegepark i use to go to netherwrold every weekend in october now i go 1 every halloween it is so @#$%^& aweseome the caracters are so real the 1st time i went i cryed it was so scary but now it even scaryer its like they always have something scaryer each year like they add stuff and change it alittle each year to make you more scared it so cool i can wait till october so i can take my friends josh misty destiny brittany and more to get scared to death i love netherworld!i'm gonna continue to go every year!see you in oct.

Ashley day aka amber, 09/25/06

This was my first time going to a haunted house. I was scared as soon as I got out of my car. Me and four of my friends went. We went through all 3 houses, execpt 1 of us.After the 2nd one(Cursed) she couldn't go any futher. But I did. I almost went out the emergency.It's worth every dime you pay, and is breath taking.

Shae, 09/25/06

My boyfriend and I went to Netherworld this year on opening night. It was so scary, and I've never seen him clench onto me and scream like a little girl so much. I can't wait until next year so I can go through 3 new haunts!

Kassi, 09/25/06

We went last year and it was awsome. I am easy to scare and was so scared to go in. I am so glad i did because it Rocked. It was scary and so much fun! We are going back this weekend. We went to another one last also, No comparisson it was horrible compared to the Netherworld! I am so excited to go back I highly reccomend going. It is not Halloween or even Fall without a haunted house and this is the best one you could ever ask for.

Netherwaorld LOVER, 09/24/06

Netherworld is the BEST and this is my third year and i go with like 5+ friends at least 3 times everyear! in fact i went lastnight it was the best!

Big Fan, 09/24/06

I visited Netherworld last year and went through all 3 haunted houses. I was tense and scared the whole time that I was in there. Things popping out at me around every corner. Things hidden in the walls by illusion that you do not see until you are right up on them and they scare you to death. I am definitely going this year. Netherworld is better then every other haunted house in Georgia.

Ronald Telligman II, 09/22/06

i LOVE horror movies and netherworld is an xperience that will continue to haunt u in ur dreams......i've gone every year, even pregnant, and now this weekend i'm bringing my daughter...a fan just like me,"i wonder why?"

sweet"p"vegas......, 09/20/06

some friends and i are planning on coming this weekend.. we are all in the army and of course some of us think that nothing can scare us compared to what we've seen. cant wait to get scared. hope its all the rave everyone is talking about.

kandi white, 09/19/06

i enjoyed this haunted houseee sooo muchh.. they tell u that its best to go wit 4 people the maxx so that the scaryness will be more intense.. PLZ i went wit a lot more! and i was freakkkin scared out of my wits..! im so freakin comin back this year alsoo.. i love scary moviess.. and its just like being in one only like 7D lol real life ya i can't wait to come backk!! this is definely the best placee yett! i mean things u wouldn't even think of. like i almost triped and fell cause i saw somin fly over my head!! lol i was like AHHH! but the acctorerss and actresses arrrre the BOMB they sure know how to scare the be je be's out of u..!

Laree Starke, 09/19/06

NW kicks *&%! Its is somehow awsome how it scares the @#$& out of you.! I will be seeing yall in October. Keep scaring me senseless!

Tyler, 09/17/06

I can't wait to see the monsters. The people are very good for what they do. thank you Jenny mann

jenny mann, 09/17/06

netherworld %^$*(!@ scares the @%$( out of you and i can't wait to go this year :]

brad, 09/16/06

This place will make you want to cry they say some one has died of a heart attack . All I know is that it scared the @#$ out of me and been going for the last Five years and it still gives me nightmares. I wonder what they got yhis year.I'll just have to go see.

Naji polite, 09/16/06

Netherworld was amazing! It's best to go with a date! It's definitely the scariest place ever and plus the person you go with is either holding your hand the whole time or they won't let go of you. I can't wait to go again this year!

Charles Clemons, 09/11/06

Working as an actor last year in 2005 for NeatherWorld was an fun and rewarding experience for me that I would never forget. I was even terrified just working in the haunted house. Its the scariest place you'll ever go. If you want a good scare I dare you to walk into the NeatherWorld!

Elbert Ivory, 09/08/06

NW was great my sister @#$%^& her pants and i almost had a heart attack if thats not family fun nothing is, if your not scared here your not scared anywhere, nothing can compare, worth everything.

tramaine, 09/06/06

I have gone at least once a year for the last 9 years-I love the NW!

Joe, 09/05/06

man, you guys are the best haunted house ive ever seen!!keep up the good work and see you this october!!

kyle m., 09/04/06

Hi there your haunted house is one of the scarests house in the world and i like it.Me and my brother and his girlfriend went there not long ago and it was the best.

Logan Holt, 09/03/06

A yearly tradition. Netherworld goes above and beyond to scare the $#!+ out of you. Making this haunted house more than people popping out at you. They make it art. Really twisted, nervous breakdown inducing art. A must see for all three.

Kyle Browning, 09/03/06

Thanks,there is nothing that I look forward to more than waiting to see what you guys come up with next. Now, lets get the party started!!!

Andy Long, 08/31/06

I hope this place is good this year, even though i know it will be =)

cody, 08/30/06

NW is the absolute BEST in haunted attractions! Keep up the fright!

Piercing Scream, 08/29/06

I can't wait to see what you have in store for us horror hounds this year - it really does get better every year and thanks for the MySpace coupon! See you in September!

Eldred H., 08/28/06

September and October aren't getting here fast enough! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us this year!

Paula, 08/28/06

Netherworld is the greatest! :-D Every year it's new, and full of surprises...

David, 08/17/06